The transformation has begun.

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Gogan And Bunch at Substation in Seattle, featuring Dan from The Yes Pleases!

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Who would like to book us for our triumphant comeback show?!?

We are practicing

The Yes Pleases have decided to leave their long hibernation and are looking to play some new music for the people. Where should we perform for you?

The Yes Pleases are sad to report that we must sell our band van, Magic. Magic is a wonderful maroon 1986 Ford Econoline with red carpeted walls, blue captains chairs and plenty of memories. She runs like a dream. If you'd like to purchase Magic and give her a home (and would be willing to lend her to The Yes Pleases for random band trips), please contact us at

We know you've all been waiting for it, and here it is. The music video for The Yes Pleases - "Designer". Enjoy!

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The Yes Pleases cordially invite you to come see us tonight at The Comet Tavern on Capital Hill. Show starts at 9:00. According to the Seattle Weekly, there will be a lot of white kids dancing there so go put baby in the corner and we will see you there!

Hercules & Love Affair / Wednesday, August 11Hercules & Love Affair, the brainchild of New York DJ Andy Butler and his BFF Kim Ann Foxman, shook up the club scene in 2008 with their eponymous debut on James Murphy's DFA

The Yes Pleases play tonight at The High Dive in Fremont. Marnie goes on at 8:15, The Yes Pleases go on at 9. $4 for 4 bands performing on the floor right in front of you. Prepare to be-dazzled.

I know it's last minute, and I know you might have plans, and I know I said that I wouldn't do this again, but we are actually going to be playing The Comet Tavern in Seattle tomorrow night (922 East Pike Street). So if you don't have any plans, and if you still like us, it would be great if you stopped by to say hi.

The Yes Pleases first music video off their album "from whence it came". Please share with your friends so we can continue to provide you with more video and auditory pleasures!

A video by Josh Bate. Shot on June 13, 2010 in his Seattle home. Music by the yes pleases (Josh Bate, Zach Clements, John Mccallum, and Dan Katzer) from the album From Whence it Came. Buy From Whence at C.D. and help make lots more music!

I'm glad that Marnie is on the bill for this show on the 23rd. Really really glad. If there is one band out there capable of cleaning up that monster fuck oil spill it's them. Be there at 8:00 sharp if you wanna see them cast that weird ass spell

I don't know how to train a fucking kitten, my cat came to me as a teenager. Cat teenagers are much more manageable and sane than human teenagers. I should know I was one and I had hellfire screaming from my head. Should have been a cat. Now I have a plan for my next life. Thanks The Yes Pleases Facebook page!!!

Josh here from the band. Wow I didn't know we had a Facebook page... nobody tells me anything. Who are these people? How can I get a date with one of them? There is an orange cat on my deck. Does it bite? I need a cat because mine died of old age, is it o.k. to claim this one or should I get a kitten?

The Yes Pleases very special interview with Blalock's Indie Rock Playlist!

I had the chance to ask The Yes Pleases a few questions recently. These guys are no strangers to BIRP! having featured them on my Novebmer 2009 playlist and even on the Best of 2009 playlist as calls "From Whence It Came" one of the top 10 Seattle releases of 2009!

Hey Kids. Now that you've fully internalized our Obligatory List of Favorite 2009 albums, here's a list of our favorite Seattle releases and some other random thoughts. Enjoy!