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As more research shows the harmful effects of shifting to daylight saving time, more states are considering whether it’s time to stop changing the clocks.

No time change in Arizona or Hawaii… but I'll still be tweaking a few clocks in the house.

It’s time for “Spring forward” for most US states this Sunday morning, at 2am March 12, 2017.

Map of state legislation

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Time Zone Report updated their cover photo.
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Here's a summary of all the Daylight Saving Time and Time Zone-related bills across the US.

In this morning's search, I've found DST-related bills from two new states, Washington and Colorado, and another bill from Massachusetts, bringing the number of states with bills to 15.

Washington's SB 5329 would exempt the state from DST and remain on Pacific Standard Time year round.

Colorado's HB 1118 would similarly exempt the state from DST, putting them on Mountain Standard Time throughout the year.


Massachusetts already had a bill, but its only provision was to create annual proclamations during the "Spring forward" and "Fall back" weeks as a safety reminder. The new bill, SD 1545 entitled "An Act to reduce traffic fatalities", has similar language to the previous bill, but is based on the traffic fatality reduction premise. Nothing really new here relating to DST.

For more information about legislation relating to Daylight Saving Time and Time Zones, see our web site.

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Massachusetts bill SD 514 addresses issues relating to Daylight Saving Time in a unique way. Far short of actually changing how the state observes DST, this bill would require the governor to issue proclamations annually during the week DST starts and during the week DST ends.

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With two new bills (Illinois and Nebraska), the total is now 15 bills in 12 states.

Time Zone Report updated their cover photo.
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Links to 13 bills in 10 states for 2017 relating to Daylight Saving Time and Time Zones.

There are already 13 bills in 10 states for the 2017 legislative sessions across the US relating to Daylight Saving TIme and Time Zone Change.

Connecticut (2), Maine, Michigan, Missouri, Mississippi (2), North Dakota, New Hampshire, Texas (2), Utah, and Wyoming.

A quick end-of-year summary of DST legislation in 2016.

2016 wasn’t quite as active as 2015, but there was definitely some activity.

Everyone needs to watch this – whether your state has had DST legislation or not! So nice to live in Arizona…

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Posted by Rich Larsen
Rich Larsen

It's coming!

Less than 3 weeks away, here in the US.

Sunday, November 6.

Most of you will set your clocks back an hour.


Not those of us in Arizona or Hawaii.

Or those of you that forget.

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Tonight is "set your clocks" night… except in Arizona & Hawaii!

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NEXT Sunday March 13 is the start of Daylight Saving Time for most US states. NOT in Arizona (but yes in some parts of the Navajo nation in the northern part of the state) nor in Hawaii.

Many states still considering Daylight Saving Time options. See for info.

Following Daylight Saving Time legislation in the US

18 DST/Time Zone bills in 10 states: FL, MA, MI, MO, OK, SD, UT, WA, WV. Halfway to 2015's slate, and we're only in week 3 of 2016!

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