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David Wolfe

Credit:Man in the Moon by Aimee Stewart

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Be Grateful For Your Life,
every detail of it, and your face will come to shine like a sun,
Everyone Who Sees It Will Be Made Glad And Peaceful.

From older people getting into more car accidents to worries about falling, here are some of our favourite ageing myths busted
A Place Called Harmony by Jodi Thomas
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Santa, pleeeaaase get this right ~

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The New Yorker Cartoons

A cartoon by Paul Noth. Take a look at more cartoons from the magazine this week:

Hey Gals,
Doctor's Orders

72% of women in their 70s are celibate - and that's not healthy. From pain relief to cardiovascular fitness, here are 5 reasons why sex is good for you.

Excerpt Friday: Are you dating boomer?

It was Friday night and Johnny’s was packed and noisy. I followed Jan to a large table near the edge of the dance floor. She saw a table where friends of hers were sitting and drinking. I looked around and was considering leaving, but then I saw that the crowd tonight was older. I began to relax when I realized that I was not the only grandmother in the room as I had felt when I had been there several weeks ago. The group at the large ...table was a mixture of all ages that included couples and singles. They made room for us. Jan introduced me to everyone at the table. When the waitress came by, someone at the table bought beers for both of us. As soon as the music began, one of the men I had been introduced to asked me to dance and I happily accepted. His name was Bill and he sold insurance in town. --The Runaway

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I want to try them all. You know I love my margaritas.
Maybe in the next few trips to the big city.

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Austin Woman Magazine

'Tis the season to drink margaritas!

The avocado margarita at Curra's Grill
The fresh fruit margaritas at El Arroyo
The mango-habanero margarita at Takoba...
The watermelon-jalepeno margarita at Garrido's
And the sangrita at Hopdoddy Burger Bar!

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The Marriage License Renewal conversation is ruffling some feathers.

Since I posted the last “food for thought” on renewing marriage licenses, I have had a number of comments. Some realized I was being funny, but others did not like the concept. But, it truly coul...

It's only Tuesday, and I need a margarita.
Frozen or on the rocks?
Salt or no salt?

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