Heard 311?

Well, who would have known that someday would mention The Taxpayers (and more so ol' Rob) in a blog post?

Our good friend Jak Kerley (who also made the "Trying It At Home" documentary) made an awesome new film called "Baseball Punx" (which Rob makes an appearance in). It's all about baseball and punk. I like both. And hot dogs. I associate both baseball and punk with hot dogs. Anyways...

Read all about it! We're pretty excited for Jak and Shibby Pictures:…/…/first-look-baseball-punx-documentary

When you think Baseball, the unlikely next thought for most is Punk music. However, it was exactly that – Baseball and Punk music – that inspired Shibby Pictures’ filmmaker, Jak Kerley, to create the short documentary, Baseball Punx.

I could watch it over and over. Remarkable. And at 29:56, with the crowd going wild.

We have an updated version of this webcast that includes both side booster cameras and additional Starman views here:

Musk, you crazy son of a gun, you did it!

Ursula K. Le Guin and me (Rob) at Kinko's in 2007. Quarter included for size comparison. I just spent the last 45 minutes digging through my cardboard box of treasures that I take with me whenever I move, looking for this tiny picture. I'm so glad I still have it! Here is the story: I moved to Portland, Oregon in 2007 from Cleveland, Ohio after packing up my car and flipping that quarter to see where I should move to. The quarter landed on Portland, which I knew nothing... about, other than the fact that my friend's mother (who had recently passed away) said that she had always wanted to visit. I drove out there with my copy of Le Guin's Left Hand of Darkness. I didn't know anybody there, so I got a job at a now-defunct Kinko's on NW 23rd and Lovejoy. One day, a co-worker saw me reading the book and said, "You know we just got an order from her, right?" Apparently Ursula K. Le Guin lived just down the road and came into Kinko's all the time! I begged to get put in charge of her order; I wish I could remember what it was. When she came to pick it up, I told her that I was a huge fan and asked for a picture. She was kind of bewildered, but very gracious. The only camera anyone had (this was right before everyone had a camera in their pocket) was the Passport Photo camera that we used to take people's passport photos with. Hence the tiny size of the picture. I've always wanted to apply for a passport using this photo. Rest in peace, you wonderful, original dreamer!

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Bingo Bongo! (Do you like my new catchphrase?) We made it to song #30 over at the Song of the Week Club. Maybe you want to stop by and join us? It's the place I put the weird late night demos that my brain barfs up. This one is called Billy's Dad's Chop Shop on Industry Street. It is a real place!
Sort of.

Official Post from Rob Taxpayer: It has been a melancholy day and I have a blister on my big toe from a fire ant bite that has become infected.But the show must go on!Especially for Song #30 (a milestone, certainly - we could put together 3 whole records together from these weird late night demos!),...

Hot dog! Those Rhythm in the Cages vinyl things sold out quickly. Unexpected. I usually only get an order per week or so.

Show of hands: who wants a copy? How many should I tell Nathan to send?

Secret Pennies says they have about 100 left before they are gonezo.


To give you an idea of why we only ever have like 20 at a time, it costs between 2 to 4,000 bucks to press 500 copies of a record including the sleeves and depending on how many colors are in the artwork, inserts, weight of the vinyl, etc. Since DIY punk records sell sloooowly (if at all), and since it costs me about 150 bucks to get a box of 20 sent to me, it doesn't make sense to order a bunch at once, especially since the Louisiana humidity tends to destroy things like records pretty quickly.

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Had a Big Time Corporate Business Meeting with one of the CEOs of Secret Pennies Records (pictured below) and he sold me 20 copies of the vinyl version of A Rhythm in the Cages! You can have 19 of them if you want (I would like 1).

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Hello, here's a new thing I did today! It's the 30 Minute Song Challenge! Come hang out with us over at the Song of the Week Club if you are cold and want some warm tunes. - rob

Official Post from Rob Taxpayer: A bonus tune, and something brand new:It's the "30 Minute Song Challenge!"I had 30 minutes to kill after work, and came up with this. Now I'm at Elise classroom, borrowing her computer to post it. Haven't even listened to it yet. Hope it ended up okay.Anyway, gotta r...

Asking for a friend: does Vladimir Putin have the ability to mysteriously delete Facebook posts about Sarah Palin?

I hate to hijack the FB page for something like this, but:


Hello! If you are looking for a holiday gift for your dog, might I suggest these combination frisbee/records? Cold Hearted Town and To Risk are sold out forever, but I just got a box of 20 brand spankin' new God Forgive These Nincompoops book/vinyl thingies in the mail and still have a handful of Big Delusion ones. I'll be heading to the post office to send stuff off this Friday if you are interested. EXPIRED LUNCH MEAT FOR PRESIDENT 2020!

The Taxpayers originated in 2007 in Portland, Oregon. These days they are spread out all over the place. Rob Taxpayer sings and plays guitar, Noah Taxpayer plays drums, Dylan Taxpayer sings and plays accordion and keyboard, Phil Gobstopper plays bass, Kevin Taxpayer plays trumpet, Alex Saxplayer pla...

Our pal Clarke Howell did a documentary a few years back about us and the Wild called "The Taxpayers Go To Florida".
Clarke just posted it to youtube! It is weird to see how much we have all changed in the few years since the doc was made.
If you want to support Clarke (who is a great filmmaker and musician!) check out

An endless summer for two DIY touring bands embarking on a quest down the panhandle of Florida in search of a rogue army colonel who has set himself up as a ...

Hey everybody, did you know that Alex Saxplayer is in another band called New Move? They are great! You can check them out here:

10 track album

Got a pretty good one a few nights ago, I think.

Also, I found two more copies of the Henry Turner combo in the storage closet (a little nicked up, if you don't mind) and added them to the formerly sold-out bandcamp merch.

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Happy Halloween! Here's the last little spooky tune of the month. Don't eat too much candy, you'll get a tummy ache.

Official Post from Rob Taxpayer: Well, Happy Halloween. (If you celebrate it, that is - my neighbor's 10 year old just told me that they "don't celebrate the devil's birthday". Poor kid.)This one is for Elijah, who was briefly mentioned in the last song. I think I like it the best of all the Hallowe...