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Rose Evans Hand
· February 7, 2017
I have some of the greatest memories with my daddy at the Warehouse. My dad (boiler room, fire man)worked on the Steamboat Natchez and the Louisville, Ky. Crew were 1st mates, deck hands, bartenders, ...and more. They (and my dad) practically operated the entire sternwheeler. HA! Some of the guys moved on but a few remained and are now captains and pilots on "the boat".
The warehouse was almost part of their weekend schedules. I would visit my dad and it was always #1) Spaghetti Factory #2) Warehouse and #3) memories of a lifetime. It was awesome to be a young adult teen in the mid 70's. My dad was dubbed the world's oldest teenager there. They called him Daddy George. He's 77, still rocks and we still talk about the Warehouse on Tchoupitoulas St. I
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Mike Hunter
· July 17, 2017
Stationed in Belle Chase 74-76 NAS NOLA.
I'm a jarhead "SEMPER FI". First Whse concert was Humble Pie. I was sold. Only place I could work my way up to stage and literally lean on it and almost tie t...he bands shoes. Loved watching the band. Saw many Big names (some together) for $5-$6. J. Geils, Orig. Skynyrd, Marshall Tucker and Charlie Daniels and more. Miss the place & prices! See More
Mark Dupre
· August 12, 2016
That was when you knew you was a teenager when your family finally let you go to the warehouse I grew up off of Bank Street by Galvez By the way the neighborhood ain't there no more but so many good m...emories I'm on the one time I was trying to get rid of some purple Micro dots and a security made a little exchange and they let me in that was one hell of a night I woke up the next day on the levee See More
David Heindel
· October 16, 2013
Such a great venue for the time of our generation. But the Warehouse was more than a music venue. It was a place to socialize with others and share in new experiences.

For some, it was our little Wo...odstock week by week!

Great memories!
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James Toney
· January 13, 2014
My friends and I saw some of the best musicians in the world at a Warehouse during that time period. I'm from up the road in Hattiesburgso it was a quick trip to NOLA. Mostly had a fine time and still... have lots of stories to tale. See More
Ginger Belanger
· February 2, 2016
My very first concert was when Peter Frampton was playing and his hit was Do you feel what I feel was watching him in the front ,,it was the best and my date was awesome too.
Marybeth Mollere Vance
· January 4, 2014
Had some of the best times of my life in that funky place, heard lots of awesome bands. Lots of great memories!!
Tim Rush
· August 26, 2016
Fantastic concerts,bring a piece of carpet and get 2 free tickets,saw zz ,,Marshall Tucker, wet Willie,captain beyond, humble pie.what s great time in life!!!!
Jeri Hebert Jeanfreau
· January 4, 2014
I'll never forget once I turned 18 I could finally get into the bar. Great times. Some of the best concerts I'll never remember.
James Jimmy Bare
· February 2, 2017
Who ever booked these bands have excellent taste in music!
Gill Smitherman
December 8, 2011
Saw some amazing shows there including The Allman Bros.opening for Pink Floyd in the spring of '70.
Shawn Carroll Mayeux
March 13, 2013
J Geils Band and Eddie Money
Chip Jaubert
October 8, 2011
Check out this great site.
Michal Roberts
August 6, 2012
Check it out...pretty cool
Debbie Wolkart Root
· January 6, 2014
1820 Tchoupitoulas St.- the WAREHOUSE

########### 2 for 1 #########
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Over 280 Classic Rock bands on Tic. Stub poster
45 original ads used to promote concerts on the...
ad poster. A checklist of all the classic rock bands you
witnessed in your lifetime. The Warehouse now has 54
inductees into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame that graced her stage. More than any venue in New York-Chicago or Los Angeles !!

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HELP - can anyone identify who TOOK these photos ? need to get permission & a higher quality scan ! - thanks ... without it these can't be a part of a lasting tribute.

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I've been getting a few PM's asking if I still have the ticket stub poster available. Yes I do, along with the t-shirt. If you would like to use one or the other for a Christmas gift go to to obtain . $25 for each or $38 together.

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This is the added signage out at the monument- work in progress

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-ask to join "The Warehouse Monument" face book page if you want to join in or keep up with the progress. NOT HERE. GO TO THE PAGE and ask to join

Finally ---- after working with the Arts Council for 3 months we have decided on our layout.
We achieved 3 of our 4 concerns with their layout. The fourth being keeping the Years together without carrying over to the next section.(we can live with this) I went into the meeting knowing I would ask to have a chance to pitch out layout at the next D.A.C. meeting, but seeing how they were receptive to our ideas with tweaking what they presented and agreeing to our ideas we accept...ed it. Now the ball (momentarily) has been passed to the architects to put on paper. This project is APPROVED. As soon as we get the results back, we present them to the DAC to get our permit. At that time I will make a press release and keep the sponsorship OPEN for 2 more weeks enough time for those just hearing this for the first time an opportunity to join in. After that its over -( no additions will be made in the future) and I will order our BRICKS. So again if you want to be a part of this exciting project the time to act is now.
Thanks for sticking with me all these years. ROCK ON !

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-Thanks Sue & Brian - ONLY one spot left on THE DOORS !

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This is it . Anyone who went to the Warehouse and wants their name associated with the greatest music venue and be a part of New Orleans cultural history, the time to do so is now. We are aligning the bricks now to know how many we have and their placement. NO BRICKS will be added in the future. $50 for 25 spaces and YES we still have openings on the ALLMAN BROTHERS. these are just a few of the 32 bands that are available .Over 170 names on Pathway Bricks alone. list at PM me for more info

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- under consideration------graphic by Joanie Johnston

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Whaddaya think ? We may be going with these images. Photo by
John F. Wallace -illustrated by Joanie Johnston

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We will be meeting with our architects from Holly & Smith at the end of the month to see if any changes need to be made before we present our new Warehouse memorial display for approval in front of the Design Advisory Committee for the new location site. Once we get approval to move forward no more names we will accepted and none will be added in the future at the site. Thanks to all who backed and supported our project.

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To make the best use of the few remaining posters I have - I want to offer a FREE poster to anyone who can provide us with a SCAN of any of the concerts listed below, before they are lost or misplaced forever. I'll throw in a t-shirt too for any 1970 show that any of you still might have that is not on the site yet, plus the ones with a "star" next to it.

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