REMINDER: The Washington Capitals WILL WIN the Stanley Cup in 2017!

Caps win! Advance to second round. Next opponent is pitt


Playoff time! Let's go Caps ! How is everyone feeling??

Grubi continues his hot streak! 2-0 shut out in the shark tank. Maybe he is Murray 2.0 come loffs time

The Washington Capitals will win the Stanley cup in 2018. Thank you for reading this. Thank you for your time.

Caps had a huge win last night vs the jackets. 4 point swing! Let's go Caps! 1/3 of the season done, steer the course!

Feel the same after the result. Have a good night folks. Enjoy the time you have left on Earth. Guess it's Summer now. I can hear the Ocean.

Can I please get off work, so I can drink beer to calm my being. Hows everyone else holding up? Also, should I bust out my OG 55 jersey?

Caps head to Pitt. for game 6 on monday night. Hope to see more of the caps from the third pd. last night.

Oh.... I'm sorry, are the Washington Capitals still in it to win it? Yea so what, game 5 tmrw at home... Oooohhh I am so scared. SYK! The Washington Capitals WILL WIN the Stanley Cup in 2017!!!