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Collin Van Dun
· November 19, 2017
Drinks are amazing, decor is awesome, performances were gorgeous.

Only thing I didn't really appreciate was the forced buying. I get it, you have a limited supply via capacity, but to pressure desig...nated drivers to buy a drink (even though they bought food or a non alcoholic drink) was what set me and a few within our party off. We were a big party and they did accommodate the few stragglers we had added on, but still, dds are a benefit to any establishment, because it reassures your staff that people are getting home safe, and secures any liability a restaraunt would have. So make sure they have as little pressure as possible is ideal in my mind as a fellow industry worker.

Also keep some menus at the table so we know what our next order is, taking away laminated menus because you're worried they'll get dirty was a silly excuse.
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Daianna Panni
· March 11, 2018
We went for the 1st time on Saturday. Loved the decor, atmosphere and staff. Food was good to. The items we chose was a little spicy (samosa sauce and coconut curry) but was delicious. Their web indi...cates there are 20 or more ? Different types of rum. It would be a good/interesting idea if there was a list so we could have a look and pick a few to try with coke or root beer or one of the blended drinks. See More
Tod Lowe
· November 5, 2017
A unique room with a drink list worth exploring. Unfortunately the experience is more “hype” than anything else. No entertainment, poor quality background music and minimal atmosphere. The Bar-tender ...was great and the drinks above par. I think it’s time to invest a little money in the place and take it up a notch. Surfer band on the weekend? See More
Cane Leung
· January 31, 2018
If you have a bigger group of people like 10 or more, don't go there. They asked you to leave in two hrs but did not mention it when you made reservation. They gave u the bill but not allow you to hav...e time collecting money....We all are very disappointed and will not go back again. See More
Katie Metz
· January 31, 2018
OMG! Ive found my new happy place!!!

It was my 34th birthday and my sister and 7 year old nephew flew in from California to surprise me. I wanted to celebrate with them but he’s a child... NO PROBLE...M AT ALL for the Shameful tiki room ❤️ It’s technically a restaurant so children are allowed! It was a weekday so quite mellow and entertaining for all of us. I can see how on a weekend it could be too rowdy for youngsters but a weekday is perfect. The food is delicious however a little too spicy for me and would appreciate a few more non spicy options. Their apple and tuna salad was very light and refreshing with bright flavours. The sliders were delicious and the Nachos are perfect for sharing. And the GUACAMOLE Is SOoooooo good!

I recommend this place to everyone and anyone who likes to have fun!
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Marc Ebing
· October 16, 2017
Excellent Service, Super good original and Vintage Tiki cocktails... An Excellent date night location! I would call this one of my favourite places to go in Vancouver ! Sunday has Go Go dancers at 8pm... and this week they had some of the top Burlesque dancers in Vancouver...Try The Nachos and a Pain Killer or Three Dots and Dash ! One thing make a Reservation online. See More
Helina Patience
· February 22, 2018
Best lounge in Van. Bar crew are extremely knowledgable in cocktails and their history. Our server just chased us down to another venue to return our credit card to us that we left on the table. Sound staff.
Kathleen DaLuz
· October 29, 2017
What a hoot. These drinks we're wildly popular in Waikiki back in 'the day'. Had a wonderful time . Its very very dark in here, kind of like a basement party in my junior high school days. The staff w...e're attentive and awesome. See More
Tammy Anne
· March 7, 2018
What awesome place with awesome food and drinks !!! I had such a great time !!! It truly is a neat place to experience !!!
Lisa Keating Sherrah
· January 15, 2018
Fun and great atmosphere. Would be nice to have live music on Saturday. Mai tai needs a bit of work. Fresh juices would make this better.
Brian Marcoux
· August 14, 2017
Went there for the first time Saturday night! Had to wait a couple hours due to its popularity but plenty of local places to kill some time. Once inside it was like being transported to an island bar!... Amazing tropical drinks! Tried to mystery bowl soo good. Great staff great drinks definitely a must try. See More
Katrina Wang
· September 8, 2017
Just a horrible experience! When my friends and I got there at 5:30 for our other friends birthday party, the hostess advised us right off the bat that we had to leave at 7:30 for a reservation. When ...we sat down, 10 minutes later our waitress named Talia, advised us the same thing and said she will come back half an hour before 7:30 that she will do last call as we have to leave by 7:30. 7:10 rolls around the cake got served and we got reminded again that we had to leave at 7:30. At 7:25, the waitress comes by with the card machine and advises us yet again that she really needs to clear the table for the reservation at 7:30. We then said she can start clearing it as we are done eating the cake, she insisted that we should pay the bill first as she would "really like to get it dealt with". I've never felt so stressed in my life eating at what seemed like a fun restaurant, especially for a birthday event. And did I mention that that on the reservation site (aka open table), it already said that there's a 2 hour max eat time. WE GET THAT THERE'S A RESERVATION AT 7:30!!!!!! See More
Teshia Erin Bohemier
· September 30, 2017
I've been a couple times now and it's always a super fun time. One of my favourite places in Vancouver. I'll slowly but surely drag everyone I know in at some point I'm sure.
Aaron Mitchell
· February 18, 2018
We had a great time last night for my wife’s birthday. Mr. Beach was an awesome server, super happy we tried it out, we will be back!!
Trevor Travis Pooley
· August 4, 2017
I had been wanting to go to a Go-Go Bungalow event for a long time. The experience was better than I expected. The staff were super friendly. The Go-Go Dancers were great and they had the best selecti...on of Instrumental surf-rock. I am hoping to have a second experience soon. See More
Chris Nyarady
· August 21, 2017
I like rum. This place has rum. If you like rum, you'll like this place.
Byron James
· October 4, 2017
Mr. Beach, Pineapple & Daddy took very good care of us as always. Amazing drinks, awesome atmosphere, great service & good company. What more could anyone ask for?!?
Tyson Konecny
· March 16, 2018
Such a great place!! Great atmosphere, and Ricky Diamonds is the best!
Matthew S. Sitar
· February 22, 2018
Absolutely great night thanks Mr Beach for awesome service and making Rebecca’s bday an amazing one
Matt Wrobel
· September 17, 2017
One of the best places in Vancouver for ambience. Drinks are good if you like cocktails. Order the mystery bowl!!!
Our newest original cocktail: Aurora Borealis. A Canadian take on classic tiki. 100% rye Canadian whiskey, demorara rum, maple, lime, orange & grapefruit juices plus Angostura bitters. Get it in our brand new house tiki mug with a light-up "ice cube" to take home for $25.
We'd like to welcome our new cousins? Brothers? Sisters? ... Brethren(!) to the family. Congratulations on the grand opening Shameful Tiki Room Toronto! Hello from Vancouver!
It's recipe a guarded secret. Rumored to be a product of the dark arts. The Voodoo Bowl is a delicious but vicious cocktail to share between no less than four friends. Fruity and rum forward. Come in and try it. If you dare.

More details here about our upcoming anniversary!

Mar 21 - Mar 25The Shameful Tiki RoomVancouver, BC, Canada
72 people interested

Night 3/5 of Return to Zombie Island! • Find your way around w/ our custom menu while enjoying #gogobungalow Our weekly retro dance party! • 2 sets 3 dancers • Tonight featuring #ariel_helvetica #ladyjunglekat #adventuresofvivs • Shows at 8 & 10!
Sponsored by #appletonestatecan

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A big thanks to Daily Hive!

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Daily Hive Vancouver

These drinks are literally 🔥

Tonight! • #appletonestatecan Appleton Mule w/ mug to take home while supplies last! • Tropical Pop courtesy of Tuatara! • Shows at 8 & 10

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Waikiki Wednesday Dance of the Undead Anniversary Edition! • @waikikitikigirls Vancouver's only weekly authentic hula dance party • Shows at 8 & 10 • Limited edition drink special "Eternal Elixir" and merchandise released at 5 sharp!
Shirts $25
Mugs $80
Bowl $200

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Our 5 day party to celebrate 5 years starts tomorrow! • Seats still available for the 10pm show Wednesday • #waikikitikigirls Zombie Hawaiian dance of the undead!

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Big thanks to #appletonestatecan for sponsoring our upcoming anniversary! • Seats still available for our 10pm shows on Wednesday & Sunday! • Our original Trader Vic's #appletonestatecan Mai Tai’s $8 tonight

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Tonight!!! Shows at 8 & 10 are sold out! Walk-ins welcome, there will be a waitlist. Cheers!

Thu 8:00 PM PDTThe Shameful Tiki RoomVancouver, BC, Canada
32 people interested

The celebrating begins next Wednesday!

Mar 21 - Mar 25The Shameful Tiki RoomVancouver, BC, Canada
72 people interested

Mai Tai Monday! • Our original Trader Vic's #appletonestatecan Mai Tai’s $8 all night! • The mezcal Mai Tai seen here will cost you extra but it's lit!

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Tonight's line-up! Shows at 8 & 10 every Sunday!


Thursday the 15th! 8pm show sold out - book at 930 to catch the 10pm show! Reservations via our website

Thu 8:00 PM PDTThe Shameful Tiki RoomVancouver, BC, Canada
32 people interested

Nice write up by Daily Hive! We're looking forward to working with them in March - Stay tuned...

If you walk along Main Street you'll eventually find a dimly lit exotic cocktail bar called The Shameful Tiki Room. This hidden haunt is popular with locals and visitors alike, and it's not just because of its unique atmosphere and themed decor, the drinks here are fire.