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Attn: USC TA's! The Center for Feminist Research will be hosting a workshop on TA pedagogy in challenging political times on 9/8/17.

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Activists and academics, check out this fellowship opportunity!

The Roddenberry Foundation is calling on today's activists and changemakers to submit applications for the #RoddenberryFellowship. $50k & executive coaching for one year. Applications open on July 25. Learn more:

*Call for Papers: The Journal of Working-Class Studies*

*Special Issue, December 2017: The Poverty of Academia: Exploring the (Intersectional) Realities of Working Class Academics*

Educational attainment is often framed as positive, having the liberatory potential to free the socio-economically marginalized from their constraints. There is little if ever any mention of the unchained slavery of debt and low wages that ties working-class academics to perpetual bondage. Once wor...

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Prof. Amy Parish on power and sexual relations among humans and among bonobos.

Holly Ober shared a link to the group: BioAnthropology News.

"In other words: "They'll say, 'All females want an older, resource-laden man, and all males want a young, fertile female,' Amy explains. "That's called 'essent...ializing' because you're saying there's just one essence to male and female." She says her past professors would say things like, "'Look at chimpanzees; they have a pattern of male dominance, and humans do too. [So that shows that] maybe we've had male dominance for the last five million years, since our last common ancestor.'" In this way, science has been used to suggest that male dominance is natural."

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Attention USC grad students! You may be eligible for our travel grant program. Check out the announcement for details.

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Everyone knows that sleep is precious, but when you become a parent, it becomes an unattainable luxury. A new study published this week proved that's especially true for women with kids. According to the findings, mothers tend to lose more sleep than

Reminder: this is on Monday!

Mon 6:30 PM PSTWaite Phillips HallLos Angeles, CA
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We will be giving away a limited number of Dr. Wade's book on a first come, first serve basis. Don't miss out!

Mon 6:30 PM PSTWaite Phillips HallLos Angeles, CA
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Dr. Lisa Wade (Sociology, Occidental College) will be discussing her new book, American Hookup: the New Culture of Sex on Campus. Dr. Wade has degrees in philosophy, human sexuality, and sociology and has published numerous academic articles and a text book on the sociology of gender. Dr. Wade also contributes regularly to media in print, online platforms, television, and radio. She has been featured by a range of entities from Newsweek, Time, and The Guardian to public radio stations, CNN, and the Canadian Broadcasting Company to National Geographic, NBC, and MTV.

Dr. Wade's talk will run from 6:30 pm - 7:30 pm in WPH B27. The Center for Feminist Research will be giving away free copies of Dr. Wade's book on a first come, first serve basis. This event is free and open to the public.

Mon 6:30 PM PSTWaite Phillips HallLos Angeles, CA
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Join the fight against eating disorders!

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Porn work is unexceptional. The problems workers confront—precarity, shrinking wages, and heavy demands for emotional and physical labor—reflect the conditions of work across the contemporary economy. At the same time, porn work offers many workers better pay and more autonomy than other jobs. Drawing from ethnography, this talk explores the tension between porn work as “a job… a gig” and porn work as an escape.

A lecturer in Gender Studies at the University of Southern California, Heather Berg focuses her research on sexual economy, labor policy, and workplace struggle. Her current book project, Porn Work: Adult Film at the Point of Production, explores independent contractor status, precarity, and worker resistance. Heather’s articles appear in Feminist Studies, WSQ, Porn Studies, and Social Policy and Society.