Tony Romo is the best!!

Keep the dream alive and troll harder than you ever trolled before!!


Happy Trolling lets see what everyone can come up with today!

Remember when we used to have status challenges?

What is the best way to Troll your parents? Best answer gets a cookie

How has everyone been trolling today?

Im sorry that I didn't troll anyone today .

Troll Status Thursday updated their cover photo.
No automatic alt text available.

A rule to remember when trolling. Never give up troll whoever or whatever until the very end.

OMGZ Y'ALL. It's thursday.

If you think Panda Cheese's mascot has evolved beyond the joys of trolling people who refuse their product...'d be wrong.

This is the greatest Troll gameshow ever.

And into the balls... I love the face of the purple one before the stick hits him... xD

My teacher is talking about Trolls.

Anyone who is a grammar nazi on facebook is a troll.

Trolled my dog today. He had it coming. Im gonna troll the untrollable.

Its Thursday and it starts off with a troll.

I just started trolling someone lets see where this goes.