Transporter Room updated their cover photo.
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Where is Transporter-Room?


@DJTechTools crowdsourcing the design of their next Midi Fighter (MIDI Controller). Great idea! Check it out

In June, it will have been four years since the introduction of the original Midi Fighter, a community powered project that sprung from the shared...

Messing around with VI's and PI's

Trancey Big Beat Synth experiment demo thing

Working on some Flex Editing in Logic.

Transporter-Room Studio B gets a web cam.

We are trying to ramp up production.

Meeting about song "Turn Germs" need to open and convert old plug ins to new versions. Still working on lyrics. Vocorder might get used.

Listening to "Cricket" mellow drama.

Updating the T-R Song Google Doc Spreadsheet. Listening to Song "Sharpee". ^QD

We had a Status meeting last night. 3 Songs are done! Plans in place to work on some more very soon.

We are thinking about possibly trying to complete our next song sometime soon.

Transporter Room added 3 new photos to the album: Desktops — with Will Hussein Pierce and Bob DeMaa.

Transporter Room graphics for your desktop.

Transporter Room's The Wall is the next CD.

Transporter Room added 4 new photos to the album: Band Photos — with Will Hussein Pierce and Bob DeMaa.

Some of the photos from our "plastic cast reflections" Sessions.