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McKenna Lamons
· January 27, 2018
Voya is wonderful! If you're looking for a truly organic skincare line, this is it. The My Little Hero serum is one of my favorites!
Leigh Silcock
· April 9, 2017
Got the voya hand cream on Friday for a flare up of eczema on my hands. I had tried lots of other lotions and potions, many of which medically prescribed but none of them cleared it up so I wasn't rea...lly expecting this cream to be any different. I am fully amazed. It's unreal. The redness is away, where my knuckle was cracking open and weeping- it has cleared up, it's not even itchy at all. I really wish I'd taken a before and after picture, if it flares up again I will take a pic before using. Thanks so much, outstanding work voya. I'll have to try some of your other products now too. X See More
Liz Egan
· September 29, 2017
First time in Voya today. Highly recommend a visit. Seaweed Baths are fab. Staff are so friendly and helpful. Can't wait to go back�
Rhodner Santos
· May 22, 2017
When i heard about these Organic products i decided to give it a try and i really like them, i like to use the body lotion (Softly does it) which moisture very good and my skin doesn't feels thick, i to take the Lazy Days bath, i usually open the net and when i am in the bath i rub the seaweed all over my body, i have a problem with ingrown on my beard, when i shave my skin gets really irritated and my pores close, since i start to take the bath i rub the seaweed on my beard area and i can say that my skin feels a lot better, i still have the ingrown problem but the irritation on my skin is gone, i have tried also the teas, besides the good flavor, they are very good to Detoxify our body, i usually take it 3 times a day. I am a trainer and i do eat health but with these teas i felt way more energized.
I truly like Voya products, it has been introduced to me about 2 yeas ago and i still use it.
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Helena Husinec
· February 10, 2018
Wonderful cosmetics! Had really good experience at voya spa and my skin felt great after it!
Grazia Ranieri
· January 20, 2017
I had my first treatment with Voya products just last October and i can't recommend these product enough. From the body scrub to the day cream eye cream, all these products are just amazing. Facials just top class!! The smell as well as consistency and quality are the best that i have tried so far. I hope to find Voya products in more Spa's soon. See More
Matthias Robertson
· January 16, 2018
Good company with honest products, who also support their local community and NGOs. Highly recommended.
Rachel Jago
· October 13, 2016
I have horrible eczema on my hands and really dry skin on my face, I ordered your face serum, hand cream and lip balm. It came yesterday I put it on my hands as they where flared up for about a week a...nd I have woke up this morning and the change is incredible. It had worked better then any eczema cream I have tried...and I have used about every single one on the market. And the skin on my face is amazing. Thank you � See More
Pam Shale
· July 8, 2017
Love all the products I have bought! One question re the Forget me Knot conditioner. Is it supposed to be foaming? Divine scent though!
Kellee Gorcheski
· December 6, 2016
Love Voya wish I could buy up the whole line. I've been able to try the cleanse & mend, love a scrub & ritzy spritzy.

Do you know of any places near Syracuse NY that I can purchase this? I know Woodh...ouse Day Spa in Victor NY sells it, but it's a long drive, Syracuse is closer. See More
Taz Dahdoune
· February 24, 2017
Visited the VOYA pop up spa at Centerparcs yesterday and the girls blew us away with their fresh organic seaweed products and alternative treatments. Tried their recommended skin care routine and left... feeling fabulous! Thankyou!! �� See More
Margaret Lennon
· March 31, 2017
I have had my 2nd Voya treatment in "Tranquil Beauty" Castlewellan, treatment was amazing - would recommend this treatment, so much so I bought the products - Cleanse and Mend, Love a Scrub and Me Tim...e. Product feels fabulous and so does my skin. The fact the products are organic are a bonus. See More
Katy Croucher
· May 7, 2016
Just used the shampoo for the first time. I have naturally fine hair and not only did it leave my hair full of volume but also its soooo silky. Absolutely love this product!!!! Definitely 5* from me :)
Valerie Healy Reynolds
· December 12, 2016
Voya could you see what happening with day 12 of your competion my friend and I are tagged in over 100 likes and getting bigger with the equavilant number of fb notifications definately deserve a pri...ze for all the publicity me thinks !!!!!! See More
Rachel Hawkes
· September 7, 2016
Have just completed our Voya training ! I love it! I will be purchasing the products for myself and recommending the treatments and products to everyone ! X thank you Joanne and thank you voya x
Shamhráin Níc Bearnáirdín
· July 28, 2017
Natural & Luxurious products that leaves your skin feeling & looking great & glowing...I am hooked !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Catherine Dill LeBeau
· March 14, 2015
Voya Is New to Us, We've Just been Trained on it, But So Far, the 2 People that I did a Facial on, I was Amazed At The Healing And Soothing Qualities Voya Provides! I Have Worked as A Medical Aestheti...cian, so I am always Looking for Skin Care that Will That Will Calm & Heal the Skin. From Inflammation & Dehydration that I See So Often. I Was Very Impressed With What I've Seen & Felt So Far! Very Excited to Have Voya , I Believe it will Be A Tremendous Asset, To Helping our Guests! See More
Alice O'shea
· May 6, 2014
I love the bright eyes really light lotion, and dream creme, this is a night restorative creme and is really rich and nourishing with a beautiful smell...On holidays recently and used the lip balm was lovely... See More
Chebli Neo
· May 22, 2016
I've just tested the illuminating Voya facial treatement at the Chedi Spa Muscate Oman... a wonderdul experience my skin is telling you thank you ! Glow is so amazing
Kathleen Madigan
· November 2, 2015
Love the organic products, seaweed baths/ treatments are well worth considering! great Irish company too
Teas from the Seas
Algae contains all the minerals vitamins and antioxidants your skin craves . VOYA sustainably capture the skincare benefits from the lungs of the Atlantic combining them with essential oils to give you healthy and glowing skin. #soundscapes #soundsofthesea #replenish #remineralise #revitalise #voyaorganicluxury
VOYA BODYCARE Available worldwide- VOYA's original bodycare range brings you the scent of citrus and the sea, in a new wave of spa inspired luxury. Replenish and renew with VOYA's nourishing skincare ranges from the sea. #bodycare #luxurylifestyle #spatreatments #voyaorganicluxury #organic #cleanliving #spabrand #skincare #beautybloggers #voyaorganicluxury #irishbrand #organicproduct #citrusandthesea #scents #bodycare #spalife #organic #cleanliving #spabrand #skincare #beautybloggers #voyaorganicluxury #irishbrand


In times of large swells and violent waves sea foam can form. This phenomenon occurs when oxygenated water and dissolved organic matter in the ocean is churned up and spat out along the shore.

It's a sign of turbulent waters.

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Seaweed is built to survive tidal systems and rough ocean beds with exceptional tolerance, at low tide they retain very high levels of moisture to prevent themselves from drying out when exposed to drying coastline elements. This molecular similarity with collagen production makes seaweed an unparalleled skincare benefactor. ‘’Our scientific research confirms that seaweed has a profound effect on the skin's collagen production, increasing moisturisation lev...els, and elasticity, all important attributes of bright and supple skin.* ‘’

Applying VOYA’s seaweed extracts to your skin helps your epidermal layer appear firm and improves production.

*in vitro skin cell testing performed by Shannon Applied Biotechnology Centre, Institute of Technology Tralee

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