Dave Mustaine pissed off :D !
TweetTwo weeks ago, MEGADETH mainman Dave Mustaine said he would like to do at least one more ‘Big Four’ show with METALLICA, ANTHRAX and SLAYER, before SLAYER retires. Then, last week|By Reeder

Thrash from Tinisia

*** ALL RIGHTS GO TO FLAMES OF WRATH *** FLAMES OF WRATH is a Thrash Metal band from Sfax, Tunisia TRACKLIST 01 - Bloodthirsty Preacher 00:00 02 - Collapsing...

I love thrash that comes from countries you wouldn't expect it to come from.
This is from...... Tunisia!

Flames Of Wrath is a Tunisian thrash metal band. Vocals and Rhythm Guitar : Younes Azouzi Lead Guitar : Amine Frikha Bass Guitar : Wacim 'Flamme' Khayachi Dr...

GOROD is my fav death metal band and they just released this new song off their upcoming EP. This is phenomenal, do yourself a favour and blast it, LOUD!!! Phenomenal tech death with that fucking thrash vibe we all love!!!

Lyric video for "Being a Jerk", from the EP "Kiss the Freak", out on April 1st 2017. Only available at and at shows. Music an...
Intrinsic - The Wheel Closure, 1996 BUY IT HERE: Line Up: Chris Binns - D...

Some thrash metal with Middle Eastern influences is not a bad idea at all.

Our second single entitled "The Pharaoh's Decree" Is out now!

What's your fav thrash metal cover? MIne has to be Defiance's version of Killers by Iron Maiden, Post yours!

Suo guys! New admin in da house. My name's Walt and I'm gonna bring ya lots of awesome stuff. Let's start with this amazing son by Sadus.

The first song from the "Chemical Explosure" album (1988). Lyrics: Loss of Vision Brain Contusion Sight and short of Breath Heartbeat pounding, Pulse is slow...

This is great stuff thrashers

Band: Nocturnal Witch Album: Summoning Hell Year: 2014 Genre: Black/Thrash Metal Country: Germany Label: Undercover / Evil Spell Records Line-up: Tyrant: Voc...

Me gustaria saber vuestras opiniones sobre esta banda tunecina Flames Of Wrath

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"Bloodthirsty Preacher" is a self-produced single by the Tunisian thrash metal band "Flames Of Wrath". Facebook Page :

First demo of Flames Of Wrath, Thrash metal from Tunisia. A good start for a band in a country you wouldn't expect thrash to come from.

"Bloodthirsty Preacher" is a self-produced single by the Tunisian thrash metal band "Flames Of Wrath". Facebook Page :

Slayer will never make another South of Heaven, nor will Megadeth or Metallica ever make anything close to Rust in Peace or And Justice for All. That era is gone, it's saddening but we should accept it because it's the fucking truth. Very few are the bands who remained consistent throughout their career, maybe Death Angel is among the rare exceptions.
Stop holding bands to their old standards.
This was inspired by reading the reactions to Metallica's new song.


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Classic Heavy Metal

R.I.P. Nick Menza

Former Megadeth drummer Nick Menza dies at the age of 51