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Let's get real. I have absolutely no problem with nudity, whether I'm the one on display or you are. I don't care if you're fat, skin & bones, or fit as a fiddle, I love all naked forms. The body should be celebrated, not shamed.
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La petite mort

I’m not ashamed or afraid to say that I had an abortion a few years ago. It wasn’t as emotionally taxing as people would have you believe but it was a very uncomfortable and awful experience nonetheless. Still, having gone through it and knowing what I do, I would do it again, because that’s how much I do not want to have children. I believe it’s a woman’s right to choose and my opinion on the matter will never change. No woman should ever be forced or shamed o...r pressured into carrying a pregnancy to term, and no man should be forced to be a parent. That's an unfair burden to put on anyone. Furthermore, it really makes my blood boil when others go out of their way to publicly protest abortions with graphic images and violence. I can't even begin to describe the feeling I get when people actually KILL these thinking, rational, fully formed human beings for making the decision to terminate their own pregnancy. There's nothing more contradictory than someone bombing an abortion clinic because they're pro-life.

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I hadn't updated in awhile and it looks like I've reached my limit for the month with the 7 new uploads I just made, hahah! Yay for making more work than I can share!

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Taken with the 5DMKIV, featuring the light I built, and edited on my phone. I think I've passed the fully mobile test. My computer is up and running again (for now) but I'm happy I at least have this option in a pinch. Granted there wasn't anything to be done with this photo beyond sharpening and contrast, but with the client work I do that's really all that's required.

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