Documents could point the way for federal recognition of Montana’s Little Shell Tribe

Congratulations to the six tribes in VA that have their fights for recognition finally achieved. Now if we can only get a few dozen more done with at least one from Montana lol ~Justin MacIver

The Senate has sent a bill to the president’s desk that would give six Virginia Native American tribes federal recognition. [...]

Ok people, I want opinions. Do you feel offended by Thanksgiving or Columbus day? Personally I dont really care at all about either one, Columbus wasnt in the USA he was in the Caribbean and should be recognized for traveling across the sea to "discover" new lands. I also am not offended by Thanksgiving, some nice Native Americans fed and took care of starving white people that needed help, we cant help it not everyone who came to this land were friendly. I would love an indi...ginous peoples month that is in the school year where they learn the REAL facts about the people who were here before, instead of tying it all in November when you are only in school for 2 weeks lol. I also dont mind the Cleveland Indians or the Washington Redskins either, they are parodies and representative of me or my people. So tell me what you think and why! ~Justin

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Richard David Parenteau one of our valued members needs some prayers, his mother has had a medical issue. So please send your thoughts and prayers his way please. I hope for a swift and full recovery. Thank you everyone. ~Justin

American Indian Heritage is today... Yet again no national coverage. That is ok, we will persevere! ~Justin…/american-indi…/693366001/

On Friday morning, Blackfeet member Don Fish led Great Falls College MSU faculty and students in a prayer ceremony for peace

We have another attempt at legislation of our recognition... We can only hope and pray that it becomes approved. ~Justin MacIver

Text for H.R.3764 - 115th Congress (2017-2018): To extend the Federal recognition to the Little Shell Tribe of Chippewa Indians of Montana, and for other purposes.

Our Current Bill to approve Federal Recognition has passed its first hurdle this week. The Senate Committee approved the bill, now it moves on...…/article_bf897a86-d480-5558-b3c…

A U.S. Senate committee on Wednesday advanced a bill that would give federal recognition to Montana's Little Shell Tribe of Chippewa Indians following a decades-long effort.

Great Serpent and the Great Flood

From Maine and Nova Scotia to the Rocky Mountains, Indians told stories about the Great Serpent. More than a century ago the serpent was considered to be "a genuine spirit of evil." Some version of the story of the Great Flood of long ago, as recounted here, is told around the world.

Nanabozho (Nuna-bozo, accented on bozo) was the hero of many stories told by the Chippewa Indians. At one time they lived on the shores of Lake Superior, in what...

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**This is a long one**

The Migration of the Anishinabe

Boozhoo, I am going to try to reconstruct the...

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Grandfather's Story

Look at our brokenness.


We know that in all creation
Only the human family
Has strayed from the Sacred Way.

We know that we are the ones
Who are divided
And we are the ones
Who must come back together
To walk in the Sacred Way.

Sacred One,
Teach us love, compassion, and honor
That we may heal the earth
And heal each other.

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Forsaken Brother

One summer evening, scarcely an hour before sunset, the father of a family lay in his lodge, dying. Weeping beside him were his wife and three children. Two of them were almost grown up; the youngest was but a small child. These were the only human beings near the dying man, for the lodge stood on a little green mound away from all others of the tribe.

A breeze from the lake gave the sick man a brief return of strength. He raised himself a little and addresse...

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I am going to post several Chippewa stories collected and sent to me by a linguist and story teller with permission to post them here for the people. Shelly is a Chippewa from Michigan who simply wants the stories preserved. ~Justin MacIver

Father of Indian Corn

In the long, long ago, a poor Ojibwa Indian lived with his wife and children in a remote part of the present state of Wisconsin. Because he was such a poor hunter, he was not very expert in providing food and supplies for his family.

His children were too young to give him much help. But he was a good man with a kind and contented disposition. He always was thankful to Chief of the Sky Spirits for everything he received to share with his family.

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Dean Akkerman sent this pictures today. What do you think? Everyone has the ability to post and share. Keep them coming folks! ~Justin MacIver

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We lost yet another member this week. JoAnn Murphy passed away. She was a wonderful women, mother, grandmother, and great grandmother.

This week a member asked me why we as a Tribe do not file a Federal lawsuit against the United States for a Treaty violation, and failure to pay monies owed to the tribe for the treaties signed in our name. This subject has come up several times over the last few years. For my view - I think we should file suit, it would FORCE a determination of our status and grant us a 100% judgement for funds owed should we win. The flip side is if we lose it makes our struggle to be Recognized much more difficult. As it stands our determination looks certain if we could get the moro.... uh "bureaucrats" to get off their duffs. I know personally that I have gotten this issue discussed on national radio three times twice on "Coast to Coast AM" when Art Bell was hosting. If we could get our Tribe in the National news about this it would give us a NATIONAL voice - especially now that Native Rights are HUGE in the news today such as the Dakota Pipeline that is at the moment halted.

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