2012--Numerology for this number would bring the year forward as a 5. Five energetically claims the right to freedom and likes stimulation and changes. In the Tarot 5 is the Hierophant. We can hold some of the affirmative energy of the Hierophant by considering, "I am inspired by learning/teaching situations. I Honor the sacred within me. I deeply honor and value the unlimited resource of faith that is within me." Angeles Arrien
May this year bring all this and more--in a good way.

The veil is the thinnest today between the known and the unknown. I've just sent out my newsletter so check it out.

Much is happening in the Cosmos. Our shadows are showing us what we need to allow and even embrace. The feminine spirit is holding us in a new way. How to be a part of it?

Vernal Equinox 2011 Newsletter--hot of the press. read more.......

Go for the gusto--live this day outside the box.
Join host Lyn Goldberg and guest Linea Van Horn, Astrologer at Large, in continuing the saga on the miraculous events of the Cosmos and 2012. Find out how to recognize the clearly visible, straightforward astronomical event that defines our era and is the center of the 2012 mystery. To grasp what ...

Steve McFadden will be on 2012 and the Cosmos with Lyn on Thursday.
He's talks about the myth of Native South/American Elders. He's down to earth and weaves a beautiful story.

Check out further info here.

The only myth that is going to be worth thinking about in the immediate future is one that is talking about the planet-not the city, not these people, but the planet and everybody on it. That's my main thought for what the future is going to be. Joseph Campbell

It's Lammas 2011 and lot's is going on in the heavens. Find out what it means for you.

Newsletter Lammas 2011

Intentional Transits with Steven Forest on 2012 and the Cosmos.
Steven brings is down to earth brilliance to the energy of Dreaming the Volcano. 7th Wave 2012 and the Cosmos with Host Lyn Goldberg

I no longer try to change outer things. They are simply a reflection. I change my inner perception and the outer reveals the beauty so long obscured by my own attitude. I concentrate on my inner vision and find my outer view transformed. I find myself attuned to the grandeur of life and in unison with the perfect order of the universe. Written by a Warrior Horseman, Mjoboro, Uppland, Sweden, in the 6 century.

The very least you can do in your life is figure out what you hope for.
And the most you can do
is live inside that hope.
Not admire it from a distance,
but live right in it, under its roof....
~ Barbara Kingsolver

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Take the last two digits of the year in which you were born – now add the age you will be this year, The results will be 111 for everyone in whole world.  
I’ve been working on making a video on 2012 and what is actually happening.  As I do more research I keep running into those that are saying they are sending a message of hope.  And then it almost always winds up that the hope actually follows a really awful event that they say i
Spring is here.  This May Day has a New Moon in Taurus following very early on May 3rd.   May Day signifies renewal and creativity.  The Maypole represents the Sacred Tree of Life, the axis connecting Heaven and Earth.  Interweaving of the ribbons symbolize the union of male and

As I'm finishing up my video, The Embrace of the Cosmos--2012, I'm excited to find others that are sharing a similar message.

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May Day and we have a blanket of snow in Southwest Colorado. It is very beautiful. May appears that it will have more grounded energy than April. That will be a welcome relieve in my life.

Today is Easter.  The day most of the West celebrates Resurrection.  For many this day signifies a miracle of Jesus coming forth from his tomb.  For me this day is special because it reminds me that every Spring we can look to Resurrection.  Nature abounds with examples of  resur