hoping to have something to show by Christmas...

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in episode 4, Nero's band performs the amazing synthwave slow-jam "You Are You Are".

Well the actual artists, Le Cassette, have just released their full length album. What a voice! go get it now:…/left-to-our-own-devices


episode 8 is cut and ready. Unfortunately, I still haven't figured out what to do with ep. 7.

still working.

here's the latest...

pretty dire news actually. I got the HD recovered, which saved most of my 1 TB HD. however, a lot was still lost.

about 70% of the footage we shot for episode 7 is gone. I've been trying to come up with creative options to still get the important plot points across. A lot of questions were going to be answered in episode 7 that are important to Micah's story arc.


Unfortunately, I now live 2,000 miles away, so re-shoots aren't an option.

The whole episode has to be re-conceptualized in order to just make the story work. Beyond that, it's not going to have the stylistic vision that I had originally planned. I can't bring myself to check the remaining footage for the other remaining episodes. It's all too agonizing.

I'm working on it, and hope to pull together something that is at least functional.

Thanks for your patience and support.

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the reason for no episode 7 yet is due to my HD being damaged. foolishly, I did not have it backed up and could not access any of the footage. A specialist was able to recover the data, so it looks like the series will in fact reach its conclusion. However, I am poor, and the recovery was not cheap, which is causing further delay until I can pay up.

Although quite late, the show will reach a resolution.


Thanks for your patience.

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episode 6 is fixed. watch now and share!

The club is bustling again, with Thunderbird set to perform. Barbie's past comes to center stage, while Micah takes drugs to help cope with her anxiety. Her ...

sorry. don't know how the sync issues happened. i'll pull the video down, and fix it.

episode 6 is out now!
i haven't had a chance to "proof" watch it online, so hopefully it all checks out o.k.


The bar is hopping again, and Thunderbird is about to go on stage. Can Micah summon the courage it takes to face her fears?

episode 6, tomorrow.

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still from episode 6: "Shadow Twin"

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Thunderbird returns
Wednesday, January 8th
now is the time to catch up on episodes 1-5.

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i didn't realize that we are also almost to 300 likes!

still working on episode 6 edit. it's a very dense episode.

I apologize for the delay with our episodes. We had lost a couple editors, and I have not been able to do much during my move to Los Angeles. My aim is to have episode 6 done by next week. 7 and 8 shouldn't take too long to edit after that, so possibly another week later.

thanks again for your interest and support. keep sharing telling your friends and family about Thunderbird, and get them to watch the first 5 episodes.

episode 5 is here!

Micah finally returns home to deal with her family. Although tensions mount, she finds a long lost and forgotten treasure that could steer her course true.

you haven't forgotten about Thunderbird have you? a new episode is just around the corner!

"Saint Fortunatus" episode 4 out now. watch and share!

Paolina takes Micah out for a day of summer fun. To her surprise, she finds herself face-to- face with Nero, who seems to know more about her than she realized.