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Glenn McDonald
· October 6, 2017
Because it's a must do we here down south depend upon the salvation army and other services during a crisis like hurricanes other such crisis so I give back by donatin my time by Ring ing a bell to s...ay thank you and it gives me Joy to see all the kids since I can't see my boy and give s me a good feeling See More

I had the opportunity to tell my story last night to a large group of people young enough to be my sons and daughters. I thought, how amazing that God had brought us together in one common cause. While different journeys brought us to this place, we all allowed God to do for us what we could not do for ourselves. God never took me down the route of jail, or prison, tough I would have been there shortly if God did not answer a specific prayer I prayed, and if I did not surrender to God's power. These young men and women are my heroes! They are clean and sober after facing monumental losses, and coming from homes where they were abused in many ways. Have a great day in recovery!

Recovery note:
Greetings to all my family and friends in recovery. During my meditation today in our "war room" I read from Colossians 1: 4-14
Paul talks about rescuing us from the kingdom of darkness. I pray that today, November 12, 2015 those walking the dark roads of addiction will allow God to do for them what they can not do for themselves. That same passage gives me/us hope. When we are transferred from the kingdom of darkness, we are not left out there in "limbo". We are transferred to the Kingdom of Jesus/His Son. Is God good or what!

Recovery note:
I was reading Psalm 139 today in my daily meditation today. It is an amazing thing that I spent my life trying to be someone I was not. I am the "me" who God created. Be that me! He knew me in my mother's womb, long before I could do anything to earn his Love. Even though I may fail from time to time, His precense and love in my life is not determined on whether or not I fail. Praise God! Keep living "one day at a time."

Recovery note: Prayer has become a critical part of my life in recovery. God recently spoke to me during my meditation. He said "Your communion with me is as important as every breath you breath. It also is as natural as your heartbeat." I have found the most important prayers I can pray are not the ones with big impressive words. It is when I pray, "God I need you like I have never needed you before." Have a joy filled day! Alan

Friends, you may or may not know, but I walked the dark road of addiction for many years. The amazing thing is this. God led me out of this lifestyle. My spiritual life has been revolutionized. I am going to share a recovery note every day. These are good things to hear and follow for everyone; not just those who are in recovery or sobriety, Know that everything I share comes from profound pain in my life, as well as the blessings of a loving and understanding God. God bless!

We have a very talented and dedicated young lady coming to work with us next week. She will be our youth pastor among other things. We are so excited at what God has in store for the Columbus Corps. Her name is Rebeka Lind. Keep her in your prayers, as well as our Corps.

Our "War Room" is open for buisness. Come by and pray.

Christmas is coming! Pray for our fund-raising efforts this year. Come and pray in our :"War Room" at our facility/2219 Main Street

Good morning! This is the day that the Lord has made, let us rejoice and be glad with it. I am calling on all Christians to pray for me and my wife. We are considering a change that will affect our lives and ministry in a profound way. I am going to make this decision during my meditation tomorrow morning.

We are at a retreat this week. When we get back we are going to offer volunteer opportunities. It hardly seems time for kettles/bell ringing, and Angel Tree again. This year we are going to set up kettle challenges
between city council and county officials in Columbus as well as West Point, MSU vs Ole Miss, Sheriff vs Police, Fire vs EMS, MUW vs EMMC,Columbus Rotary vs West Point Rotary, and Kiwanis vs Lions Club. If you have any other ideas please let us know. God will bless our efforts as we keep Him first in all things.

We open our "war room" for buisness Monday @ 9:00 am. We set up a war room in our facility. We saw the movie and God spoke to us about declaring war on poverty, racism, drug and alcohol addiction, and all the things that take our focus off Jesus, and His saving message.

Good morning family, I trust today will be a day when you rest/meditate on God's goodness. When I grew up we had to take naps on Sunday. I find that as I age, I do the same thing when I sit in my reclining chair trying to watch football. Wow! For me I find greater rest when Cheryl and I ride our banks along the river. We saw both a beaver and a fox yesterday. Is God good or what?

I have recently read an amazing book called, "Emotionally Healthy Spirituality" The basic concept is you cannot be healthy spiritually, while not being emotionally healthy. The author talks about what he calls, "Church Leavers". As he is talking about one church leaving group he says, "A third group, sadly, chose to jettison their faith completely. They grew tired of feeling stuck and trapped in their spiritual journey. And they grew weary of Christians around them who, ...regardless of their" knowledge" of God, church involvement, and zeal, were angry, compulsive, highly opinionated, defensive, proud, and too busy to love the Jesus they professed. Being a Christian seemed more trouble than it was worth. Starbucks and the New York Times were better companions for Sunday mornings. Ouch! The author's name is Peter Scazzero. Have a great Lord's day!

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And 1 more need. If you don't ask, how can people know what your need is. This is simple. Someone took our piano bench....yes...stole it. I am using a metal chair as a bench. A piano bench used or new doesn't matter...would be great. Just call me. God bless.

Calling for volunteers who have experience laying tiles. We have asked a foundation for financial support. The cost is $1400.00. If you can volunteer, we will not have to pay a company for labor. We are pulling up carpet in our heavy traffic areas to put in tile. We have had an issue with difficult stains when the grocery cart is taken from the food pantry to the lobby. Things get spilled, it just happens. You can call me @ 662-822-8867, fb me. God bless!