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Tinker Bordeaux
· February 7, 2018
I would like to thank Shelby Townsend and the rest of the volunteers today. She helped me with food for my animals and also helped me with food for us. I was also nominated for family of the month and... they are going to be helping me on Valentine's day with household stuff. Thank y'all so much See More
Trina Thorne
· September 24, 2017
Such a nice and caring group of people. Ty Shelby for being such a loving person�
Me and my family will be bringing some cat and dog food to try and help out
Shay Melody Rose-Rowe
· April 5, 2017
Just recently i learned of Ms. Shelby n her orginization. All though it was under very sad circumstances because animal control had my babies n was putting them down even though they did nothing wrong... besides escaping their yard, she was a big help on the information she provided that inspired me. As a true animal lover i have decided to stand up n be a voice for all the animals that end up in animal control n change their ways. I owe all this to Shelby n my dogs. Thank u Shelby for trying to save my babies n inspiring me to stand up n make a difference like u. See More
Lorie Ann Martinez
· March 1, 2017
Prices are wonderful for spay and vaccines. Staff members that are educated and have a good attitude - wonderful. However, there is room for improvement in the attitude of some staff members and the... speed/order of who is helped in your office. There was a lot of congestion in the office and disorganization regarding who knew what to do and what form is for what service. See More
Lynne Parker
· May 4, 2016
There aren't words to express my gratitude to these wonderful people! Shelby puts things together for me to get Bella the help she needed .The day I stopped in their organization I felt that Bella onl...y had a short time because she was deteriorating before my eyes. She was in such pain and nothing I did made her better. Grays CreekAnimal Hospital took her in and immediately began running test. She was so anemic and in pain. I am grateful for Shelby and her genuine care for her. Please donate anything you can to keep this non-profit in business. Thank you ALL! See More


We all know that many people have busy lives so if you can't volunteer, that is completely understandable. Donations GREATLY help UCC and every item that is donated is highly appreciated (and gets used! NOTHING gets wasted!)

Here is a list of our most urgently needed items:


-Adult dry dog food
-Adult dry cat food
-Puppy food
-Kitten food
-Canned pet food

Donations of pet food are ALWAYS much appreciated as the need is so great and growing every day.

These items are also welcome:

-Insulated dog houses (no wood please)
-Cat litter
-Treats for both dogs & cats
-Coats/capes (especially in larger sizes, L and XL)

Paypal donations are always welcome, too. UCC's Paypal address is

We also have an Amazon wishlist! Lots of great items on there to choose from!

Just started a Walmart wishlist, too! Great prices, wonderful selection!…

We are always looking for sponsors and businesses that might want to donate items for our animals & families in need. A huge thank you to everyone that has donated! We couldn't do this without you!

UCC is a 501(c)(3) organization.

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My grandson, Garrett, helped with an adoption event at Petsmart in Pennsylvania on Sunday! So proud of him!


Codie took Draco to get his stitches out yesterday! He was a good boy and kept his hand on her leg the whole time!

I hope everyone is enjoying their weekend!

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Valentine's Day at The Big Fix

Special thanks to Food Lion, Walmart, Campbell Soup, Second Harvest and Petsmart for all the wonderful donations that made the holiday so nice for our families - both animals and humans.

We had hot dogs, hamburgers, chili, all kinds of sandwiches and soups, yogurt, bagels, cream cheese, popcorn and chocolate milk. We even had Welch's Sparkling Grape Juice for pet parents who signed up a dog or cat for spay or neuter! (and of course, lots of g...reat pet food and treats for our furry friends!!)

Everyone received a Valentine gift bag with cookies, crackers, chips, candy and a soft drink. There were even gift bags for every Big Fix animal!

What a wonderful day!!!

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Say hello to our newest family at The Big Fix!

Tinker and her family (her niece and her niece's adorable little son) came to us for help this week. We sent them home with some goodies and told them to come back and see us next week! Tinker's niece also has a disabled son with cerebral palsy. They could use some help with diapers (size 6). He can wear Family Dollar brand or Luvs. He is sensitive to other brands. It would be much appreciated!

Requests for food have DOUBLED. So ...many new families in need are showing up each week. We are also getting more spay & neuter sign-ups than ever before. The word about our life-saving program is spreading fast and we could really use your help.

if you would like to donate to helping Tinker and the many other families that show up every week, it would be much appreciated.


Our Paypal address is

Mailing address for tax deductible donations:

UCC - The Big Fix
P.O Box 474
Hope Mills, NC 28348


Please support “The Big Fix” Spay and Neuter program.

We rescue the whole family – We are the future.

"NO KILL BY 2020"

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Spay/Neuter Vouchers for Harnett County Residents!!!

***This isn't sponsored by UCC - The Big Fix but I wanted to share in hopes that it can help those in need. Wonderful opportunity for residents of Harnett County!!***


To help combat the pet overpopulation crisis in our community, HAWC will be hosting specific events to provide SPAY/NEUTER VOUCHERS for cats/dogs of qualifying Harnett residents!

To qualify, bring EBT or Medicaid card (or other proof of income). Cost of voucher (if qualified) varies from $0 - $20 (dependent upon income). Voucher can be used at participating veterinary clinics* on a later date.

*Current participating clinics: Spay Neuter Clinic of the Sandhills, SNAP-NC (Mobile Unit - Multiple locations), Saving Lives Spay/Neuter Clinic (Wake SPCA/Garner), Lillington Veterinary Hosp

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Friends of UCC – The Big Fix


Please take the time to read this over and post/share everywhere! We really need to spread the word!


Most of the available funding and donations for animal welfare programs went to global “Disaster Relief” in 2017. Veterinary expenses continue to increase as we struggle to help animals in crisis; to help families keep their pets – to keep them out of the shelter, to stop the breeding of unwanted puppies and kittens.

Cumberland County Animal Control is a high-kill shelter. In spite of all the good work of local adoption and rescue groups, healthy, adoptable, terrified animals are being euthanized every day.

246 animals were euthanized at the shelter in December 2017.

The good news is this:

That’s 83 fewer shelter deaths than December 2016!!!!

We are making a difference!

Help us stop the tragedy; the shameful, heartbreaking, wasteful reality – Be a voice for our precious animals.

Puppy & kitten season is coming and we need to spay and vaccinate as many at-risk animals as possible. Most of the babies born to homeless or feral dogs and cats will not survive. Please help us give them a chance...


Riley (black puppy on left in picture) - His feet were tied together and he was thrown in the river to drown.

Jasmine (tiny puppy on right in picture) - Swung around by leash on neck, dragged behind car, decapitated with a hatchet. Owner's boyfriend was angry at her, decided to take it out on the puppy.

Sponsor a dog or cat in honor of Riley or Jasmine. Both were brutally killed by someone they trusted. You can also donate in memory of a cherished pet.


Our Paypal address is

Mailing address for tax deductible donations:

UCC - The Big Fix
P.O Box 474
Hope Mills, NC 28348


Please support “The Big Fix” Spay and Neuter program.

We rescue the whole family – We are the future.

"NO KILL BY 2020"

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Say hello to Draco! He is our newest "Big Fix Dude". The first few pictures are of his car ride to the vet's office. He went in for surgery last week. The last picture is of him at home recovering.

Draco's owner is homeless but she was finally able to get housing. Sadly, he could not go with her unless he was neutered and vaccinated. She refused to go without her dog because he is her family!

She called The Big Fix for help. Codie delivered food for both of them that day. ...I called Reilly Road Animal Hospital, explained the urgency, and they scheduled Draco for surgery the next morning. Codie picked that sweet boy up early on Friday and took him for his first ride. He puked in her car, peed on the desk at the vet clinic, but loved the staff; just enjoyed the whole social scene. He was finished and ready to go by 3:00 on Friday afternoon.

He is forever a "Big Fix Dude".

The success of our mission depends on you, our volunteers, and the support of our communities. Without you and that support, we cannot continue helping the many pets and families in crisis.

If you would like to donate to Draco's vet bill (or any of the other cats & dogs that we help every week), it would be much appreciated.

Our Paypal address is

Mailing address for tax deductible donations:

UCC - The Big Fix
P.O Box 474
Hope Mills, NC 28348

We are always looking for sponsors and businesses that might want to donate items or funding for our animals & families in need. Thank you to all of those that have donated so far. We cannot do this without YOU!!!!

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Do you shop on Amazon? If so, please support us when you shop for your Valentine.

Go to and Amazon donates to Unchain Cumberland County. It won't cost you a penny!

When you shop at AmazonSmile, Amazon will donate to Unchain Cumberland County. Support us every time you shop.

Prince is looking for a new home. He is a very sweet, loving 2 year old boy. He is an indoor cat whose owner has to move to a nursing home. Can anyone help?

If you are interested in adopting him or would like more information, please contact Janet at 910-433-9128.

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Buddy and his Dad - our new Big Fix friends!

Sure hope Buddy is feeling better soon! Ear infections are no fun!

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"Veterinarian Jack Hill was a Friend to Animals in Need" - Fay Observer - Earl Vaughn…/veterinarian-jack-hill-was-fri…

Cortez, you will remember those days - things started to change when you gave me the first shopping card for the food bank. Back then, we got six free SNAP items every month!...
Food pantry was in my family room. Remember coming to my home to inspect??? At that time, everyone got bag lunches.

Yesterday was wonderful! My loyal volunteers (Sharon, Linda, Katharine, Kenny) and I rushed to beat the clock as the snow and ice headed our way. We provided bags and bags of great food, (all salad stuff and go-withs in special bags) bottled water, pet food and supplies to about 30 families. Small dogs got soft blankets that smelled of Downy. Large dogs got dog houses and bedding, if needed.

"Buddy", German Shepherd puppy, will be going to Seventy First Animal Hospital this morning to get help for a serious ear infection. Buddy's human dad came to our office to thank us in person - he got lots of great food for Buddy and the family, a pretty blanket to keep Buddy warm for his vet visit this morning, and a hug. He signed up to volunteer for UCC - The Big Fix. (I think people really come for the entertainment! )

Special thanks to all who make our Big Fix program possible - Food Lion, Walmart, Second Harvest, Seventy First Animal Hospital, Reilly Road Animal Hospital, Banfield Foundation, Petsmart, Florence Rogers Charitable Trust, UCC board members, volunteers, and supporters. We couldn't do this without YOU!

~~~~Volunteer - Donate~~~~

"...we have promises to keep, and miles to go before we sleep." (Robert Frost)

Happy Snow Day!
Shelby, UCC Director

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Unchain Cumberland and Big Fix founder Shelby Townsend said her organization is moving forward to help pet owners get their dogs and cats spayed and

Annabelle is a UCC rescue. Her first home didn't work out and she ended up back at the shelter. UCC rescued her... again! She was fostered by Pat and adopted through "Abandoned Love Animal Rescue". Special thanks to everyone who helped save this beautiful girl.

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Wednesdays 10 AM - 2 PM

Desk assistant, Food Pantry, pet food, general office care and organizing (plus with any special events held throughout the year)


Training will be required!


Please tell us how you would like to help animals and the humans who love them.

Call Shelby - 910 425-0967

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Some new families from yesterday at Big Fix! We were so glad to have you!

Also, special thanks to Dorita for the first donation to "Operation Doghouse!"

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Our new refrigerator at The Big Fix - made possible by the nice folks at Second Harvest Food Bank.

Thanks to Andy, our newest board member, for helping set it up!

Special thanks to our friends at Food Lion and Wal-Mart for the good food we will put in our new frig!!!!


We are so blessed!!!!

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Did anyone notice a trend here? We all care; we all want to help, but dogs are still freezing to death out in the cold. We need a plan - "Operation Doghouse" will begin immediately. We need volunteers, doghouses, bedding, and complete information on location of suffering dogs.


Mail carriers, Animal Control Field Officers, heating and cooling workers, delivery people - YOU know where these suffering animals are! Please take a picture, ask the owner, give us the information. We are NOT here to get people in trouble, we just want to HELP!

It will take all of us working together to help these animals. I think "Operation Doghouse" should be an ongoing project.

If you cannot help, please consider donating $50 to buy a doghouse. We can also use straw, blankets, and even your used doghouses (no wood please).


If you need one or know someone in need, please contact me ASAP! - 910-425-0967


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