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Rural building construction is a major challenge, because skilled labor and building materials tend not to be easily accessible.

This growing Texas church was facing that reality and decided to go with modular construction. They were not only excited about the end result, but also the short construction timeline.

This beautiful 4,928 square foot permanent modular classroom and office building was installed in just over three months, for St. John of the Cross Catholic Church in Texas.

Off-site building construction can save you a lot of time. Learn more at #BuildFaster

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Replace that tired old modular building with a new one!

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Overcrowding of students can create a need for more classroom space. Issues arise when student enrollment exceeds the designed capacity of a building or optimal student-to-teacher ratios. So, how are schools handling this dilemma?

Although the school year is about halfway completed, it is the beginning of a new calendar year. And with that, …

This #autosales center is almost complete!

Savvy #businesses, like this #auto #dealership, #build with #modular. It is a #construction method that helps quickly get their business up and running, so they can begin generating revenue.

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Built in the USA! Our building modules and components within are fabricated and installed in the United States of America. #YearWon #ProudOfOurCountry

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Vanguard Modular is proud to continue supporting growing small and large #businesses by providing temporary #modular #office buildings. Convenient and comfortable office #space that is delivered quickly and removed when no longer need.

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Planning an upcoming construction project for which you need to source temporary office space? Get a temporary office building at a price that fits into your budget planning.

Plan ahead by requesting your office building quote today...

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The road ahead is always going to have some barriers. Are you partnering with the right people to empower your organization to overcome those barriers? Insufficient office space can be real obstacle for business growth, but who has time for a major construction project?

You cannot afford to wait to take action and miss out on this rapidly expanding economy. A modular office building can have your business quickly equipped with modern comfortable office space, and positio...ned for continued growth in your business.

We care about your goals and success, and our buildings and services are designed to help you achieve both.

Send us an email today, if your business is growing fast and needs affordable office space fast...

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Construction | looking ahead at 2018...

Off-site construction continues to be a key construction trend. Skilled labor shortage is an ongoing concern in the construction industry. Investment in infrastructure and expansion is expected to increase.

After a robust 2017, construction companies are expecting more of the same this year. Here are the strengths and challenges they face in the year ahead.

There is nothing better than knowing that we are helping to improve opportunities for students with every modular classroom we provide to schools. These students are are the next generation of professionals! Schools lease modular classrooms because classrooms are overcrowded, which is not easy to address with another space solution.

Educators and school officials know overcrowded classrooms detract from the effectiveness of teaching, and creating a learning environment that not conducive to maximizing each student's potential developmental capacity. They also know Vanguard Modular provides high quality classrooms in the time frame they are need.

It is our pleasure to provide buildings that deliver solutions to schools which work tirelessly to guide students toward successful development and prepare them for the rest of their lives as professionals.

Learn more about adding classroom space in time for the '18/'19 school year.

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Vanguard’s portable classrooms and modular classroom buildings are cost-effective solutions to temporarily or permanently alleviate overcrowded classrooms.

What is causing educational space challenges? How are schools dealing with overcrowding? Find out in this informative article. #schoolsfaceanuphillbattle

Education is a key component to the foundation of our leading-edge culture in the United States. So why is it that many of our schools do not have the

Maintaining warmth in extremely low temperatures is very difficult in buildings, similar to our bodies. Dry air and pervasive cold are both contributing factors. It is important to keep your building adequately heated, even when it is unoccupied. With these frigid temperatures reheating a building takes much longer than you might expect, and in a worst case scenario plumbing damage could occur.

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