Pouring the Perfect Beer
Tie Society & PCF's Blue Tie Day 9/20
Perfecting the Dimple

Fellow DC company SharpX is perfect for any gents in need of a fresh cut.

Now live on Kickstarter.

SHARPX is a subscription-based app for booking barbers, nail techs, stylists & more. Let's take customer loyalty to the next level.

This is actually a pretty insightful article- regardless of your current age.

It isn't what we thought adulthood was going to be. It's better.

RIP to another style icon.

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How can a man appear more professional but at the same time not appear overdressed?

How can you look better and be more professional and not appear overdressed? This post has 5 tips for you. Read on.

Clean without the chemicals.

Our friends at Soapberri have discovered nature's purest soap, the Soapberry. Today is your first chance to get it.

Replace harmful chemicals with nature's purest soap, the Soapberry, a berry that naturally creates a gentle and antibacterial lather.

Our favorite pic from the Oscars (hands down).

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Five classic (not-so-formal) date night essentials.

5 classic, not-so-formal, date night essentials

10 Manly Ways to Use Your Necktie.

Eat your heart out Rambo.

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You've only got 4 more days...

Our team at Criquet Shirts — the modern classic menswear brand based in Austin, TX — is here to help. Our Valentine’s Da…

Tired of being cold and wet? These upgrades from Primer Magazine will keep you dry, warm, and looking sharp.

Tired of being cold and wet? These upgrades keep you dry, warm, and sharp as hell.

Love this post from Tie Society Japan!

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Tie Society Japan

Best combo with TieSocietyJapan via @gasketraynes (Instagram)

Everyone who is serious about their scotch/bourbon should own a set of whiskey stones.

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WandPdesign Mason Stones delivers a perfect chill to your drink.

What’s your poison?

Get a "bundle" of offers from brands (including us) for FREE by entering Dapper & Done's Holiday Giveaway.

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Sean Connery's Bond Lifestyle.

A look into the life of a style icon- from what cars he drives, sweaters he wears, and whisky he drinks.

The guys at Primer Magazine make an excellent case for why you should opt for gray over the more traditional navy.

Forget navy – your first sportcoat should be gray. We'll show you why.