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Arvinder Kaur
· November 22, 2016
Very deep knowledge !!! I request u if u can start ur programme on radio channels like fm , I m from chandigarh , so that all the generations can listen , it should broadcast thrice a day on radio , a...nd plz keep coming to chandigarh , I heard u in sector 22 gurudwara, I have no words to say, then I start listening on u tube , and plz exceed ur time on chardikala channel, and start on ptc channel also , thAnku so much for giving us such a deep knowledge , u speak from ur heart!!! As God is guiding u and u are speaking !!' See More
Kuldeep Singh Anand
· July 6, 2016
from where our Gurus get the Gian from birth without attending any class of living treasure. Our hero's Baba Banda Singh Ji Bahdur and so many others whose sacrifices are our presence in this world an...d we could listen Gurbani and lectures from our respected veer ji if we don't remember our heroes is it is not unfair to those personalities due to them we are. If there is no carry forwarding of our Karmas then what is the use doing good karma only as the result of the both good and bad after death is zero. See More
Jagjit Singh
· January 23, 2016
Please please, listen jap ji sahib vichar completely by him. Its Amazingly explained and can change our thoughts. Please spare time to listen it.
You all can get either from you tube or you need to ...purchase it. See More
Savita Puniani
· August 11, 2014
Its really mind blowing topics how to get real happyness and cantrol your anger.I pass on the CD to my 25 friends and my own kids.its wonderful and very very effective .thanks a lot and Baba ji bless and your family See More
Vijendra Singh
· September 4, 2017
Veer ji’s work on Gurbani is commendable. It helped me realise what truly is important in one’s life. Keep up the good work, we need it!
Narinder Kaur
· March 8, 2017
Being an ordinary person, how we can review the VEERJI, who is spiritual leader and speaks about peace and harmony. We can never review the messengers of GOD who shows us the true way of living. His t...hought provoking seminars and programmes have changed the lives of thousands.

Always respects and regards.
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Rajesh Singh
· September 20, 2017
He explain the things so beautifully
Just love to listen him
But his TV programmes are so short
Must b at least r5 minutes
Sahota H Judge
· June 16, 2015
veer ji have loooooots of knowlege of gur bani , he is good speaker, down to earth personality, from young to adult or even totalt illitrate people can understand when he does katha, i always pray to ...waheguru for veerji to give him healthy wealthy long life . See More
Happy Garcha
· December 23, 2015
I listened him on radio and I like his views about Gurbani and Humanity and I like his Gurbani Vichar.. He is not so called Sant like all others he is just a speaker he shares his knowledge ...
Harpreet Singh
· February 14, 2017
Liked it, but can you assure all the followers are on right path, I know people working with you but still are very very bad with their parents, its shameful.
Puneet Kaur Dua
· August 30, 2015
He is such a great person. He tells us marvellous things. I am very fond of his personality.
Niti Singh
· December 26, 2016
Super pure real knowledge .. Thank you so much for clear my all doubts.Totally impressed and satisfied with your knowledge...����
Rajinder Nagpal
· February 21, 2016
Iworship guru Gran th sahib after listining his narrations i came to know how great wer aur gurus and what is guru granth sahib it completely changed my life and lifestyle
Sarvdeep Kaur
· August 17, 2017
His insights help us to connect with God very simply
Preeti Kaur Nagpal
· March 22, 2017
Nice awsum Gurmat vichar
We love ur programme daily on Chardikala Time tv 9.30 am
Simer Kaur
· May 8, 2017
Please lend your ears to real sense Living than spending your life criticizing others.
Davinder Singh
· September 5, 2017
Thanks bhupinder vir ji
Harpal Singh
· November 30, 2014
This is the right way to live in this world I love those peoples who follows the Guru Granth Sahib s massage
Paramjeet Singh
· April 1, 2015
how to change ourselves is the real msg from gurbani and vrji discuses different topics indepth and that helps in overcoming our mistake s
Mohinderpal Singh
· August 6, 2016
Veer ji 's different philosphy of explaing Gurbani changed life of so many regular lisners .
The Living Treasure
Grd. Sector 71- Mohali, PUNJAB
Live - Grd. Guru Nanak Mission, San Bonifacio, Italy

"A valuable Lesson For A Happier Life!"

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Bhupinder Singh is at Sri Guru Gobind Singh College of Commerce.

"A valuable Lesson For A Happier Life!"
By Visionary - Veer Bhupinder Singh Ji(USA)

Please do watch and share it with your loved ones.....🙏🙏
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Posted by Bhupinder Singh
Bhupinder Singh added a new video to the album: Short videos on Gurbani.....

Who is *Satguru*
Very well explained by veer Bhupinder singh USA
Must listen and understand.....Do share as well....