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JoAnn Colaneri
· March 30, 2018
On a Friday evening I went in to purchase a hoagie the staff was unbelievably slow and after about a 20-minute wait a customer had to inform me that they were unable to make any more hoagies as she wa...s getting frustrated with how slow the staff was moving making her order. She just engaged in small talk with me and mentioned that they were starting to substitute smaller rolls. See More
Sherry Quering
· April 14, 2018
Every time I call And try to place an order they either have cut off call ahead orders or they run out of hoagie rolls. How many times can you run out of hoagie rolls? Wouldn’t you think to place a la...rger order of ruollsto accommodate your customers. See More
Elizabeth Kerrigan-Smith
· October 15, 2017
I will never shop here again it was my first and last time. The manager is a real piece of work at least the female that was there today was. How can you have a sign that says $2.50 charge me $4.00, a...nd when I question it you tell me no it is $3.99 never go to check out the big poster board sign, I said well you still charged me $4.00 not $3.99. Just how many people are you ripping off those pennies add up if you do this to every customer! See More
Jerry Hause
· January 13, 2018
Love the cold cuts. Very good pricing. Great place with friendly staff. I go here once a week when I am at my friends business and I enjoy going here.
Stephen Blake DiSalvio
· March 4, 2018
Great prices and the huge delicious hoodies need to work on customer service tho half the employees screw orders up the other half are just rude
Rocco Borman
· September 15, 2017
I never had a problem here, if you want a good hoagie priced very well, then stop complaining or go to Hoagie Heaven or Art's Deli or even Carmens. Just don't screw it up for the rest of us. Even Shop... Rite jacked their price up from 5.49 to 7 & 8 -------- $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$. I liked it better when their was only 4 or 5 people in line. See More
Tony Le
· March 18, 2018
Freshest, best variety, reasonable prices, and excellent customer service. And the hoagies are arguably the best in South Jersey!
Mike Sim
· January 3, 2018
After standing in line waiting for 3/4 of an hour listening to the the hoagie makers bitching about their job and other employees. I walked.
Veronica Hartman Martin
· October 17, 2017
Bought cranberry walnut chicken salad wrap the chicken salad with sour buy Hoagies her once a week never had a problem there are new people in the deli just not the same 😡
Krysta Hope Compton
· April 13, 2018
I love this place it awesome. Great prices, friendly staff, and they have everything you need.
Tom Mcguckin
· September 17, 2017
I was standing in line for about 20 minutes with two people in front of me some lady orders 4 hoagies then changed her mind made it 4 more 8 total bullshit if you going to order that many you should h...ave to call ahead of time 2 people behind me walk out too we shouldn't have to suffer because somebody wants to be an idiot and hold up everybody else from ordering what they want See More
E Nicole Brown-Young
· August 10, 2017
The service has been horrible this month especially since they started the August $5.99 hoagie special. On Saturday, the wait in line was over an hour as the staff chats among themselves. They won't a...llow phone orders. Yesterday, I was told they ran out of rolls as I took a picture of the abundance of rolls along the line waiting for hoagies. The attitude is horrible. Wawa doesn't have a problem with the volume during Hoagie Fest See More
Bonnie DeWitt Johnson
· March 27, 2018
Great selection of fruits and vegetables with prices that can't be beat!
Dorianna Ric
· February 17, 2018
Love the variety and the prices, but go early on weekends or better week days...Saturdays can be a madhouse.
Monica Gellar
· July 31, 2017
Verchio's is my favorite local produce store and deli. The fruits and veggies are fantastic and the deli is a bonus for one stop shopping. And, Christmas trees during the holidays season. #bonus!!! ... I've also purchased some really beautiful seasonal flower for my patio. Best of all, their prices are amazing! If you are a smoothie king (or queen), this will keep you healthy and happy. See More
Marina Klezaras Lurz
· August 20, 2017
I have never had a problem shopping for produce here!!!! They all seem so friendly and you get your money's worth with your produce!!!! I love it and will continue to go back!!!!
Diane Klehamer Welch
· December 13, 2017
You can always find a tree here. Big or Small and what a great price.
Kimberly Hall
· May 15, 2017
I am disgusted with the service I received, well didn't receive for that matter from the Brooklawn Verchio's Deli!! 2 young guys behind the counter. One comes up to myself and my friend to ask if we w...anted "hoagies or something" in a very annoyed tone. We said politely as we try to be, "yes 2 hoagies please". He says "we are out of hoagie rolls for the night". My friend and I are thinking of course our luck so as we are deciding ok well should we just get ham and cheese to bring home to make sandwiches for us and the kids the other guy with his back towards us says to his slicer & other guy "thank God we close at 6:30 it's been a long day!" Which we could understand it's not like we don't work, have kids, take care of households, are wives or nothing so we know what having a LONG DAY is. So I say sense he was rude as s*hit when he made his comment, "ohh I am sorry I didn't realize you close at 6:30 I didn't notice the door after looking online to see 7pm my fault" then they both laugh and mumble to each other so I say to my friend "last thing I want to do is inconvenience him in slicing anything for me" my friend and I left. If you close at 6:30 I assume you close at 6:30, I assume you don't walk out the door at 6:30. You start cleaning up at 6:30!! We walked in 6:20 end up back in our car by 6:25. We wanted to do our produce shop as well but we were so disgusted we just decided to leave. It's fine. I want to go home just as much as the next person and relax, you don't have to be smart and nasty and ignorant to people for no reason. If you have something to say you can also say it in a different manner. If something bothers you be respectful when someone is choosing to support the business you work for. I will just focus on going to the Sewell location as I am a 1-2x a week regular there, I don't know if that will matter much but at least I know I am respected there and never had a problem. Just so you know this was my first experience with the Brooklawn Verchios!! See More
Nina Brown
· August 12, 2017
Verchio is ok, but their lunch meat is a little pricey in some things they have. I can get better quality and more for my money elsewhere. Like the meat stop in willingboro have the best quality lunc...h meat and the prices are lower than verchio. See More
Laurie Webber
· November 9, 2016
I come to Verchio's just about every weekend great fruit and deli meats at great prices, however I took a ride out this evening to get some deli meat I arrived at 6:30 on the dot and was told by the d...eli manager that they were closed. I was surprised because all posted times say they close at 7. I said I thought you closed at 7 and was told the deli closes at 6:30, I said well it's exactly 6:30 can I just get a couple pounds of cheese the response was nope were closed. I am extremely disappointed as I drove 20 minutes and was turned away. I would not have made the drive if I had known the deli closed earlier then the rest of the store. Maybe you should post the deli hours so this can be avoided in the future. See More

Santa Claus will be stopping by Verchios to see all the boys & girls!! Come stop by and take some pictures with Santa, check out our wonderful Christmas trees, grave blankets, and wreaths!! 🎄🎅❄️ A nice day to bundle everyone up and come out as a family 😊

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