Got bored with a new thingy I got lolol not trying to do anything just playing around. Song is my bros ;D also don mind the screaming children in the background, they have gamer rage xD

Remember kids. Do your own thing!

Does anyone have or know of a good piano VST?

FL Keys is getting old.


gamekid sponsored by....Pepsi!!!

I wish

Favorite songs atm
Dubstep: MurDa Dubstep- Hostile
House: Buddygirrl- Elements
Electro- Spacebar Hero- Capsule or Mord Fustang- Super Fever (can't decide between the two)
DnB: Seba- Shades of Me & You


Check them out guys!!

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So funny when I use speech synthesizer (FL) for gamekid, it says gama kid instead of gamekid xD so I have to use a space xD

New EP up for download everyone!!! All house!!…/sets/3-level-fives-ep-free-download

3 Level Fives EP is finally here!!! Available for Free Download! Enjoy!

Ok I think I fixed the problem!! Be prepared everyone! 3 Level Fives is coming!!!

So as soon as I get ONE LITTLE FREAKIN MISTAKE fixed, the EP will be released. Should I give it out for Free Download?

I know like three people getting tattoos of their nicknames or some shit. HAR MAYBE I SHOULD GET TONY TATTOOED N STUFF.

I've been real depressed lately and I am thinking WAY too much. I found an app for my piece of shit iPod where I can play a realistic sound piano and post directly to SoundCloud.

here is the link

I make pretty much everything. House, Dubstep, DnB, you name it Music to me is life. Music helps me escape the drama the stress and the world as we know. It's like another world where you can do what

OH! Before I forget here's a little description of the EP!
Leaf Dancer (House) More on the Progressive side of House!
Water Sprite (House) I would consider it Chill, you decide
And Finally,
Fire Newt (House) I guess it's just typical House

One of three songs are complete for 3 Level Fives EP!!!

Gamekid updated their cover photo.
May 31, 2014
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Lol when I get big enough to start playing live, I'm gonna cosplay random game characters! Imagine Link raving to house or Steve(Minecraft) tearing it up with dubstep

Thinking about just giving out a free dubstep song.

Teaser for the upcoming EP "3 Level Fives" coming early this summer!