Hay, today it's time for a major feature of FRS3: Shadows!!! --- Hey, heute ist Zeit für eine große Neuerung in FRS3: Schatten!!
Hey, today we show you one of our many new features of «Funfair Ride Simulator 3» The new lighting. --- Hey, heute möchten wir euch eines unserer vielen neuen Features vorstellen: die neue Beleuchtung in «Fahrgeschäft Simulator 3»
Hey, today we show you another new feature of «Funfair Ride Simulator 3» – the day-night-cycle with new improvements! --- Hey, heute möchten wir euch ein weiteres neues Feature von «Fahrgeschäft Simulator 3» vorstellen – der neue Tag-Nacht-Wechsel mit einigen Verbesserungen!

In case you missed it: our first new ride!

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What do you think is our second new ride?

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Dear Community,
it's time to show you the first screenshot of FRS4! We are still in an early alpha phase, which means there will still be some changes and many things are still placeholders. But of course we want to share the progress with you!

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Funfair Ride Simulator updated their cover photo.
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Dear Community, shortly before the end of the year we wanted to contact you again and thank you for your patience! We are still working very hard on the completion of FRS4! We are looking forward to giving you the first "real" insights into the development soon!

We are looking forward to 2018, the year in which FRS4 will finally be released and end 2017 with our new app icon! (and at the same time the first new ride in FRS4)!

Happy New Year!...
Best regards, your FRS-Team!

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What do you think this button is for?

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Today a first preview of the new main menu.

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Dear Community, we just wanted to let you know that we are still working on the development of FRS4! This week we have started to integrate a first test ride for testing. By the way, you can already see the new design of the user interface. We will keep you informed as soon as there is something new!

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Funfair Ride Simulator updated their profile picture.

The FRS4 logo

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Dear FRS friends,

We are still busy working on FRS4. Unfortunately the development is much longer than we originally thought. This is because we have made a lot of plans and want to implement many of your wishes. Please be patient, we will publish pictures as soon as we have something presentable.
We thank you for your support and look forward to showing you all the new cool features


Your FRS team

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Have you ever had the opportunity to control your own amusement ride at the fair? Probably not ... Now you can experience this on your PC & Mac with the new Funfair Ride Simulator 3. With physics and detailed graphics, awesome fog, firework and light effects and a simulated fairground.

FRS4 will get a completely new environment with a large new fairground.

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Dear Community,
It was a bit longer still here. This is because we are working diligently on FRS4. We are gradually coming to the stage where there will be something to see besides background development. But before that, we'd like to use the next few weeks to introduce a few of your desired features that will be available in FRS4.

We start with an often desired feature: Larger human beings on the fairground. Yeah!

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Dear fans,

We would like to keep you up to date: We are currently developing FRS4 from scratch because we want to make some major changes that would not be possible with a simple update. We are working very hard to raise the simulation to a new level, to implement as many of your wishes as possible and to make the simulation even more comprehensive and graphically more sophisticated!

We are not going to publish any regular updates for FRS3, because we do not want the quality suffer.

Also in the next weeks we will ask you for your suggestions, because we would like to develop together with you an even better FRS4 and bring the best fairground atmosphere on your smartphone!

Thank you!

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