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My childhood friend Sunny (13 years old is still childhood no?) asked me to partake in posting 10 days of my favorite top 10 ALB...UMS of all time. Last week I didn't allow time to explain why the first three were important to me so I'll say this: I'm choosing these albums because they are truly a handful of records that I can listen to at any time from beginning to end and never stop enjoying them. These are the albums with no "duds" or "filler" songs. These are the albums which I bought on cassette and wore out (remember you could do that?). They represent the lost of art of creating songs that unify a collective whole. They are from a bygone era when industry paid large sums for my fellow weirdos to sonically paint a picture of the times. They take me on a journey. They molded me as a musician and song-writer. They seem to take on a living aspect all their own. Their production, atmosphere, and aesthetic magnetizes me to them for reasons I can articulate eloquently and simultaneously I myself am mystified by what it is about these song collections which keep me coming back for more. I absorb their energy for vigor, creativity, and whatever that indescribable Je ne sais quoi that makes you want to sing, dance, air guitar, gives you goosepumps, makes you powerful, makes you cry, makes you feel like you're in another place etc etc etc. They are like friends which I've accepted as "part of me" in my journey through life. That's how profoundly important music is to me. It's a form of spiritual and empathic communication. It's helped carry me through the brightest and darkest moments of life. I know I'm not listing Beethoven here, and it's seemingly a little silly that these often "drugged-out" hard rock albums are so important to me at 41. I'm trying to keep this "very real". I'm not posting what I think you want me to post, what seems sexy or appropriate. These are albums that have taken me through long car rides and prevented me from going to the hospital on bad LSD trips many years ago. They have been with me on ultra runs and continue to guide me through my days when I need music. They have aged with me like good friends should.

Album 4 of 10: IRON MAIDEN 'POWERSLAVE'. This particular album sealed my fate with guitar playing. I referenced it with how I would approach dual guitar playing as a "substrate" or "template" for the sonic guitar walls which comprise the sounds of my two bands Twisted Tower Dire and Walpyrgus. I've been a "student" of this album for many decades!… #ironmaiden #ironmaidenstudent #powerslave #bestheavymetalalbumever #realmetal #iloveironmaiden #ironmaidenismyreligion

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!! Full Album in my Channel !! Interpret: Iron Maiden Song: Aces High Albu: Powerslave

We're up to something

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