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Theresa Brown Jarvis
· November 18, 2017
Was really disappointed in the show this year. Every kitchen was white. Nobody was unique. All the trim was 1x4 or 1x6 pieces of plain wood. The home designs were awesome. The bathrooms were plain with no awe factor. The furniture and home decor were amazing. My husband is a home builder and I know what could have been chosen for the homes. The homes also lacked color. Many people I talked to while at the home show felt the same way. I did like some of the patio/ porch areas and pools. I guess everyone has different taste. See More
Kevin Jarrett-Lee
· November 28, 2017
Homes were beautiful but having to weave through the gauntlet of members of Gtown First Baptist giving their sales pitch on the way in and the way out and having pamphlets and brochures being shoved i...n my hand and that of my three year old was a bit much. Super nice people but it was a bit much. I didn’t know this was a church sponsored event. See More
Carolyn Brown
· November 26, 2017
Beautiful homes overall. The highpoints on some if the homes were the entertainment patios and the layout of the homes utilization of the space. However 2 areas that were very evident is the same ma...terials and colors were used on majority of the homes. And the upstairs of the homes were less quality material than downstairs and plain. See More
Fran Seward
· December 3, 2017
I loved the homes featured in the show this year. They were smaller than previous shows, but I loved it. They beefed up the kitchens and master bdrms & bathrooms where they needed. All the decor was b...eautifully placed accordingly! Vesta you get a ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ this year!!! Oh I had two favorites this year. The two on the left😉 #FranSeward #BHHSTaliesynRealty See More
Lauren Shaffrey
· November 19, 2017
Such incredible homes this year! Every home was gorgeous! The builders as well as decorators did not disappoint! Phenomenal event! I may even have to go back a 2nd time! 😉
Debbie Buchanan Dane
· December 6, 2017
My daughter and I went and we loved it. The homes were beautiful and each uniquely decorated. We loved seeing some shiplap. The outdoor entertaining areas were eye catching and our favorites. Houses w...ere all conducive to entertaining many comfortably. Fun! See More
Lynne Fioranelli Delgado
· December 2, 2017
Exactly, whom are you benefitting but your egos? Please enlighten me if I am missing something....I do not miss Memphis...and all of the façade.
Jeff Roberts
· December 1, 2017
Enjoyed it a lot! The Galloway house was my favorite. A beverage truck would have come in thirsty!
Nichelle Rice
· October 18, 2016
Thank you again Vesta Home show for another lovely show case. I do have some criticism about some of the homes, I noticed that there were a lot of wasted spaces in some of the homes. Also, the bedroom...s and the family were much smaller compared to your the last show case as well. Please don't take this the wrong way by far. The design of each room were vey unique, which added its own touch of style to there names. But I'm going to give it to the designer of the 3rd house, "The Serenity", was the best out of all of them! The bathroom is something out of a movie, and ladies we all want a kitchen that we would love to stay in, but wait till you see the closet in the master bedroom! OMG! Kudos to whom said, "a lady need a room for closet!" In all, each home had a room that captivated .you. Gathered a lot great ideas and had a nice time again. Looking forward to next year! See More
Derrick Saulsberry
· December 1, 2017
Abner Manor had to have been Best of Show! I really enjoyed the very last home. The pool party on the Big Screen����
Barbara Mccrae
· October 19, 2016
Great experience! Parking was well thought out, especially with the lights provided. Restrooms located equidistant from each home to view. Builders on site to answer all of our silly questions! Ove...rall, inspiring for people like us looking to get new ideas. Something that was for everyday families looking to retire with! Vendors on hand to answer questions also. The staging in the homes, well done. That multifamily home was pure genius! The home with the pool house was even better! Bravo! See More
Marleny Carranza
· December 3, 2017
Great plans
Beautiful patios and pools!
Modern ideas without leaving the classic style!
MarkApollo Santamaria
· December 9, 2017
Really beautiful homes! Large rooms! Very good interior and exterior designs!
TiffneyPeanut Adams
· December 1, 2017
Everyone was so nice!!! And the houses where beautiful!!!
Sherbert Ratliff
· October 18, 2016
The homes were great. Thank you Vesta Home show for sending me this link to do a review. My mom however did experience a fall on her way to our car on the property of the Vesta home show this year on ...10/08/16. Something got stuck on her under her shoe and she fell and hit the ground. Two guys that were on a golf cart that worked on the property immediately stop their golf cart and jumped out to help her up. After we helped her up and asked if she was okay, we proceeded to look and see what made her fall. After searching, we saw a piece of wood stucking out of the ground. No, we did not report the incident, we just helped her up got her dusted off, I prayed over her and we left the property. However my mom did start experiencing some pain a couple of days later. She hit the ground prettyhard and as she ame down on her hand (tryig to stop her fall) and hi her back as she flipped over.I called to report the incident and was told by Lorrie that Don Glays, the executive director, would give us a call back. He did call back that same day. He asked questions about the incident and asked report it and we stated that we did not report it. We told him what happened and told him that the guys had helped my mom off the ground when they saw her fall. He said that he had spoken with one of the guys that helped her up. He also asked if my mom was retired or working or if she had been to the doctor. I told him that she was currently at the doctor as he and I were speaking. He stated that he would write up an incident report when he returned to the office on Monday morning which was yesterday (10/17/16). He also stated at the end of our conversation that let him know what the doctor prescribes orders for my mom and proceeded to give me his full name and his cell phone number. He stated that he hoped my mom felt better and that he was sorry that that had happened. I said that I would give him until about noon not yesterday to see if the email had come through. I decided to call him around 2:40 p.m. on yesterday October 17th 2016 because the email did not come through. When he answered I told him who I was and asked him if he had had a chance to send the incident report by email that he said that he would send to us. He said that he has not had a chance to send an incident report because he's been so busy with the Vesta home show and said that he would get it out to us within the next 10 days. Then he proceeded to ask me questions about if my mom was in distress or if she's having any issues as if he was giving me the run-around. I did speak to him that I felt as if he was giving us the runaround. He got really angry and started yelling and said that if we wanted to call a lawyer then that's what we should do. I stated to him that I was not looking to get a lawyer that we just needed an incident report for our records of what it happen. I asked if I could come to get the incident report any day before the 10 days and he stated that we could come anytime from before 10 a.m. on Tuesday through Thursday. I stated to him that that would not work for us and asked him if he could go ahead and get the incident report out to us by email before the 10 days. He began to rush me off the phone continuing to yell and saying that he had had another call coming in and that he had to go. I really feel that this was very unprofessional of him. I felt a little strange when he said that he would send the email when he first mentioned it the first time we talked to him. But I decided to go ahead and hope that he would send the email and do the incident report as he promised to do. My fmily and I go to the Vesta home show every year and we enjoy ourself every year. We will not be back ever again and we will be sure to let everyone know what has happened and the unprofessionalism that occurred from the executive director of this show. I do feel now that we need to call the lawyer because he got so out of whack about us just trying to get an incident report! My mom has bee hurting moe and more since her fall! We will never visit again!!! See More
Pammy Bear
· October 20, 2016
The show was great. I really enjoyed looking at the different houses. The real estate reps were so nice and very informative. Everyone was knowledgeable and helpful. You could get good ideas improve your own home. See More
Veronica Sosa
· October 18, 2016
Love all of the homes it was well organized and the builders were on hand to answer any questions we had go out you won't be disappointed
Rena AndCharles Strickland
· October 18, 2016
This was our first time to go. The homes were beautiful! Had a great time looking around and getting ideas.
Yolanda Houston
· October 20, 2016
Absolutely beautiful decor and the landscaping and plans were well thought out.....kudos to the builders
Cheryl Morris
· August 31, 2016
Come on out to Fayette County and fall in love! Vesta 2016 at Ainsley Manor!
Our Preview Party is about to start! We are opening up the 2016 VESTA Home Show with the official ribbon cutting.
2016 VESTA Home Show
Awards Ceremony! Congratulations to all of the talented and hard-working Homebuilders and everyone who participated in this event.

After every show, we do end up with some odds & ends in our Lost & Found. This year, all "big" items like phones, IPads, keys, wallets, have all been claimed, but we do have some smaller items like eye glasses. If you think you may have lost something at the show, you can call the Home Builders office at 901-756-4500 to see if we have your item.

Best Entertainment/Media Room goes to the Retreat, built by the Longtown Company! Be sure to see these beautiful homes before we close this year's show this evening!

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