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Elizabeth Hutchins
· February 24, 2018
I love Junkin, it’s my favorite hobby. I love going here any weekend that the weather allows. I always visit the outdoor vendors and once every few months we will go to the inside buildings. Most vend...ors are very friendly and have a variety of stuff. We rented tables one weekend and sold some stuff just laying around that we didn’t need or use anymore, the rental is very reasonable, we made money and got rid of some clutter. Love to buy and to sell here. See More
Lynn Cornell Shurtleff
· March 15, 2018
Check out the buildings for prices, sometimes you will find better ones from the regular stores inside than the fly by nighters outside. And you know you can rely on them to be there, most of the Some vendors have been there for decades, long term stores means you can count on them. Building 12 offers more than any other building and has a food court, an atm and bathrooms all under 1 roof. See More
Nick Roberts
· April 14, 2018
I'm enjoying meeting the nice folks in Tri Cities at my magic shop in building #12.
Lots of new hobbyists are getting bitten by the magic bug, like I did at age 10.
I'm from Knoxville, and just moved to this area a year ago. This is a great place to network and get my name out there for doing magic shows.
Swing by and visit me at Nix Trix !
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Stephanie Steele
· December 30, 2017
I enjoy going to building #12,last building on bottom. Thru the back,right side door, there is a VINYL STORE called CONNECTION SECTION on the right.. great friendly people,.great knowledge of music, for brandon ;) or stephanie..for all music memorabilia and old.& new vinyl. Trades welcomed as well. See More
Tommy Wetzel
· April 14, 2018
The guys in building 11 have the cheapest prices on records than anybody at the flea market.
Christina Moore
· August 13, 2017
It's not like it use to be. Some buildings are almost empty. I stoped by one stand the man was pushy and rude it was overwhelming how he talked to my friend. She bought something so he'd stop. The ope...n outside one, the man who has the tart melts he's just the best. So nice and friendly. The man in the air conditioner building with the tarts not so much. ..... See More
Jessica Puckett
· November 12, 2014
I have to agree with what another person said about the dogs at the flea market. I just don't think it is the appropriate place for them. Last time I was there I saw two dogs get into a terrible fight.... One day someone will be bitten, and then the dog owner and the flea market will be held liable. They do have signs posted, but do nothing to enforce it. It is their responsibility to enforce the rules there. If you take a dog into a store, and it is not a service animal, you are asked to leave with the dog. The same should be done here. See More
Margaret Reynolds
· February 27, 2017
Great place. I have been there many times and enjoy going. Lots of items to choose from and great prices. Just recently opened my own booth in building 3 and the management is really nice people and s...paces are reasonably priced and the vendors are very helpful and supportive. I have met some wonderful people coming through from different states. As for the dogs I have never seen any problems with them all that I have seen are always well behaved. See More
Fran Valenziano Waller
· April 3, 2017
As a Vendor of 18 years at the Tri-Cities Flea Market....I would like to thank all of you for being loyal customers. We also enjoy seeing the same old faces every weekend and so many of you have bec...ome my personal friends. Stick-Me Body Jewelry in Bldg 12 thanks you. See More
Jeremy Good
· August 15, 2016
I absolutely love this place! It's actually where I go to relax on a veey rare weekend off. The Mexican food can't be beat and there is always something new to see. As for people complaining about dog...s I think it is rediculous. They are there, but have never been a problem. See More
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Bob Szabo to Tri-Cities Flea Market

You can add my wifes booth , that is in building 3 booth 38 . Mohawk trading post. Selling Native crafts and stuff . My wife had a store on Milligan hwy, elizabethton , the Creekside indian market .

Jennifer Reasner is with Tim Reasner at Tri-Cities Flea Market.

Spent the morning at one of my favorite places! We need flea markets like this back home!

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