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Ravi BG
· November 13, 2017
fantastic initiative ... hats off to you...

May I request one and all to visit our page and guide us. we are a young NGO.. at a remote village - from Coorg/Karnataka / Inida.

-facebook dot-com-punaschetaana
Kay Dee
· December 2, 2017
The international day of persons with disability is observed on 3rd december annually. It is my humble and sincere suggestions to citizens all around to participate..... celebrate and support creating... conducive environment to people living with disabilities. See More
Silwimba Snr ShikuluNkumbu Felix
· March 10, 2017
the work of the UNDESA is excellent . the failure of low resource countries not to meet the expectations of persons with disabilities can be understood it one reads again the "Tale of Two Cities"by Ch...arles Dickens and tries to apply that mentality in modern society. the other view I hold is that of "the Emperor's New Clothes". the kind of silence you experience in low resource countries is really dangerous. it sends serious signals to those holding power. However, now days international diplomacy serves better those in power. See More
Stephen Bradley
· June 3, 2016
Not very promising for an organization to put steps towards accessible access to buildings in Canada. Its like we are a outbreak of diseases here, Rick Hansen "The Man In Motion" how he ever made it 1...00% across Canada is beyond me cause I've done 1400 klms and had to stop.
Canada is supposed to have Barrier Free since 2000 but Architects are turning a blind eye and City Hall's across Canada are approving it.
I'm ashamed of Canada now & The U.N.
You'll feed the Hungry in Haiti but Millions are still in Banks not reaching the people.
Ebola virus killed 10's of thousands & its pretty much gone but the people who lived have permanent damage and are left to die.
What a shameful Organization you have!
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Ken Slesarik
· November 22, 2014
All of Us
(International Day of Persons
with Disabilities Poem)...
By Ken Slesarik

Come on kids, both girls and boys
let’s celebrate and make some noise
for on the 3rd day of December
is a time that we remember

those in our world with challenges---
disabilities and what that is
are folks who may learn differently,
some may not walk or talk like me

or you may have a friend indeed
who switches letters when they read.
It matters not which one, just start
for each of us must do our part

to help each other and be aware,
so show the world you really care.
Then realize you can’t ignore it,
both you and they are happy for it.

So be a friend, yes be a chum
and realize how far we’ve come.
Then take some time to really know
just how far we have to go.

© 2014 Ken Slesarik All Rights Reserved
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Kevin Wasonga
· December 24, 2017
This is a vision that will ensure social inclusive ness and help eradicate various prejudices which are often based on economic barriers
Jacqueline Patterson
· March 14, 2016
I went to tthe UN building while in New York to find out how accessible iit was and was discriminated against because of my service dog and my stutter. I then called the UN Enable number. Again. They ...have no office in the building and have made no attempt to contact me with the information I requested. See More
Princely Nchamukong
· April 16, 2016
I don't know how to write we'll but i most try, God bless you all for trying so hard to better our lifes And I most say a lot has been much more better over all the years that you have accomplish. Bu...t here for use in Africa a lot still need your Attantion because for us the grease route disabled we still suffer a lot. And if only I am writing well you can understand our pains, I know Sir that you will not belive what I staying now. As a disable and a father of 2 children I live a of total hardship but have many talents and still lake the capital to do business no family support, poor social system to make our needs. You can't belive as a disable I live in a house that is zero two room with a wife and 2 children, a house with no toilet, no kitchen, bad of all my workshop is a hut. I know your good works I know your Deeds may God bless you all. Even if die in this condition I know your good works. Thanks See More
Julie Ann Racino
· September 23, 2016
The United Nations continues its exemplary history in support of world peace and all aspects of family and community development. In particular, thank you for the Universal Declaration of Human Rights..., the UN Declaration on the Rights of the Children, the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, UNICEF and UNESCO, and the treaties on Nuclear Disarmament and Nonproliferation of Chemical Arms. Julie Ann Racino, Member American Society for Public Administration 2016-2017 See More
Everton Teddy Igori
· March 23, 2017
The Secretariat for the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities is the focal point within the United Nations system on matters relating to disability
Jacqueline Winstanley
· December 26, 2013
It is an increasingly essential element of the UN for disabled people here in the UK ., My hope is that in 2014 it will give disabled people the confidence to recognise and actively seek the protectio...n that is afforded to them through the UN See More
Nadir Malizia
· October 9, 2015
This is site is very interesting. I'am italian men. I write a book the title is Life fuor on wheels. I tell my story a my disability personal and social. If there are person of italian origin that wa...nt to read my book could to order with Feltrinelli site that send foreigh. See More
Lars-Erik Andersson
· April 19, 2016
Good that the UN cares about disabled people's rights!
The countries that have signed the konvention , but do not follow It,Will it be some consequences
For them?...
Sweden have signed the convention, but do not follow it .
In Sweden it's almost ok for companies to violate disabled people's rights.
The government hide the cases.
It is many cases , where disabled persons has committed suicide because Of work related violations and the Swedish government dont care,
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Ville Valo
· May 18, 2013
Elixir of Eternal Life!

The president of Kazakhstan has asked scientists to invent an elixir of eternal life. He is 70 years old and feels great, having governed for 20 years with an iron hand a country the size of Western Europe, and nothing can stop him from doing that for the next ten years, according to La Stampa, indicating that the Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi has recently asked how can he manage to remain loved by almost the entire population of his country.

"I saw the results of an independent survey, which states that 92% of the Kazakhs love and respect him!"-Berlusconi exclaimed, with envy.

But like any powerful leader, Nursultan Nazarbayev cannot control one thing: time irreversible transition, more specifically, life and death. Thus, in a speech at a university in Astana, Nazarbayev urged the scientists of the new research institute in Kazahstan to study the "rejuvenation of the body" and "human genome, the production of human tissues and the creation of gene-based drugs."

The leader from Astana expressed his desire saying that: "People my age hope that this will happen as soon as possible". Some months ago, at a meeting of the governmental Commission for science and research, he had set the task to "ïnvent a remedy against old age and to develop methods for natural rejuvenation and immortality."
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Pt Vikas Sharma
· May 12, 2015
I hope you will do something for disabled people specially for backwards class country's for many sector with disabilities experiencev social activist on ground level. All the best, I am always with y...ou.
-- Pt Vikas Sharma (social activist persons with disabilities, Writer) Chairman, MD,
Disabled Helpline Foundation
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Ichen El Houssaine
April 30, 2013
Cell-phone number: +2126...62 62 45 24

April 11, 2013,

Dear Sir,

I am writing to apply for some information about registration in your association for the year 2013/2014. Please find enclosed a copy of my CV that I am forwarding to you as a résumé of my application.
I would like to inform you that I am a 32 years-old Handicapped Moroccan citizen.
I am a holder of a baccalaureate of Art in 2002, a diploma of informatics’ management, and a diploma of specialized in informatics’ development. I am actually in the third year in T-S Webmaster I have very good interpersonal and communication skills and an excellent command of Arabic, English, French, Dutch and Tamazight.
I wish to join your honorable institution to put my skills into use and to widen the scope of my experience.
I look forward to hearing from you.

Yours sincerely,

Ichen El Houssaine
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باسم ابن عراق
August 14, 2012
Position of the United Nations Towards Two Springs in Iraq and the Arab spring

Written by ; Amer Almehan
Injustice has increased and the hearts are filled with anger , thus people started the revolutions reclaiming their rights and keeping the dignity . Therefore we witnessed the Arab spring achieved by young people through their sacrifices, and that is their legitimate right which is beyond dispute . This spring, whether in Tunisia or Egypt or Libya or any other country has got the support and backing of the United Nations, which helped these people to get rid of the tyrants they ruled, and this means that the United Nations is with each revolution against injustice, as it claimed and has been demonstrated in its support for such people . Here we are not in a subject to talk about the honesty of the United States in such assistance and the goals behind it . After all that we mentioned , we want to compare between the UN position towards the Arab peoples and its position towards the Iraqi people in two situations .

If the Arab peoples are the previously mentioned has witnessed a single Arab Spring and has got the support from the United Nations , but Iraq has witnessed two Arab Springs . First Spring , which was the first Spring in the Arabian region ,was Alimtifadah Alshabaniyha ( the popular Iraqi revolution after the first Gulf War ) which was about to achieve the of Saddam's regime .
, but what we and every tracker have observed and noted that the United Nations has supported this criminal and enabled him to exterminate the people and the use of all weapons to destroy and revolution and this Arab spring.
Second Spring is the screams and the uprisings that the Iraqis are practicing for many times demanding their rights such as a lack of services , the violation of freedoms and the replacement of the corrupt faces of those who are ruling Iraq to steal its oil wealth and the , heritage , land and even its water. In spite of all these conditions, but we find that the UN as peace dove without any action . Is Iraq outside the Arab spring? Are the Iraqi people not an Arab and does not deserve any help??? Or does the peace dove close her eyes and ears of silence for all of these positions!!! Or that those who live in Iraq are not human beings? So why all this duplication of posturing? ?
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Devu Soni
· August 24, 2014
my son is autistic ,speech is mostly affected.can follow commands now.I have applied for Canada P.R..but they are saying that this child has inadmissibility,so the whole family can't .is in't this a d...iscrimination? See More
Robert M. Hensel
August 23, 2013
Dear United Nations UN,

I was wondering if you might be able to help me. I received a proclamation in the mail the other day from the white house, for The International Day of Persons with 2012, and was wondering if this is something of an honor to receive, or would this be something that's handed out to the public? It does have the white house gold seal on it, and it was signed by President Obama as well, so It doesn't seem to be a copy of some sort. I am enclosing the proclamation as an attachment within this message so you know what I'm referring to. It's not the best picture, but you will get an idea of what it looks like.
God Bless,
Disability Activist, Poet & 2x World record holder:
Robert M. Hensel
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Paul Gt
June 16, 2013
Welcome to all interested in a LinkedIn group with a "Focus on Professionals with Disabilities and Work"

A group for professionals with disabilities and interested others sharing information, solutio...ns, and support on work related issues.

An inclusive group: Welcoming all professionals with disabilities regardless of their employment status and wherever they are in their careers.

A CLOSED group: A private group where discussions can only be viewed by members and not on the web for anyone else to see. Discussions and comments will not be indexed on search engines, or shared with Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or LinkedIn Updates

Paul Gilbert
Canadian & BC Associations’ of Professionals with Disabilities
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What's in a name?
Support UNiversal ratification of the CRPD
Are you ready for the IDPD 2016? Email us at about how you made a difference in your community for persons with disabilities this 3 December.

The Secretary-General issued his message on the International Day of Persons with Disabilities (IDPD) on 3 December 2017, recognizing the international community’s achievement in advancing the rights of persons with disabilities, and calling for actions to remove physical and cultural barriers, to build resilient societies and to create opportunities that truly leave no one behind.
Learn more about the IDPD2017 here:

The Secretary-General issued his message on the International Day of Persons with Disabilities (IDPD) on 3 December 2017, recognizing the international

Around the world, women and girls with disabilities are joining together to assert their rights to access education, technology and sustainable employment, and to a life free of violence and discrimination. They seek the opportunity to support themselves, to raise healthy families, and to contribute to stronger and more inclusive societies.

Find out more about UNWOMEN’s work with women with disabilities at the latest Editorial spotlight!

An estimated 1 in 5 women worldwide will experience disability in their lifetime. They are mothers, daughters, leaders, lawyers, entrepreneurs, scientists, and are vital members of their communities. This year, the International Day of Persons with Disabilities (3 December) will focus on the theme,

Women and girls with disabilities often experience multiple layers of discrimination. This short film from CBM Australia highlights their unique experience, the contributions they have to make to their communities and the importance of including women and girls with disabilities in all development efforts.

Women and girls with disabilities often experience multiple layers of discrimination. This short film highlights their unique experience, the contributions t...

Since 1992, the Untied Nations International Day of Persons wtih Disabilities (IDPD) has been celebrated annually on 3 December around the world. The theme for this year’s IDPD is “Transformation towards sustainable and resilient society for all”. This theme focuses on the enabling conditions for the transformative changes envisaged in the 2030 development agenda for Sustainable Development.

The concept of inclusion of the persons with disabilities has been strengthened with ...the adoption of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and other international development frameworks, such as Sendai Framework for Disaster Risk Reduction, the Charter on Inclusion of Persons with Disabilities in Humanitarian Action, the New Urban Agenda, and the Addis Ababa Action Agenda on Financing for Development.

In this context, inclusive, accessible and enabling conditions need to be in place for the transformative changes envisaged in the 2030 Agenda which pledges to “leave no one behind”. Persons with disabilities, as both beneficiaries and agents of change, can fast track the process towards inclusive and sustainable development and promote resilient society for all, including in the context of disaster risk reduction and humanitarian action, and urban development.

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The United Nations Trust Fund to End Violence against Women is accepting applications for its 21st grant cycle (2017). Civil society organizations are invited to submit grant proposals for a minimum of US$50,000 up to a maximum of US$1 million for a period of three years. The application deadline is 5 December 2017.

This year, the UN Trust Fund is also seeking applications that specifically focus on: (a) addressing violence against women and girls in the context of the current forced displacement and refugee crisis; and/or (b) addressing violence against women and girls with disabilities.

More information here:

The UN Trust Fund’s annual Call for Proposals, which is available in six languages, accepts multi-year grant applications for up to US$1 million in English, French and Spanish. With its 21st funding cycle in 2017, the UN Trust Fund will fund organizations that qualify for funding (a) under the three...

Ms. Maria Veronica Reina, a globally known disability rights leader passed away on 27 October in her hometown Rosario, Argentina.

She was the global leader and represented the International Disability Consortium, the coalition of disability organizations, during the negotiation of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (2001-2006). In her words, her leadership was about “Serving the disability community, starting with small tasks that others... may not wish to do” .

Ms. María Verónica Reina advocated for justice and the dignity of persons with disabilities, bringing the highest forms of aspirations, wisdom and realism—all for those left behind in particular in developing countries to make the global commitment: a reality for their lives. Her services will continue to be a testimony to her extraordinary leadership in the disability community at home and globally.

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Ms. Maria Veronica Reina, a globally known disability rights leader passed away on 27 October in her hometown Rosario, Argentina. She was 54. She was the global

The Committee on the rights of persons with disabilities invites interested States parties, focal points, coordination mechanisms, independent monitoring framew...orks, national human rights institutions, equality bodies, United Nations funds, programmes, and specialized agencies, entities in the private sector, civil society organizations, and particularly representative organizations of persons with disabilities, academia and any other interested party to contribute to the development of a draft General Comment on article 5 of the CRPD, dedicated to the rights of persons with disabilities to equality and non-discrimination. Please participate, following the guidelines stated in the call below.

See More
During its 17th session (20 March- 12 April 2017) the Committee decided to start the drafting process of its General Comment No. 6 on the right of persons with disabilities to equality and non-discrimination. In this regard, the Committee held a Day of General Discussion on 25 August 2017 during its...

Call for participation! Rate the accessibility of places in your own community for the 2018 UN Flagship Report on disability and development
Accessibility apps crowdsource and share information about accessibility in public places and are thus useful tools to assist persons with disabilities and in providing an overview of accessibility.

Participate in this effort by rating the public places in your own community at:, and These apps were developed by nonprofit organizations, and the last two apps are available in languages other than English.

AXS Map strives for a better world – accommodating, adapting and updating for the inclusion of people with disabilities.

Mr. Lenin Moreno, President of Ecuador, addressed to the General Assembly on 20 Sep in the general debate. Speaking from the rostrum of the General Assembly Hall which was made to be wheelchair accessible using ad hoc measures, Mr. Moreno said while progress is being made, much more must be done for furthering accessibility and advancing inclusion of over 1 billion persons with disabilities in the world.

Full coverage of the #UNGA72 general debate here:

Image may contain: 2 people, indoor

UNAIDS has published a new Reference Report titled Disability and HIV. This report highlights existing key evidence on the relationship between disability and HIV. It discusses the concrete steps needed for a person-centred, disability-inclusive HIV response that allows for increased participation of people with disabilities and integrates rehabilitation within the continuum of HIV care.
Access here:…/docu…/2017/jc2905_disability-and-hiv

This report highlights existing key evidence on the relationship between disability and HIV. It discusses the concrete steps needed for a person-centred, disability-inclusive HIV response that allows for increased participation of people with disabilities and integrates rehabilitation within the con...

A Secretary-General Report on women and girls with disabilities (A/72/227) prepared for the 72nd session of the General Assembly has just been issued. Access here:…/disabi…/resources/general-assembly.html

Learn more about the UN's work for women and girls with disabilities here:…/issues/women-and-girls-with-disabiliti…

Using both - the gender and disability lens Links: Women and girls with disabilities at CSW61, 13-24 March 2017, UNHQ, New York Network of Women with

The Dubai Municipality and UN-Habitat present the Dubai International Award for Best Practices to Improve the Living Environment, including accessible urban development.

The award is open to all sectors: national and regional governments; local authorities and their associations; non-governmental organizations; multilateral agencies; community based organizations; research and academic institutions; public and private foundations; media entities and individuals.

The deadline for application is 31 August 2017, learn more here:

The Dubai Municipality and UN-Habitat present the Dubai International Award for Best Practices to Improve the Living Environment.

Disability Rights Fund has opened its 2017 grants round for Disabled Persons’ Organizations in Bangladesh, the Pacific Island Countries, Rwanda, and Uganda.
The deadline for applications is 17 August 2017. Learn more here:

The Disability Rights Fund (DRF) is a grantmaking collaborative between donors and the global disability rights community that empowers persons with disabilities to advocate for equal rights and full participation in society.

The 2017 High-Level Political Forum on Sustainable Development (HLPF) concluded in New York last week by adopting its Ministerial Declaration.*

Disability has been given 5 specific references in the Ministerial Declaration this year, including in the context of eradicating poverty and promoting prosperity; multiple and intersecting forms of discrimination, especially faced by women and girls with disabilities; improved and coordinated collection, analysis, dissemination and us of statistics and disaggregated data; as well as localizing and communicating the SDGs to all stakeholders including persons with disabilities.

Read more here:…/…/disabilities/news/dspd/2017-hlpf.html

The 2017 High-Level Political Forum on Sustainable Development (HLPF), convened under the auspices of the Economic and Social Council, took place from 10 to 19

The Sustainable Development Goals Report 2017 is the annual assessment of global and regional progress towards the Goals. The report is based on latest available data on selected indicators of the global SDG indicator framework, prepared by UN DESA with inputs from a large number of international and regional organizations. Access here:

Learn more about the SDGs and disability here:

- Sustainable Development Goal Indicators

UN report urges accelerated efforts to achieve Sustainable Development Goals.
“Empowering vulnerable groups is critical to ending poverty and promoting prosperity for everyone, everywhere,” stated Wu Hongbo, Under-Secretary-General for Economic and Social Affairs.

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United Nations News

UN Secretary-General António Guterres today presented a progress report on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). He reaffirmed the importance of Agenda 2030 in eradicating poverty, building peaceful and inclusive societies for all, and addressing climate change.