The Lakefront is Always in Season
Merry Christmas Little Elm! May your day be merry and bright.

Early voting is here! Learn more about what's on the ballot, where to vote, and voter registration here:

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The April News Break has great information about the Little Elm Honor Park, the McCord Park Splash Pad, and the Touch-A-Truck event!

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Kerry Eisen
· April 22, 2018
I like living in Little Elm, we have great neighbors and nice community. The only thing I don’t like are the high water bills and high property taxes. The traffic has gotten worse due to the build up ...of Frisco and the 380 corridor. Schools have been great to our kids too! All and all, great city to live in. See More
Anthony Dickerson
· November 27, 2017
Little Elm is not a horrible place to live, the city officials and police are just very inconsistent. My neighbor had a basketball goal on his sidewalk for two years or more and nothing was said. I bu...y one for my son and within a week, I had a warning. Once I put out an entertainment center in great condition for bulk pick up a little early, I had a warning the next day. My neighbors right now have all kinds of garbage on their sidewalk (picture in comments) for over a week now and nothing has been done!!! We had to move ours immediately or we were going to be fined. But a nice Police Officer did let me off with a warning for speeding on Fathers Day. �� See More
Julie Allen
· March 13, 2018
I’ve lived in LE for 4 years and and love it! Never had any issues, except for the traffic. I blame Frisco for that � I will hate to leave here. We’re moving to the Melissa area to be closer to my boy...friend’s son. We’ll definitely miss Little Elm and our neighbors in the lovely Villages of Woodlake! We love you Little Elm! See More
Fran Green
· January 23, 2018
Haven't even been here one month and I am being harassed by my neighbor. Leaving threatening letters in my mailbox, HOA and cops won't do anything despite the evidence. I have a five month old son and... I am terrified to come to my own home or to leave, nobody should love this way. This town is worse to live in than the bad side of Compton. I wish I didn't have a mortgage so I could leave. All I do is cry and fear for my life and nobody wants to help See More
Brad Anderson
· August 2, 2017
I own a business in Little Elm but don't live here. I'm trying to get here to live as soon as I can but I have never been to a more welcoming and genuine place in my life. The people are amazing the for the town is innovative and the government has our best interest at heart. It's the best kept secret in Texas. See More
Joe Watson
· July 6, 2017
I really would like to give a recommendation, we really enjoyed the firework show, this is the 1st year I went by car an not by boat. We parked on our property on the west side of the bridge and walke...d back to the bridge and enjoyed the show, Great Job. Then we had to go back across the bridge heading East, from the bridge to the fire station it took 45 minutes, cars and trucks with boats were coming out of the boat ramp parking and making a left heading East bound blocking everything. No police were directing any traffic the median was not blocked off, folks were making a u-turn there too, it was simply a cluster. Please patrol or block off that strip in the median across from the boat ramp parking. Thank You See More
Mark Bippus
· January 19, 2017
Bought up here in 2002 after renting in Farmers Branch for a few years. Came from Florida where we had tremendous water access. Seen the town grow from a few thousand to over 30k today. Enjoy the access here keeping our boat at Cotton Wood Creek marina. Not the same as Florida water but the Economy is tremendous and you can make a living even when the rest of the country is not doing so well. Our kids call this home now and the area is growing still like crazy! I am getting a bigger boat! See More
Alexandra Fincher
· June 10, 2016
I am a proud Texas Realtor, I reside in Little Elm and I market and sell in Little Elm. One thing I do after closing I take my clients around Little Elm and show them all the wonderful locations to g...o and restaurants to eat. I take them to the Recreation Center and to the Senior Center so they can also become members and also serve in community service. This year I have closed 7 homes in Little Elm, and buyers and sellers cannot agree more. Little Elm, Texas Rocks. See More
Jess Millsap
· October 9, 2016
Just went to the Little Elm park, to go hiking, and there was trash everywhere! My daughter and I were trying to pick it up, but had no place to put it. Maybe if there were some trash cans, by every b...ench, we could help clean up and keep it pleasing to the eye. Next time we'll just have to remember to bring our own bags. See More
Christine M Petersen
· July 4, 2016
Love my town! We've grown a lot over the past 7 years I've been here. But it still has the same small town feel. It's been great for my family with the awesome schools and teachers, and all the busi...nesses that we have so we don't have to go far for the things we need or the fun we want to have! See More
Lisa Wilson
· September 29, 2015
I just moved to Little Elm in April! So far I love this town and I love my neighborhood! My only issue is with the post office. Since moving here I've lost several packages. I'm currently dealing with... attempting to get back a package that was left in a parcel box. I received horrible service from the post office. Anyone else dealing with that issue? When I went this afternoon at 3 o'clock there are actually two people in line ahead of me who had the exact same problem! See More
Josh Harris
· September 14, 2016
Such a cool place to have grown up! I had no idea when my family decided to move here from Dallas in 1986 that I would one day be raising my family here. The transformation of our quiet, literally on...e flashing yellow light town of 900 people, to the 35,000 that now call Little Elm home has been amazing to witness over the past 30 years. I would describe Little Elm as.... Conveniently close enough to everything , yet somehow, still just far enough way. If you are thinking about moving, and want a really great place to raise a family, I would enjoy showing you around our beautiful town. #KeepLittleElmWeird#O.G.LE#LERealEstate See More
Jenny Weems
· June 29, 2016
I love this town SO MUCH!!!

I have had such great interaction with the town administration, council and the mayor. Everyone is so available and responsive....

THIS is how the amazing small town feeling and sense of community is cultivated.

I am so grateful to have found Little Elm and to be able live here here with my family.

Thank you Little Elm!!!
See More
Amy Wolfe
· June 26, 2016
I am filing a report with the D.O.J. regarding The Lakeside at Little Elm for discrimination against a disabled persons. Regarding Section 2 of the ADA Federal law, pertaining to service dogs having ...access to public parks and other public places regardless of local no dog zones. If you have a service dog or are disabled, be warned because Little Elm Will Not follow federal law and accomodate people with disabilities.
Also be aware of your rights. No employee is allowed to ask questions about your service dog other than the standard 2 allowed by law, which are "Is your dog a service dog?" And "What are his tasks?" Otherwise the place of bussiness is nreaking the law and can face ungodly fines.

After speaking with the Town Manager, I have been told that memos were sent out to both the Police Department and to the parks department regarding ADA Law concerning Service Dogs.
Service Dogs Are allowed to accompany their handlers onto the beach, and this will be enforced by the town, and has been made widely known. I have to thabk the Town Manager for his help, and while this was a bad situation, I am happy that it was used as a learning situation to broaden knowledge of Service Dogs and Disabilities Rights.
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Jenn Barbee
· December 18, 2017
I’m in love with this town! I can’t move there fast enough!!!!
Sarah McClellan
· April 29, 2014
Marion Drive Road Construction is well under way. I wanted to personally thank Quality Excavation for their professionalism and courtesy so far. They are working very hard to get everything done as qu...ickly as possible. The biggest compliment that I can give them is how courteous they when I need to go out each day. As soon as they see that I am getting in my car they work quickly to ensure there is a safe path for me to travel through. Thanks so much Quality Excavation!!!! Keep up the good work... SMcClellan See More
Max N Michelle Hultberg
· January 17, 2017
My family and I moved from Conroe, Texas one year ago. Little Elm is home for me, no other place could ever compare. Thanks for making Little Elm such a great place to live!
Anne Mushtare
· October 3, 2016
When you think about the North Texas Police Chiefs Association presenting them with the highest level award, how well is their credibility knowing the LEPD uses force on a disabled person who had been... sexually assaulted by police. That is like the Joint Commission accrediting a mental hospital who paid assessors extra money to bring in patients to fill beds. Story was on WFAA Channel 8 November 2013.
I have been a resident for 16 years and have never been more disappointed and disgusted with our police and fire department as I have recently. There seems to be a double standard when it comes to police. If one of them gets killed they want us to back them and support them by giving them money. What happens when one of their own kills an innocent person, do the police go out of their way to back that family and have fundraisers for them to get through. I know that women out there have been raped at the hands of police and there is no support given to us. In fact when a recent incident sent police and the fire department to my home based on a lie from someone, it was their choice to enter my home where I am supposed to feel safe and instead was man handled and ordered around. I am disabled and absolutely no weapons were ever involved, but instead of asking questions, they chose to man handle me not knowing of my background of being raped and sodomized by policemen which sent me into PTSD. The chief sees nothing wrong with his officer's behavior because he can not even apologize to me and assure me that his officers in the future will ask questions before reacting.
I recently saw where he was up for a high level award by the Texas Police Chiefs Association and so I contacted them to ask them if they thought that was acceptable behavior and yet nothing has come from them or the police chief. I can not be a unique example of how this department is run, so I encourage anyone who has ever been mistreated in any way including rape to speak up and let it be known to the chief and the Texas Police Chiefs Association and even the Town of Little Elm Mayor.
Tomorrow is National night out and it is a good time to open up about anything that needs to be said and shared as I am doing right now and we need to stand together. I am and never have been a supporter of violence to solve any problem, but if they want us to back them and support them with money, then is it not time for them to do the same when one of them decides to do the unthinkable, despicable, horrific, unethical and unprofessional things that have been done to us? A police chief who thinks it is acceptable behavior for his officers to treat residents as inhumanely as possible and thinks he should get an award for that is not someone who should be in authority.
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Antoinette Roberts
· July 5, 2017
I love the lake and the people are very pleasant. Great fireworks display for the 4th.great crowd of people and the music was great
Jenny Dieter
· May 27, 2016
Does anyone know if the city actually reads your water meter? My water bill for 2 people is outrageous and has been identical the last 2 months despite making some very big changes. Curious what other...s are experiencing. See More