In this information age, emphasis by LIS Professional is the advocacy for Open Access to intellectual resource. The days of closed access are over where you can only retrieved information by coming over as a patron to access it at the designate knowledge center. Hoarding intellectual contents that could be beneficial to a researcher somewhere around the world is not something to celebrate anymore.
In order not violate copyright right issues, as a Systems Librarian, we used copyright checker application in UNILORIN to ensures that all local intellectual property are safe to archive in our institutional repository. #Betterbyfar

We missed all our patrons who are currently on holiday. We hope to see you all soon...


A dead conscience does not differentiate between truth and falsehood. Do not kill your conscience to pursue falsehood.

The illiterate of the 21st century will not
be those who cannot read and write, but
those who cannot learn, unlearn, and
Alvin Toffler

Doing your post graduate degree at the University of Ilorin?
Still using Google and other general search engines to do your academic research?
If yes, then you need the E-Library. The Unilorin ELibrary can provide you with web links for you to be able to access scholarly database with peer reviewed journals with high impact factor as well as empirical journal for your research. Research just got easy by using US. Cheers.

University of Ilorin E-Library updated their status.

Thinking of sharing your research thoughts or leveraging on other researchers to rub minds on your research work then join ResearchGate a social networking site for scientists and researchers to share papers, ask and answer questions, and find collaborators. According to a study by Nature and an article in Times Higher Education, it is the largest academic social network in terms of active users.

The only way you get to exercise the brain is by constant learning. Remember that you exercise your body to keep fit otherwise you lose your fitness. Make effort to always exercise your brain. Read always. Learn new thing everyday.
For instance, do you know that it is wrong to say "Children clap for yourselves". The right thing to say is "Children clap yourselves", or you can say "Children give yourselves a clap."

The E-Library of the university of Ilorin is an electronic knowledge Centre. We bridge the gap of your knowledge quest by making current and relevant literatures in your areas of studies available to you.
Scholarship requires standing on the shoulders of the giants. We will spoon-feed you by providing you with selective dissemination of information.
Our response is always in real time.

The University of Ilorin Online Public Access Catalogue (OPAC) is now accessible on the Internet via the link Endeavor to use this service.

Have you ever imagined having all the books and materials you need for your education in a place. Have you ever imagined the possibility of reading all necessay materials and books right from the comfort of your home? How much have you spent or planning to spend on research? Have you spent so much travelling, registering with libraries and borrowing materials? Have you ever been stuck trying to fix up Literature Review of your thesis?

Worry no more because e-Library does it all 4 u!

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eLearning Papers in Online Educa Berlin 2011
Creative Learning Environments will be the focus of the session to be headed by Lieve Van Den Brande, Tapio Koskinen, and Gráinne Conole, at Online Educa Berlin, on 1 December 2011

Funny Library Rules
Whenever you are looking for an important book it's always out of stock. However, if you you are looking for an indispensable book, then it's out of print.
The thinnest books have the longest catalogue numbers.
In any library, there is only one person who knows where all the books are. Find them before their boss fires them.
In any library, the helpfulness of any member of staff is inversely proportional to the number of pens in that perso...n's pocket.
The student with the most overdue books fails their course. [One professor we know comes into the college library at the end of every academic year, and asks for the list of students with overdue books. We cannot help noticing that the list corresponds precisely to the end of term grades. The student with the most overdue books failed their course.]

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library joke
A man walks into a Glasgow library and says to the librarian, "Excuse me Miss, do ye huvany books on suicide?" The librarian looks up and says, "Get lost! Ye'll no bring it back!"

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The University of Ilorin Library system consists of the Main Library at the permanent site, the College of Health Sciences library at University of Ilorin Teaching Hospital at Oke-Oyi and the Law Library situated in the Faculty of Law at the permanent site of the University.

Are you a researcher? wondering where you will get the information about your subject, the library has made academic research easy for you. Visit the new library Web site

The University of Ilorin Library system consists of the Main Library at the permanent site, the College of Health Sciences library at University of Ilorin Teaching Hospital at Oke-Oyi and the Law Library situated in the Faculty of Law at the permanent site of the University.

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To all Unilorin returning Student especially the Library users, we want to say welcome back to school for 2011/2012 academic session. We are set for you...

From d E-Library crew, we say happy independence day to our E-Library Facebook fan...we celebrate our GR8 nation Nigeria.