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IPad Racks, iPad Stands and iPad holders for your kitchen so you can cook and watch TV or moveis while you cook. Also use as kitchen cookbook stand.

Even better than advertised - best kitchen ipad tablet rack out there!

reviewsn says: This rack is even better than advertised. It was easy to install and keeps my counter clear. Everyone who has seen it has been impressed. Shipping was fast and the packaging was so good it could have come by dogsled from Alaska without damage. I would definitely recommend it.

Everyone loves the Original Kitchen iPad Rack

ttc says: Very easy to put up. Took me 5 minutes. Holds my IPad as advertised. Unobtrusive under my cabinets. ThIs will make reading a recipe so easy.

Excellent rack / shelf for cooking or reading from any ipad of tablet pc in the kitchen.

Roy Wagner "RoyWagner" says: Excellent for cooking or reading in the kitchen.

everyone loves the kitchen ipad rack

Nathanael A. says: This is a fantastic product and my wife uses it every day. It is exactly what it says it is. Sturdy and dependable build. Simple design without a lot of fancy things to go wrong. Great product!

Love this ipad rack - we use it every night!!!

Laysea says: Love this! We use it nightly. It can also hold large cookbooks, but we mainly use it for our ipad

Swivel rack for the ipad MINI and 7-8" tablets now up for sale on Amazon or offers Ipad Racks, iPad Stands and iPad holders for your kitchen so you can cook and get entertained simultaneously, also use as kitchen cookbook.

new pictures for the iphone rack put up on the Amazon sales page

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can't live without it - one of my favorite buys in a long time!!

Cynthia Gubler says: This is one of my favorite purchases in a long time. I literally use it every day, a lot of the day. My recipes are on my iPad so this has been a life saver. I would recommend it to anyone!

watch TV while cooking...

Dave'nJanna says: I like to watch a show while I'm cooking, and this rack lets me have my iPad close by without worrying about it getting dirty. Easy to install, I've already used it and love it. And if you're an online recipe use, this is perfect for cooking with your tech up off of valuable...

perfect way to use the ipad or tablet PC in the small kitchen

em says: Perfect for our small, limited space kitchen. Super easy to install! rack itself east to take down and store out of sight if not needed.

wife loves the kitchen ipad rack - what more do you want?

G. Bains says: Mounted under the upper cabinets, my wife uses it for one of our several tablets while cooking. Allows her to try new recipes or check up on cooking blogs quickly and and easily. Supports the largest ipad (Gen 3 with big battery) with ease.

Pinterest recipes come alive with the kitchen ipad rack

Dionne Merriott says: This rack is the perfect way to have recipes handy, but off the counter. I use many recipes from my Pinterest boards and I can pull them up easily and keep my iPad out of the way.

Previously used a stand for the ipad in the kitchen, but this is much better!!! Yeay!!

nsejde says: Took me just a few minutes to put it up this morning. Started using it right away and love it. Had previously had a stand on the counter, but having the iPad up out of the way is much better. Since I use my iPad daily for recipes, I am certain that I will be more pleased with this...

Great way to use iPad in the kitchen with limited counter space

Corrine Lawrence says: This rack has made it so easy to use my iPad in the kitchen without risk of damaging it. With limited counter space an most of my recipes online, it has been extremely helpful for me. Very easy installation.