Have you been playing on Firefox and Internet Explorer? Have you noticed a lot of crashing for your Unity Webplayer Plugin? The problem is in the latest update to Firefox, but not Internet Explorer!

If you want to remain able to play from Firefox, do not update to the latest version yet. Unity is hard at work to fix this problem, but until they release a fix, the latest version of Firefox will continue to have issues running it. We are still trying to find a way to solve the crash in Internet Explorer, but don't worry you can download and install Google Chrome!!!

If you experience other issues lately, please let us know below. Thanks!


We have shifted our support to a new address @

Once you get there choose one of the 4 contact forms and describe your issue with as many details as possible including at least one screenshot.

If you want your problem resolved, its where you go! If you attempt to go elsewhere you may experience delays, or perhaps even get your case mistakenly buried! Thank you!


If you have a problem that needs to have a solution as fast as possible just message or post on the page your problem, and we will try to solve it as fast as possible Thank you again!

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Having trouble playing UberStrike on Facebook? We're busy fixing some bugs, but in the meanwhile you can get your UberStrike fix @ or play on:

Thank you guys for sending us avatars and stuff that you find on YouTube, here we have an awesome work from Guliermo Francesco

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Hello guys, new map and new weapons have just arrived to UberStrike. We hope you enjoy them, and don't forget for the hufe sale that almost everything is for FREE. The Tec-9 is a new instant classic in UberStrike - with a high rate of fire and deadly accuracy it's perfect for disarming snipers and shotgun wielding players alike! Available for 65% off until Monday!

We also have a special surprise for you today... we have just released two maps with hidden teleporters. Explore the UberStrike maps geared up with your Tec-9, find all new teleporters and win prizes!

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Hello guys, if you have any high level issue, that must be solved as soon as possible please contact The Cmune Team Support.

Hello guys, we can see that you cannot wait to play UberStrike. Therefore we are giving you a few sites where you can download UberStrike HD and play UberStrike for this moment. Try one of this sites and download UberStrike! Here are the sites, we wish you enjoy UberStrike for this moment:



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SuperPRISM Reactor is now LIVE! A brand new map focused on classic FPS gameplay – now available in UberStrike. To celebrate, we’ve dug some deep discounts on the Particle Lance & Particle Lance Dragon Edition until Monday! You asked, we listened! ONLY NOW, get 65% off the SPAS-12 Classic. On sale until Friday!
The SPAS-12 is one of the most powerful shotguns in UberStrike. So prepare for action and load a new round! Many things have changed, but this is just the begging new maps and weapons are coming soon. Also we hope you are winning in the lucky draw. The map was update because of the glitches, people will get banned, if they glitch. We are hoping that you are enjoying UberStrike. Have Fun!

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Meet Tito Sanchez, a new 0AP character in UberStrike!
Available in The Shop today at 65% off, as a $10 bundle or for free in your Daily Lucky Draw!

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Meet Sergio Sanchez, a brand new character in UberStrike. With 60 Armor Points, Sergio is available @ 65% off until Friday!
Sergio is the first of a new theme in UberStrike – we’re working hard to bring you a bunch of new gear & weapons over the coming weeks, including some tasty treats for points! The AP is 60 for upper or lower body armor and 10% Defense Bonus.

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The Totalist and The Eroder are the only masks that can be bought only permanently by paying 32,500 Credits.
Who needs an extra MASK to dress up this Halloween?! We’ve just added a bunch of them to The Shop.
Check them out and scare your friends or foes – it’s up to you.

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The Persuader is a critical damage expert that shoots to do one thing: KILL!

Try it out in The Shop today, available to rent for points or permanently for 6500 Credits only this weekend.

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NOW LIVE! Ghost Island is a Monkey Island tribute to Hallows Eve where the water runs red and the scenery runs creepy. Check it out today.

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Awesome avatars with the newest masks, great job Guliermo Francesco, thank you a lot for your hard working

Tell us which one you prefer in the comment zone

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Here are the newest and rare armors that are in the shop in this days Sometimes there are admins in the lobby and you can play with them and get something permanent and see new maps Good Luck in finding them.

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Hey guys, brand new weapons G3SG1 Automatic Sniper (Black, Camo and Classic) All for credits, damage 30, head shot and nut shot damage is 82 and Camo start munition 70/70. Have Fun!

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