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Matthew Christensen
· February 8, 2018
This group advocates for discrimination. I would not trust any of their work as they have made it clear they believe it is right for people to lose their homes or their jobs because of their sexual or...ientation. "Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me" (Matthew 25:40, 45, NIV) See More
Dave Arllen
· January 19, 2018
This is a decisive group that tries to pass off their leftist anti-freedom ideology as Church doctrine that should be codified. By invoking the God card, they turn many away from the faith.
Dave Buckis
· December 7, 2017
Vouchers are one way to make up for the funds we save the public schools by sending our children to parochial schools. The vouchers are used for lower income students who usually go to public schools ...that under perform in those low income neighborhoods. It's an investment in building more responsible citizens and raising the standard of living for future Americans. See More
Aaron Linderman
· April 6, 2018
Doing great work to translate Catholic social teaching into practice in the Commonwealth. I'm always interested to know what they're thinking and I'm thankful for their hard work.
Luc De Wulf
· September 5, 2017
DACA repeal is a shame. Our Catholic Church helped President Trump to where he is and shares a bit of the blame of today's decision. . Appreciate the vigorous an immediate response of the of the c...atholic bishops on this issue. Let us fight this to the end!!! See More
James Melvin Adams
· April 17, 2014
Just got a message about the vetoed measure to protect the speech of chaplains in the VA NG and Defense Force. This is a tougher nut than it looks, though. On the one hand, we need to stand up for bot...h free speech and religious freedom. On the other hand, there is a very real and serious problem with religious persecution, triumphalism, and scandal across our armed forces. Ultimately, I agree wholeheartedly as a Catholic, and American, and a veteran, that this law should stand, and that the governor was wrong to veto. However, we do need to be aware of and engaged with the ongoing issues of chaplains abusing their pulpit to spread hate, intolerance (often anti-semitic), and downright scandal. See More
John Downing
November 1, 2012
Catholic Democrats is a not-for-profit national organization representing a Catholic voice within the Democratic Party, and a voice for the Democratic Party in the Catholic community. To the Democrati...c Party, we bring the rich tradition of Catholic Social Teaching and its potential to help solve the broad range of problems confronting all Americans. To the Catholic community, we present the Democratic way of working for justice and peace in the political world. As a national organization and through local chapters, we work with the media and other organizations in advocating the ideals of Catholic Social Teaching and the Democratic Party.
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Randallm Smith
September 27, 2012
Let people know about other religions. It is easy to see that Mormons are not Christian by looking at what they believe. Mormons believe that god was a man just like us, that we can become a god just he did, that Jesus is a savior for
this world but there are other saviors for other worlds, that Joseph Smith is a prophet like Moses and Abraham, that Sacred Scripture includes the Book Of Mormon, and that there other worlds with other gods. Mormons are NOT on the fringes of Christianity. When Mormons say that Protestants and Catholics are not Christian they explain that it is because they don't believe in modern prophets, [Joseph Smith,] that they don't believe in ongoing revelation in church services which have as much TRUTH as the Bible, and that Protestants and Catholics don't accept the Book of Mormon as Sacred Scripture. The body of Protestant churches (The World Council of Churches representing 349 churches worldwide) and the Catholic Church have stated that Mormons are NOT Christian but it is probably better to think for yourself and decide if these beliefs are an extreme fringe of Christianity or not...
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Kristen Berg
· October 7, 2013
I must say, I disagree pretty vehemently with a recent VCC email calling email subscribers to action in support of expanding Medicaid in Virginia. This is definitely not what I would consider a policy... issue that should be supported by Catholics by reason of their being Catholic. See More
Marie Sibenik
· September 29, 2016
Great organization keeps me up to date on issues needing advacacy in Virginia.
Frederico Ferreira da Silva
· March 7, 2014
The Lord is working wonders. Pours more and more blessings on all of us, Lord Jesus!
Joseph Hagerman Jr.
· February 8, 2014
Great please sign me up,
Catholic Advocacy Day

During this his birthday week, we remember with prayers & gratitude the 12th bishop of Richmond & @VACatholicConf co-founder Bishop Francis DiLorenzo.

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Catholic Diocese of Richmond

O Lord, let our prayers rise like incense as we remember Bishop DiLorenzo today on his birthday. O God, bless your servant. May he Rest In Peace. Amen.

On the 30th anniversary of the bishop's episcopal ordination, we thank God for the ministry of Bishop emeritus Paul Loverde, third bishop of Catholic Diocese of Arlington & Virginia Catholic Conference co-founder.…/status/984400925321285632

“We invite you to wish @Bishop_Loverde a happy 30th #anniversary of his ordination as a bishop today! Tag him in your well wishes, and remember him especially in your prayers. Read the third bishop of Arlington's reflections on this special day: