The final demo video from Mike Bailey Music Producer shows how to play the Sample Modeling SWAM Flute with TouchKeys. Mike has put together a really nice set of overlapping techniques that let you use TouchKeys together with the pitch and mod wheels to get some subtle and nuanced expressive effects out of the instrument. You can download presets for this video from:…/to…/tree/master/Demos/TK%20Swam%20Flute

This video shows how to set up and play the TouchKeys multi-touch keyboard ( with the SWAM Flute from Sample Modeling inside Ableton Live. Se...

Here's the latest from Mike Bailey Music Producer: TouchKeys controlling different drum effects on Stylus RMX.

Preset files available here:…/to…/tree/master/Demos/TK%20Stylus%20RMX

This video shows different ways the TouchKeys multi-touch sensors ( can control Stylus RMX by Spectrasonics. Different control techniq...