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What do working mums want? Check out more insights from the Venus Lab...
Turns out 49% of married mothers would rather save their smartphone than their engagement ring. Yikes!
Mums working part-time spend 8 hrs, 34 min looking after the kids each day.... Venus Lab is in....

Gather your earballs around this. #femalelens #blindspots

The global economic revolution is coming. But it’s not about technology, or innovation or the latest app. It’s all about women. Woman make around 70% of domestic purchasing decisions. Despite that

Something to contemplate for a Monday arvo - what WOULD happen if women reach critical mass influence?

(It's not really a if, but a when...)

via TIME

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It’s happening all across the workforce

We love this story!

Good morning Bridesters! Here's a Monday morning story for you - what's the origin story behind L'Oréal Paris "Because You're Worth It"? via Bustle…

You wouldn't think a box of hair dye would have much to do with women's liberation, but the origin of L'Oreal's slogan was feminist as hell. While the words "Because I'm worth it" are instantly recognizable, they flared from an unexpected place: Pure…

Come on by and hear our Founder Bec Brideson talk to entrepreneurs and tomorrow's business owners on how they can own gender, and make it their 2018 driver for growth and disruption. If you're keen for explosive growth for your business, come hear about this untapped $28 trillion resource that heritage, big business keeps ignoring.

The event is free, and will be at the fantastic Inspire9 space in Richmond - right next to Richmond train station.

Looking forward to seeing you all there!

Wed 6:00 PM UTC+11Inspire9Richmond, VIC, Australia
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No time to read? Bored on your work commute? Bookmark this and tune into my chat with CPA Australia where I discuss the business boons of getting around #gender with some #intelligence

Bec Brideson – Blind Spots - CPA Australia Podcast - Episode 35

Congrats to our Founder for speaking at the Office of Sport event on why brands and businesses should invest in #women #sport right now.

Low-cost + high-impact = massive $$ female opportunity

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Elated to speak at the NSW Office of Sport #unleashWISH Unleashing The Power of Women's Sport event this morning. Great crowd, and fantastic to see so many bran...ds, sporting codes and those willing to suspend assumption, and reframe gender into a disruptive, profitable opportunity.

The investment into women's sport is inevitable - the question is whether your business/brand is clever enough to take up this low-cost/high-impact opportunity now, instead of later?
#women #sport #womenomics #femaleeconomy

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"The make-or-break difference hasn’t always been smarts, or hard-work, or great ideas; it’s been who helped push and pull them along the way. #WeekendEssay

An important article published in The Cut has been making the rounds this week: The Ambition Collision. TL;DR: Millennial women are suffering a
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Specialists in Communications is attending The 3% Conference Australasia at Royal Randwick.

The amazing, founder and Executive Creative Director Venus Comms Only 0.01% of women run PR/Ad agencies. Women are still under-represented in levels of our industry; however the majority of discretionary purchases are made by women. Let's #changetheratio - Get the culture right internally and you can get the right culture externally. 3 Percent Conference #3percentconf

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Facebook is more worried about 'brand damage' than they the fact that unconscious bias has kept their female engineers from being equal to their male peers.…/facebook-gender-bias-female-e…?

Tech company is disputing analysis that female engineers have code rejected 35% more than male engineers and said such leaks make it harder to hire women

The CFL's newest campaign targets women and millenials. We can't wait to see!…/cfls-bring-it-in-campaign-targets…

Canadian Football League works with firm behind Justin Trudeau’s campaign ads for fresh look set to launch Sunday.

Indian Air Force wants you!

If you're an Indian woman.…/indian-air-force-strap…/436037?

Recruitment film by Grey Group India makes case that patriotism is not gender-specific.

What DOES a female-friendly workplace look like?

The more your culture and workplace reflect inclusivity to females, the more likely your team will be able to market to the female consumer. #justatip…/most-workplaces-aim-to-be-female…

Despite progress and good intentions, many obstacles to equality remain.

Rising women users are pushing the sales of scooters in Mumbai.…/articles…/58567070.cms

The latest sales data would revive memories of the mid-1980s, when scooter buyers waited months before companies could deliver the vehicles.

Aussie Game-girls like Lisy Kane aren't going to be put off the industry and their assumption that she's just a 'booth babe'.…/these-women-are-killing-it-in-th…

"Even though the year is 2017 if players get a whiff of me being not a dude it's on for young and old."

Ladies, ladies, ladies - boy, do we have something just for you!

The first 3% Conference is launching in Australia ripe with speakers (including our very own out to inspire, motivate and educate you about the power of women as both consumers and creatives. Get ready for awesome!

Thanks to B&T!

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B&T is bringing the 3% Conference to Australia! And if you don't know about it, you will, because we'll be banging on.