Viks added 5 new photosthinking about making a change at Berliner Fahrradschau.

#MADVIX - the #MADMAX bicycle by ILCARBONAUTA / Alberto Spada 👊

Official release: Berliner Fahrradschau 2018 - 23|03 - 25|03 BOOTH A01, HALL 1
Photographer: Martin Mostert
Pictures: ©auftragsrad...
Frameset: Viks
Components: Schwalbe tires and Brick Lane Bikes
Supported by Fahrer Berlin & auftragsrad


MADVIX is a upcycling design project made by Italian artist ILCARBONAUTA and supported by Berlin based auftragsrad and Fahrer Berlin. Viks frameset that has been used for the project is very rare Anniveloversary Editon.

The concept is inspired by post-apocalyptic environments from the movies Mad Max, Waterworld and Wasteland, where recycling and crafts are the only ways to survive.

The bicycle is equipped with a water tank, an electromagnetic gun, a studded bat, a crossbow, a bow and some anti-poisoning and anesthetic capsules.

The MADVIX bicycle is driven by an unknown nameless character who comes from a place no one knows.

You are very welcome to come and find it out.

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➡️23/24/25/MARCH are the dates to be saved.

When living cycling lifestyle and happen to be in Berlin area, you probably going anyway. It would be great if you find the way to see VIKSBIKES as well 🙏


☝️You can meet us at:
A auftragsrad/Fahrer Berlin - booth B04, Hall 1
B MADVIX - booth A01, Hall 1

MADVIX Facebook event and more:


It is the World’s leading cycle lifestyle fair. With its contemporary curator-concept, its festival-atmosphere, trendy bicycles reaching from start-up brands to global players, its stylish fashion and accessory selection and iconic events, the BERLINER FAHRRADSCHAU is an independent and authentic hotspot of bicycle culture.

#cyclingunites #upcycling #auftragsrad #fahrerberlin #madvix #madmax #viksbike #veloniabicycles

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Meet WOODaLIKE! These Dutch guys (go check them out at are using special painting technique to give bike a wooden look. It’s called woodgrain. They wanted VIKS frameset for their new project. And we wanted VIKS WOODaLIKE to be happened. Thanks to our Dutch distributor Snelle Fiets ( it happened real fast. As our lead time is 4 to 5 weeks minimum, their paint artist Frank did not had an idea. He was excited about his soccer game and suddenly... As live images of VIKS are quite rare, we hope you’ll enjoy it. There is more to come.
Viks riding position for a 186cm rider on size M. Not as "low" as you might think:) edit_1: unit bug fixed
what we @viks use to open the cold be...

Baselworld - The Watch and Jewellery Show has kicked off today. Yes, we have a brilliant Viks bike ticking there as well 😎 All that happened in a collaboration with Danish Design Watches and Vélowland. By the way, display for ongoing show is made by legendary Jacob Jensen Design. Just check it out 🙏

➡️Now, when close, stop by - HALL 2.0, stand 71. Basel, Switzerland, from 22nd to 27th of March 👊
Useful links:
The bike:
Want a custom Viks bike:

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😎 It's coming - #MADMAX themed #MADVIX, already this weekend during Berliner Fahrradschau. Save the dates from 23|03 - 25|03.
Upcycling Artwork: ILCARBONAUTA || Alberto Spada...
Video: Martin Mostert
Supported by Fahrer Berlin
Bicycle: Viks Anniveloversary Edition by auftragsrad
Special thanks to Ahmad Sulaiman and Claus Schulte

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Posted by Viks

Would like to say thanks to TheArsenale and Nous paris for the Geneva event 🙏

Covering the entirety of mobility, it was possible to meet the finest vehicles, skateboards and much more in Geneva during these days: Viba, Ixoost Artistic Audio, Hervet Manufacturier, WATCH LIFE WITH CURIOSITY, Ujet, Heroïn Bikes, Atypical, VELDT, Victoire Thierrée, Anyways, IDM Italian DREAM Motorcycle and Hedonic by Serge Heitz.

It was a blast to be on board with Viks bike 👊


Here are some images for you to enjoy😎

📷 Alexandre Rossier / KISKA

➡️All these boys toys can be found from

🏁NEXT STOP 1: Baselworld - The Watch and Jewellery Show with Danish Design Watches, Jacob Jensen Design and Vélowland...

🏁NEXT STOP 2: Berliner Fahrradschau with auftragsrad

To be continued...

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Viks added 10 new photosfeeling satisfied with Moto Bicycles at Viksfactory.

Snowy greetings from #viksfactory, Tallinn, Estonia ✌️Let us present a first orange Viks GT ever made. Have to admit that orange fits just perfect. Will stay in Estonia. Cheers!

🔶 When in a mood to discuss your custom made Viks bike, just hit that link:

Viks is feeling excited at auftragsrad.

We are excited about coming Berliner Fahrradschau 2018. auftragsrad and Fahrer Berlin joined their forces to present the ultimate MAD VIX bicycle that is inspired by the movie MAD MAX. Without a doubt. Both companies mentioned above supported Alberto Spada, an award winning Italian artist residing in Berlin, with materials and parts. The bike is based on rather unusual Viks frameset and will be launched LIVE during Fahrradshau later this month. Stay tuned for more information next week. We saw the bike. It's beyond the cool 😎

➡️About Alberto Spada:

➡️About Fahrradschau:

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Viks is thinking about a lot of things with Patrice Meignan in Paris, France.

On mobility, music, fashion and books, life in Paris and far away.
About important things in life. Inspiration and the future 🖤

#TheArsenale #PatMeignan #Viksbike #Life #Passion


🏁Read more from our latest blog post:

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Viks added 4 new photosfeeling pumped with Patrice Meignan in Geneva, Switzerland.

👉Happening NOW! From March 5th to March 17th at 4 Rue du Mont-Blanc, Geneva. Read the full story about one of our recent partners TheArsenale and it’s founder and soon-to-be Viks Ambassador Patrice Meignan: 🙏
“In the vast world of mobility, it’s easy to get lost amidst thousands of interpretations of machinery. You want the absolute best, the crème de la crème. With years of experience, TheArsenale team in collaboration with Nous paris brings you t...he finest selection of mobility, ready to be digested by any enthusiast. We believe in the strong connection between human and machinery and want to bridge the gap between works of art and objects of transport.

By intertwining both of these worlds, we create a special experience for all curios minds. A curated selection of products readily available at your fingertips, an experience in itself from the moment you lay your eyes on it. Witness raw materials, techniques and craftsmanship united to create the most alluring machines and products.

Welcome to the elegant side of mobility.”

Patrice Meignan
➡️Discover TheArsenale:

➡️Tell us about your dream Viks bicycle:

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Viks added 4 new photostraveling to Bike Motion Benelux from Viksfactory.

The scene of bikeshows and exhibitions is getting more alive as season approaches 😎

This week we are travelling to Utrecht, Netherlands to participate in Bikemotion Benelux 2018. Save the dates from 2nd to 4th of March and visit our Benelux powerhouse Vélowland who recently opened their flagship store L'Hirondelle Bike Shop - Meppel. As well you will find Viks distributor in Germany auftragsrad from there (check for Fahrer Berlin booth), if you happen to reside in Germany and... want to discuss your custom bike. You will find our allies from Urban Plaza (Hall 10) next to Kwaremont Bier cafe. Besides new Viks builds you are able to see legendary Viks GT Merc project bike and one of the first collaborations we made with Velowland - Viks Copperhead 💪


➡️About Velowland:
➡️About Auftragsrad:
➡️About Bike Motion Benelux:
➡️Paid a visit and want a Viks bike but reside outside of Germany, Benelux and
➡️On Viks GT Merc Edition bike:

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Viks is feeling festive at Toompea Castle.

Palju õnne EESTI!

Happy birthday ESTONIA!



Photo:Kristo Riimaa
Extras: Ilmar Kurvits 👊

👉 scroll down on our FB feed to see a gallery of festive Viks commuters

#eesti #estonia #estonia100 #viksbike #veloniabicycles #vikslife #bicycle

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Viks added 12 new photosfeeling thankful with Rasmus Tali and 8 others at Viksfactory.

It’s Estonian Design day today 😎 Quite important considering that Viks is designed by Estonian and built here as well 🤔

Something spectacular is ahead of us though – tomorrow we are going to celebrate birthday of Republic of Estonia– 100th this time 🇪🇪

Blue, black and white – these are our national colors. Here is our pick of Viks builds which will communicate the mood especially nicely. As well you will find out what has been so far the most popular blue shade for our pedal...-powered café racers – your favorite might be among these. Wish us well on comments and let us know your favorite🙌

Happy coming birthday beloved Estonia, congratulations dear fellow countrymen and friends of Estonia and Viks bicycle ❤️🥂🎂🎉

#estonia #birthday #estonia100 #design #estoniandesign #viksbike #vikslife #veloniabicycle #strongestdesign

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Sometimes you just have to compliment fellow bike builders👊 The story of VanMoof bike hunters has been viral for some time now. In case you missed it, you can read and watch it now. Fascinating stuff. Great job, VanMoof 🙌

Source: Cycling Porn

Dutch bike company, VanMoof, stand out in their guarantee to hunt for their customers’ stolen bikes but their status as hunters of bike thieves just got taken up a level. Unlike most bike brands, VanMoof fit their city bikes with GPS systems so they can track their whereabouts should the rider’s...
Viks added 5 new photoscelebrating new bikeshop day at Kvirder - fahrradfreude pur.

It’s a new shop day 💪

When happen to be in Frankfurt, you are welcome to visit Quirder - fahrradfreude pur.

We asked a short comment from Sonia, who's running the shop, about her new adventure and how she found Viks.


That’s what she said:
“Well, the bike business is my second career and the opposite to the office job I used to do until five years ago. I decided to change completely to finally do what I really like. That was the best decision I ever made. Last year I started to open my own bike workshop. I did not want to be like the many other bike shops around. So we are focusing on few special brands and models only. We are selling cargobikes from chike and Larry vs Harry cargobikes' Bullitt, Pacific Cycles‘ folding bike Reach, Munich based's trailers and of course Viks. The shop is more like a living room where our customers can relax and feel like home...I had seen pictures of Viks for some time ago on the internet and immediately liked the shape of it. Then in 2017 at VELOFrankfurt bike fair I met Nico from auftragsrad. Nico was showing a Viks bicycle there. We started to talk and after a while he was telling me that there is no shop in Frankfurt and in south area of Germany to represent Viks. So here we are now - proud to be a part of the Viks community.“

Welcome on board Sonia 🙌

➡️Quirder's home in web:
➡️Quirder on Instagram: @kvirder

#kvirder #viksbike #vikslife #veloniabicycles #bicycle #bikeshop #workshop #bikeworkshop #fahrrad

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Viks is feeling entertained in Tallinn, Estonia.
February 8

That is one crispy interview in Vulture with Quincy Jones, the music legend on the secret Michael Jackson, his relationship with the Trumps, and the problem with modern pop. Really a good read for coming weekend 😎
Photo of young Michael on bike: / Jim Britt Courtesy of Rock Paper Photo