Just in case if anyone missed. Youtube official channel is available on Roku. Congrats Roku...…/2013/12/17/introducing-youtube-on-r…/

This season through our Moxkat Grvida video ads we’re celebrating the art of self-gifting so it seems especially appropriate that today we are gifting ourselves – and by extension all of you – the gift of a YouTube channel on Roku. YouTube is available now on the Roku 3 player in the U.S. Canada, U....

Updated Version 5.1

1. Added History (and you can also clear history)
2. Added ability to add Search filters and sort options - This can be accessed by hitting the * button while in the Search screen
3. Subscriptions are now sorted by their unread count, These can be reset by visiting YouTube while logged in through a browser, and visiting the Subscription channel...
4. There is now a link on the Video Details screen to view a user's playlists
5. Videos can now be resumed.
6. Support for higher-quality streams
7. Support for YouTube Live Streams

All (except first one) changes are contribution from Protuhj ( (Thank you once again).

For users who are not aware, installation process has been updated. Please visit for more details.


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We have new automatic installation process, please download…/myv…/raw/master/ the zip archive file and extract it and double click on setup.exe file. This is a standalone executable file (which means it will not install anything on your computer) and this tool is needed only to install MyVideoBuzz on your Roku Device.

Note: This tool only works on Windows operating system. If you already have the MyVideboBuzz app running on your Roku device you don't need to install again. We will post more updates very soon. Please report to us if you run into any issue.

Thank you all.

Hello and Happy Thanksgiving!

We just noticed new firmware update for some Roku devices. Roku has updated security, now you have to create a password before you can enable developer dashboard, which is actually good thing, this will protect your Roku.

But unfortunately this will also break our automatic installation option, we have updated manual installation steps, please follow these steps until we come with some more updates.

Going Open Source.

As we mentioned before we are working towards making MyVideoBuzz open source. New updated MyVideoBuzz is available here


Note: There could be some minor bugs.

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Just want to say Thank you for the 5 people who donated. I am working to send you package for your personal use. I will send out an email this weekend with the software package and instructions, if you don't want package and want your donation back please email me, I will return your donation. Thanks once again.

Thank you everyone for your amazing support and all the emails. I noticed lots of "flame wars" on various discussion forums and social networks so I just wanted to let everyone know my personal thoughts.

I started this channel as a weekend project for my personal use (for my daughter to watch her Nursery Rhymes). No doubt I ended up spending lots of time developing VideoBuzz (I agree it was my personal decision), its really hard for me too to see it go.


- I really appreciate Roku development team for their innovation. Roku is an amazing product and I really wish them great success.

- I apologize if VideoBuzz broke Roku developer agreement, and I totally respect their decision and they have every right to ask VideoBuzz to be shutdown.

- Honestly, there is some confusion about developer agreement because same content (which VideoBuzz streamed) if it is streamed by a proxy (like an application on computer/mobile) seems to be non-issue? If it does make it legal (hopefully someone from Roku team will answer this) I hope I can bring back VideoBuzz live again.


- Honestly, I have no idea if Youtube asked to take down the channel but if they did I totally respect their decision.

- I truly hope someday Youtube will create a Roku channel (Will be awesome if they consider VideoBuzz/me or else they should at-least provide Roku channels guidelines on how many Ads to meet developer agreement.

- No matter what, I love Google and Youtube and I will continue using all their services.


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We received a notice from Roku management asking us to close down the channel as we don't own the content which is being streamed by VideoBuzz channel. As of now, we will be closing down the channel on Wednesday, April 17th, 2013.

We are discussing with multiple content providers to see if we can provide similar services/channels abiding to Roku Developer agreement. Please like our Facebook page and also subscribe to our newsletter ( to stay updated for our upcoming features and channels.

Once again thank for your overwhelming support for our VideoBuzz channel and we hope you will continue extending the same support when our new services become available.

Some users have reported that category images are not loading. If you are facing this problem please reboot your Roku box or go to "Channel store" and come back to VideoBuzz channel, version in the channel description should say "2.2"

New Version 2.0 released. New/Updated features below

1. Search Auto complete : You will see search suggestions while you type in search screen.
2. New Videos from subscriptions: Your Subscriptions now has "New Subscription Videos" category, this shows all new videos from your subscriptions.
3. Search by multiple options: Now Search shows results by "relevance", "published date", "rating", "HD", "Playlists" and "channels"...
4. Top channels category is been updated with new channels and reordered as per new subscriber count
5. Nursery Rhymes: No need to search for nursery rhymes anymore, VideoBuzz shared pre-packaged nursery rhymes playlists.. we will continue adding new videos and playlists.

Note: Not just "Nursery Rhymes" we are in process of building "community playlists" and options for everyone to share their videos and playlists.

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As I mentioned in last update, we included analytics to see how is VideoBuzz app being used (to further improve it). Here are some of the interesting tidbits for last week.

Search is most popular feature of the App. There are lots of videos people are searching for. I know entering text for search using remote is not an easy thing to do, we are working on updates to make this easy.

Here are the top 10 videos watched on VideoBuzz. Gangnam style is number one followed by lots ...of Nursery Rhymes.

3. (Nursery Rhymes Vol1 - Collection of Twenty Rhymes)
5. (Phonics Song 2)
6. (RayWilliamJohnson - THE MEANING OF LIFE)
7. (Twinkle Twinkle Little Star)
8. (Nursery Rhymes - Baa Baa Black Sheep)
9. (Mickey Mouse Clubhouse (126 - Mickey's Great Clubhouse Hunt))
10. ("The Wheels On The Bus" Song with The GiggleBellies)

Here are the Top 10 Search terms. "harlem shake" videos are still popular and as we expected Nursery Rhymes is most popular.

1. minecraft
2. telugu movies
3. mickey mouse
4. nursery rhymes
5. youtube
6. tom and jerry
7. harlem shake
8. mickey mouse clubhouse
9. dora
10. pocoyo

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New Version 1.9 released. Below is the change log...

1. Did some performance tweaking to render screen & videos faster
2. Now supports more formats, some videos which didn't work in previous versions will work now.
3. Previously we had "Service Unavailable" generic error message.. but now we will show real error message now....
4. New version logs errors and other analytics (which I am planning to make public), so I can improve the application usability.

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We receive many emails where users are not able to find their youtube user name. We just launched a new tool to find your username Please try that and let me know if you still having issues.

May the good times and treasures of the present
Become the golden memories of tomorrow.
Wish you lots of love, joy and happiness.

Looks like Roku had a great Thanksgiving sales. I see big spike in new installs for past 2 days.

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone... Hope you all are recommending VideoBuzz to your friends & family

New Version 1.7 Released

- Now Supports Unlimited subscriptions.
- Search issue is fixed

VideoBuzz created a poll.

Suggest/Vote new features I have received many emails requesting new features and also some posted new ideas here on FB and some in other internet forums. I want to collect them at one place it will be easy for me to plan accordingly. Please vote/submit your ideas so I can work based on popular requests. Thank you.