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A few people in Bellingham have earned the knife badge: Both completed knife badge in 1 day (orientation the day before)

It was one of Phil Gribbon's life long goals to get a Tres Espadas member to participate in a Tipon. The guy in the deer camo in these videos is a long time active member of Tres Espadas:…

From our last day of sparring before this year's Annual Pacific North West Warrior Tipon Tipon, trying to prep for technical knife fighting: Trying to get ready for technical knife fighting at the Annual Pacific North West Warrior Tipon Tipon.

This young teen has been training with us for a few years, and can now hold his own against adults in knife sparring: Haran catches Seth off guard and holds his own.

Members who already have their knife badge practicing long range knife technique using focused sparring: Focused sparring targeting hands and face only, Cold Steel's long range knife style.

Tres Espadas meetings in Bremerton are now officially on Saturdays at 4:15 PM (no longer on Wednesdays, Saturdays instead.) Greg scores on Ben with a surprise disarm and take down attempt.
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May 27, 2016
Benjamin Galbraith to Tres Espadas

Lots of theory going on here, the main thing is left-foot-forward swordplay:

Swords vs. buckler vs. dagger.

Tres Espadas meetings continue at 4:15 PM on Saturdays in Bremerton:

This was the first free sparring round after TE principle founding member Phil Gribbin passed away.
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May 15, 2016

The principle founding member of Tres Espadas died on May 12, 2016 (was diagnosed with congestive heart failure years ago before his last Tres Espadas videos were filmed.) If you know anyone who knew Phil Gribbin, please invite them to his memorial service:

Sat 2:00 PM PDT2225 Perry Ave, Bremerton, WA 98310-5135, United States
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The 2016 season is off to a nice start with a new orientation: This is basically Greg and Ben's before sword badge video. They are experimenting with focused sparring designed to be part of the new or...

A few of us got out to observe the Pacific Northwest Warrior Tipon Tipon yesterday. Over the top entertaining and educational:…

All fights from the 2016 Tipon-Tipon are up! They can be found on the youtube channel in the 2016 playlist:

So far Tres Espadas has not held or participated in competitive matches or tournaments, but we do encourage our members to participate in events like this if they feel they are ready:

The Second Annual Warrior Tipon-Tipon is set for March 12, 2016! 1:00 at Warrior Strength Martial Arts! Details to follow.

We are looking to find fighters wishing to push their boundaries with some full-contact stickfighting. This is what we do: Both already have the baton badge. One is the most fit member of TE, but he's up against the principal founding member of TE.