Everyone laced that day but I only had the camera on for some parts of the contest but here is some of the clips i got through out the day. Travis Rhodes won. Featuring: Travis Rhodes, Kyle Wood, Aaron Butler, Brandon Nguyen, Jimmy Spetz. August 11th 2011, Woodville skatepark (Ohio).
Too Dumb to Give Up Woodville Contest August 7th 2011 Skaters in the video shown Andy Boren Danny Gantchev Nick Swartz
rejects 7
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Abdiel skating in FOR3.

does anyone wanna buy some CO frames for 25 bucks. used, newer, white with juice blocks

When should we have a rolling comp at Woodville? Post thoughts. I'm thinking sometime in 2 or so months so people have time to plan.


Craig Parsons Danny Gantchev Andy Boren Dominick Tamburrino Marty

Danny Gantchev has the cover pic and an article in the newest Balance mag!

Balance rolling magazine - free online rollerblading magazine from Indianapolis, Indiana - Made in the USA
Mike wanted to film a section to put online.. Shot in about 3 weeks between work schedules with a 99 dollar camcorder, these were my favorite bails.
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July 19 – August 7, read the post to see all the great stuff goin on!!

Ton's of great stuff going on at woodville from July 19 - August 7, come check it out! For those of you who havent seen the park yet, here's some pics!

Look at crazy John backside royale to death drop!

Crazy John backside royale to roof gap. Rollerblading at a ledge spot on Douglass and Kenwood. Craig Parsons skating the ledge.

woodville looks to be up and running once more. glad to see that josh has recovered pretty much. heres an interview with him after all the problems and a quick look on whats coming up. SUPPORT WOODVILLE!!!

What Happened To Woodville Skatepark.
Filmed / Edited by Steve Staffan
Filmed on a Canon 7D with a Sigma 30mm 1.4 lens

Mr. T is in town sometime between Sunday and Wednesday i think, trying to put something together one of those days... I pity the fool who don't wanna shesh!

wow... effing wow.. no park for a little while so pour 'em up!.... good luck to josh and the rest of the woodville crew, heres to a quick and speedy recovery! "burp"

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woodville clips and pics from last week... good times

Rented out Woodville, Saturday, March 20th. People came out from Cleveland, Findlay, Oak Harbor, Norwalk, and