On the last evening of the year, people throughout the world whose hearts incline towards tea gather around the sunken hearth to reflect on the passing year and anticipate the new. In addition to tea and sweets, guests will receive a bowl of toshikoshi soba (buckwheat noodles) to ensure continued good fortune and a long life.

Space must be reserved in advance and reservations secured with a check. Please call 415.433.6553 or email for additional information.

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First Class of the Furo Season 2017 -- excited about the flowering grasses and scent of sandalwood

A guest shared her impressions of the chaji on the Urasenke Foundation's website: So many wonderful memories!

It started before dawn. At the entryway, a tanzaku reading 今日無事 [This day is peaceful] greeted us as guests. In the tranquil candlelight of the gathering room, we next discovered the words 竹 葉々起清風 [Bamboo: each leaf sends off pure wind], powerfully drawn by Fujii Kaido of Daitokuji. The beautifully…

On July 5, an interview with Hounsai Daisosho sama will be broadcast on an episode of "Direct Talk" on NHK World TV.

Please see the attached images for more detailed information in both English and Japanese.

The interview will be made available online as well:...…/direct…/articles/20160705/index.html

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January 2016

It's been a busy year!

The second week of furo flowers in their mizuya bucket

Flowers in the early furo season, waiting to be selected

Michelle Obama whisks tea with the encouragement of Zabosai Oiemoto. (Photo posted to Ambassador Caroline Kennedy's Twitter feed, March 19.

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A chaji where rice is cooked over the ro as part of sumidemae

Asa Chaji and Hango Chaji

Zabosai Oiemoto-sama: Lecture
We are pleased to offer the text of the lecture given by
Zabosai Oiemoto-sama on the occasion of the Urasenke San Francisco Joint Anniversary, April 2012.

Sen Soshitsu XVI, Zabosai Oiemoto: Reflections on the Occasion of the Urasenke San Francisco Joint Anniversary, April 2012
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May 7, 2013