For me, daily tidying is key for not being overwhelmed by my home and all that is within it. We all pitch in and it's just what's exp...
Just like the rest of my life, I like to keep my cleaning supplies simple and minimal. I don't use a wide variety of cleaners and I...
I am home from church with the two little girls because Guinnyth is sick. I wanted to share this cute video though.

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I shared on my Instagram feed how one of the most asked questions I get is about how I keep my home so clean. When I posted about it...

Our furnace was broken and we all had layers upon layers on. I was wiping down the kitchen while listening to music and she came running in, wanting to dance. It’s something I’ve done with her since she was a tiny babe, but on this day the sun was hitting her blonde hair in just a way that I almost cried. She’s my baby. I’m so glad I get to spend my life serving these little people, but the reality hit that this is the last babe that I will dance in the kitchen with. New adventures will fill the void of having a baby in the house, but there will always be a huge spot in my heart for these sleepless, sweet years.

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Some mornings I want my coffee in 30 seconds and other mornings I want it slow brewed... today was a slow-brew kind of day. It feels more like a Monday than a Tuesday and I have quite a list of things to accomplish- laundry, meal planning, grocery list making, school room cleaning, etc. I have never been a “New Year’s resolution” type of person, not because goal setting isn’t a good thing, but because I feel like my “strivings” were set for me years ago and they don’t really ...change. This year, like the past 13 years, I will focus on being joyful in my daily work and pointing myself and my family to Truth. Even in my own mind, I must keep things simple, because I am prone to wander and then the end goal gets foggy. So, here I am... doing the same thing I’ve done for years and while it seems boring to many, it’s so comforting to me.

I would still love to hear your NY’s goals/resolutions! Share!!! ☺️

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That garland peeking from behind the doorway is the only sign of Christmas remaining in our home. Our family just packed up and left and we are taking it easy the rest of the weekend. That one right there 👆🏻is working on her embroidery, another is making pom-pom pets downstairs, another is writing letters to his cousins, and the babe of the family is playing with her new felt story board. Even Patches is resting. ☺️

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We had a wedding last night and today we are headed out the door to another Christmas celebration. I made him take a photo with me... we both felt stupid and awkward... but we did it anyway bc I know one day our kids will be glad to have pictures of their parents from a time prior to wrinkles and sagging skin. 😂 Awkward, but worth it, right?

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I love prepping ahead for Christmas and this year we are having biscuits and gravy for breakfast. This recipe is tried and true and I thought I'd share it. Head over to the blog to check it out.…/…

One of my favorite parts of December is prepping the kitchen for the week of Christmas. I want to make it special- something more than...

Well, it's been about a year since I posted on my little blog. A lot has happened since then and half the time my blog is a mess due to photo sharing issues, BUT alas... I posted and I hope to post more regularly in 2018. If you have any topics you really want me to rekindle, or topics you want me to start talking about- let me know!

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We are chilling on this drizzly Sunday morning. The boys are going out after church and lunch to spend the afternoon in the woods and us girls are going to do some crafts. These two, well, they just sit and stare at one another. 🐕 🐈

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When the yard has been freshly mowed and the morning dew has soaked the clippings, a foot bath is to be expected. ☺️

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We woke to gloomy skies and a steady shower of rain. It seemed like the perfect day for coffee and a cozy sweater. Next up... play-doh.

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I'm soaking in this sweet summer scene- fresh peaches, tomatoes, and plants from VBS on a sunny windowsill. ☺️ We just signed a contract on our "new" home that we will be moving into this fall and I'm both excited for the new things and sad to say goodbye to one of my favorite spots in this house. ☺️

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She loves putting her hands on my coffee cup and feeling the warmth. She smiles big and giggles about how nice it feels.

This home. I walked into it after we bought it and cried as I scrubbed. It wasn't what I wanted, but it was what we could afford since our goal was to eliminate debt. We slowly made changes. I slowly began to see its simple beauties- the sunlight that pours through, the shady back yard in the morning, the cozy fireplace, morning chats at the counter. It will be hard leaving this place and just as I cried when we moved in, I will probably cry when we leave, but for an entirely different reason. It will be filled with laughter and growth from a different family and I'm so excited for them, but I will seriously miss this place.

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This is, pretty much, what I had always envisioned my days to be like. ☺️ They follow me around the house and I hear their endless chatter as they plan out what they will play next. So much change is happening within these walls (all good things) and seeing scenes like this feels so comforting for this routine loving mama. ☀️

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