Just gonna leave this right here...

Just gonna leave this right here...

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Oh, look! A rock show!

Here is a rock opera inspired by Nilsson's "The Point", The Beatles "Yellow Submarine" and all sorts of great, classic concept albums from the 60's and 70's. It is performed by The RoKademY Experiment, a rock musical course comprised of nearly a dozen…

A video shot during the matinee performance of "Theo..." will be uploaded later this evening. Please feel free to check it out. It's ain't too bad for a matinee. In fact, it's pretty cool.

This Saturday! The GALACTIC PREMIERE of Theo and the Magic Road- a rock show for young people!!! Rock Concert! Rock Theatre! Whatever! It's bananas! Come see! It's a real trip!

If you could take a potion that would change anything you despise about your physical appearance, would you? Theo tried. Come see what the heck happened when he made that embarrasing No No. Theo and the Magic Road- a rock show for young people! May 26th. 2pm and 7pm. Call 405.524.9312 for tickets!!!

Do YOU have your tickets for the world premiere of the Psychedelic Circus-Punk Opera Theo and the Magic Road- a rock show for young people??? I probably should go ahead an pick up a few. For the totally reasonable price of $10.00, you get 3-D TheoVision Glasses, Glowing Objects of Wonder, a program(!!!), and a seat to a most insane, creative, chaotic celebration of music and art. It's like Sesame Street meets Tom Waits. Yeah. I said it. 405.524.9312 for tickets.

May 26th. 2 performances only. $10.00. Free "TheoVision" Hologram Glasses, Free glowing objects of wonder, a rock show. Call 405.524.9312 for a ticket to ride.

Hey, friends of Theo! Please spread the word about our brand new original rock opera. It's fun for the whole family. Youngn's, Old ones, Young at heart, Black of heart in need of a good case of the Young at hearts? Well, then this one is for you. Puppets, A 13 piece rock band of young artists ages 12-16, Glow sticks, Hologram glasses...I mean...What else in life is there, really? Spread the good word, y'all! Theo and the Magic Road- a rock show for young people

Over the next few weeks, watch for super incredible Behind The Scenes GalacticVideoGraphic Transmissions from Theo and the Magic Road- a rock show for young people!

Our gang of adorable tykes are back and this time they're reviewing Radiohead's "Paranoid Android". Check out their previous reviews here: The Cribs "Chi - T...

We're gettin' excited! Look at this fantastic design by Todd Clark! Spread the word, folks! If the show is anything like the logo, you're in for a TREAT!

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So, let's say a brand new rock opera for the entire family performed by a group of insanely talented 12-16 year olds doesn't sound like the coolest thing in the world to you...Let me sweeten the deal. When you come to Theo and the Magic Road- a rock show for young people, all children will receive a free pair of "TheoVision" holographic glasses! (Adults will have to pay a few bucks for em...but they're worth it, for sure!) Total sensory overload! TheoVision will allow you to view the show through a "spaced out" window into fantasy...I know. I know. It's awesome. This is just one of the many treats we have in store. Keep checking in and spread the word!!!

Coming up with some pretty cool ideas to enhance the Theo experience! Check back for details about all things Theo...If all goes well, we should have a full on audio and visual blitz that will leave you lifted!

"Theo, he was so upset cause kids ain't got no etiquette. They'd call him names and laugh at him because he didn't look like them..."

Well...Looks like Theo has a little friend...…/145786298/portraits-of-a-daughter-on-m…

Toyokazu Nagano has become a bit of a star on Flickr, the photo-sharing site. Or, rather, his daughter has.