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Brandy MW
· March 18, 2018
Fell upon these true believers just roaming through social media a couple weeks ago. I watched a couple youtube videos of Pastor Phillip. His way of teaching is clear and true so I knew I had to visit.... Plus side I noticed there are a good amount of young adults that attend. Perfect for my son and nephew. Today I went to be present and enjoyed everything about it. You felt the innocent love and energy of God in every way. Not just through song but as soon as you walked through the outside gate. Glad I made it out. I hope to come again. Side note my son and nephew enjoyed the service and we talked about it they were listening. �� See More
Mo Jo
· March 12, 2018
Very welcoming, amazing experience reminded me of my home church in Saint Louis. ...The what the health series message this past Sunday was exactly was needed. Plan to return really soon. Looking for ...a church in Atlanta. Visit victory, you won't regret it. See More
Femi Milfd
· December 26, 2017
Woow I love this church....a friend of mine told me about the church. I don't reside in atlanta am from africa..i promise to visit the church if I come for a visit..God is really doing a mighty work......Praise God See More
Whitney Gordon
· March 25, 2018
Today was my 4th Sunday at Victory. My life is forever changed. The people exude God’s genuine love, and the word is sound and relatable. The Holy Spirit is definitely there!
Laura Morrissey
· November 2, 2017
I live in upstate New York and I have never been to Victory Church, but I praise God that I was able to find them on Instagram. God has used them to encourage and challenge me in my daily Christian I have downloaded the app and I look forward to listening to the messages. God bless Victory Church!!! See More
Jazzmine Barnes
· March 24, 2017
I can't tell you all how many times I have tried to write this, but couldn't put it into words. From the moment me and my twins first visited Victory, my Spirit knew we found home. I've become a bette...r parent from learning that I am called to be a good steward over their lives and have come to evaluate daily if I'm loving them the way the Bible defines love; my children can't wait to going to the Greenhouse every week and they've learned to love to pray at school and at home. After discussing obedience in my v-group, I followed both their advice and the direction of the Holy Spirit and dropped out of my pre-nursing program and put my all into my current career. God has blessed my finances since then and I've become more giving with the abundance He gives to me. Through Pastor Mitchell I now see that nothing in my life is my own, but it's to be used in some way to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ and to help others. Almost daily I'm able to share the gospel with non-believers and to meet and build very personal, intimate relationships with my clients who are already followers of Christ. Most importantly I've been able to forgive my past hurt and become a better co-parent. I've learned from attending Victory that we have to die to our flesh daily and reflect Christ. That teaching led me to let go of the bitterness and resentment I held toward my ex-husband and forgive him. The same grace and mercy God gives to me freely, I can now give to him so that we can have a better relationship for our children. Victory is a lighthouse in my life and is a beautiful reflection of Jesus Christ. Everywhere I go I have to tell people about my new family. Until All Have Heard!!! �� See More
Ariel Vargas
· March 20, 2018
Ever since the first day I attended, I felt like I found a home. Me and my daughter enjoy going every Sunday!
Javon Harris
· April 7, 2016
I could say a million things about what I have experienced over the last year since I first visited this church back In August of 2015 and heard them on podcost. I listen on podcast faithfully especia...lly living 8 hours away. Life changing experience. When I had visited the church I didn't want to leave. I felt right at home and the people of God there was so loving, real & authentic. I could feel the love of Christ flowing through them. I've never experienced a church like this before. The fire of God there is un-measured and so real. Holy Spirit filled church. You won't leave out the same. I Love the powerful sermons from pastor philip and the overflow of the annointing there. He is such a very powerful & annointed man after God's own heart who keep it real and never compromise the gospel. Great teacher of the word. I always feel like I'm in school when I hear his sermons because I learn so much. He has a vision to paint the city of Atlanta green and won't stop until all have heard. This gospel will go beyond Atlanta. It will spread across the entire country to reach lost souls. It was an honor visiting this Spirit filled church. This church has Jesus written all over it. I would recommend anybody to visit here. If you want to experience an authentic, annointing and gospel filled church with no compromise then this is the place for you. I can't wait to come back and visit again! #untilallhaveheard See More
Steven A. Gilley
· January 22, 2017
Visited for the first time today and the Anointing was there!!! The glory cloud filled the house. The Holy Ghost made a grown man cry...Seriously, I was blessed by His presence. Even though I had to l...eave early, I enjoyed the biblical based sermon and left knowing that my situation is working for my good as I continue to Come Alive!!! Great preaching, prophetic calling and the future is really bright for this church!!! Selah. See More
MiMi Q. Atkins
· January 31, 2016
An amazing church led by an authentic man of God. Pastor Mitchell is a modern day Jeremiah, David, Nehemiah and Elisha all in one. He preaches the Gospel with no compromise and has a vision of and discipleship. His testimony is moving as he desires to "paint the city (Atlanta) green." Green symbolizes life. Pastor Mitchell won't stop "until all have heard." His passion for Christ and people will unite and ignite the city of Atlanta. Come visit yourself to experience this sensational movement of God. See More
Javiel Ricketts
· January 28, 2018
It's an experience like no other!! I will always come back for more!
Zion's Next
· May 8, 2017
The heart of God is displayed here. Its great to see authentic worship , humility and team work in the kingdom of God with the leaders as husband and wife <pureness>. The Pastors are young but have wi...sdom from on high and is under the mentorship of my Pastor Bishop Bronner... See More
DeVante' Jamal
· March 14, 2016
I can't explain how grateful I am to have been surrounded by the men of God fighting in prayer with me yesterday . And to a great friend that I've known since I was 12 years old , Ronda Johnson , you ...prayed some serious things off my mind , I really didn't expect that . Yesterday was divine , to God be the glory . I'm staying at his feet ! See More
H Marie Daniels
· January 15, 2017
I have been following since I moved back to Atlanta, upon my return I wanted so much to fine a good Teacher. Now I found it. I am a older Christian, meaning we all need to fine good Doctrine, I am ...serious about my soul. My Love to Victory. See More
Marcy Denise Foster Mba
· September 4, 2017
Words cant adequately express the experience.You just have to go and see for yourself. Gods anointing is at work in this ministry,
Hizprincess Hizprincess
· April 6, 2017
I've been listening to Victory church on their app for a few months now and it's been life changing. The passion that pastor Philip and Mrs. Lena have for Christ is empowering. The work that they do the communities and the fact they encourage small groups is powerful... I have never been challenged so much to live out the Christ life and I'm so thankful to God . I live in Boston but my family lives in GA so I plan to visit for the first time on Easter Sunday Lord willing❤ See More
Teresa Parms
· April 13, 2015
I love my church, Pastor: Phillip Anthony Mitchell is a ganster for Christ in bringing forth the word of God,it's been said, the passion we had for the things of the world before we experienced Christ........ that this fire is trasfered and is ignited for Christian living and doing the will of God, it's that Holy Ghost Fire released into our hearts and comes out of the mouth to rips apart the lies of the enemy. See More
Ebony Campbell
· April 29, 2016
I listen on podcast and the Pastor and his team preach the truth and they have a vision to take The Gospel to the whole world. I live in California but I joined a virtual V-Group so I can be connecte...d to their community. They are amazing and I love them! I want to move to Atlanta to become a member! See More
Jessica Nails
· September 14, 2017
Wonderful worship & praise! Excellent teaching, encouragement, leadership, fellowship, connection, & community! #Totally God-centered. #Full of Love & God's grace #Saving souls #Being the salt & th...e light #Living testimonies See More
Kristen Counts
· November 3, 2016
After serving in the V-unit for 4 years, I can honestly say my character had grown tremendously...the leadership in Victory is amazing, and the places God will take you while being there will exceed y...our expectations!!! While serving in the Greenhouse, I am now pursing a career in education!!! I love Victory!!!!!!! See More
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Sometimes you have to look your circumstances in the face and tell them who your God is. Depression, sickness, problems on the job, or marital issues is no match for the One who was resurrected and is resurrecting. Jesus’ presence was undeniable Sunday morning; bringing to life things that were once dead.

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Pastor Philip discusses the importance of identity within the culture we've all been assigned to. Watch "More Than Ordinary", available on #YouTube now! #Enclave

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