The new myGaze Power is here!

Visual Interaction, the company that developed the award winning myGaze Assistive Eye Gaze that helps today thousands of children and adults with special needs, introduces the new myGaze Power. myGaze Power gives people with disabilities the ability to control the PC. It is an intuitive, quick and p...

Dedicated gaze control system for Special Education Needs #SEN #EyeMouse myGaze Assistive


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Affordable gaze interaction solutions, develop your own myGaze® application

NEW myGaze® eye tracking technology works with @HelpKidzLearn and more, check out more

myGaze Assistive Gaze Technology Introducing myGaze® Assistive Gaze Technology by Visual Interaction: The new affordable eye tracker with a wide...

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myGaze eye tracker has been integrated into the #assistive device by MESA Ideas, see what they say!

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Video from @SpecialEffect at Eurogamer Expo: Isaac plays Dirt3 with his gaze which has been made possible by #myGaze

#myGaze sets the new standard for easy & most affordable gaze control #assistivetech Read more

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Navigating the Grid 2 with gaze - #myGaze eye tracker & eye cursor #assistivetech

Demo video of how easily accessible The Grid 2 is with the myGaze eye tracker. Assistive solutions have not been accessible to many people w/...

Watch the demo by @SpecialEffect Dr. Mick Donegan: Discover the high accuracy and robustness of myGaze #assistivetech

Since using the MyGaze with Dirt 3 at The Eurogamer Expo, some people have been asking us about it, so here's our CEO Dr Mick Donegan giving an...

Adaptive mousing tool is one of the most used #AssistiveTech in classrooms. #kids #education #assistivemouse

One of my relatives is an elementary educator in a public school. The town she teaches in is well-known locally for having heavily integrated...

Amazing video assistive technology for kids... #AssistiveTech

Submitted for the White House Student Film Festival 2014. A student with athetoid cerebral palsy shares her Assistive Technology skills and...

Understand babies better from their eye movements! #eyetracking #eyegaze #myGaze

An introduction to remote eye tracking and intermodal preferential looking for babies

Drag computer files with your eyes! #eyetracking technologies

The Eye Drop concept lets users move content across screens just by looking at the intended device.

Eye Tracking Ski Goggles - this great technology is also changing the Olympics #eyetracking #winterolympics

While us sports fans tend to think that athletes change the world of sports, there's actually another factor that often gets overlooked—technology...

We are all humbled by what our friends @SpecialEffect achieve. What a wonderful organization! #AssistiveTech

SpecialEffect are a unique UK charity that do whatever it takes to help everyone with disabilities to have a better quality of life. For some, this...

Eye tracking helps improve your conversion rate!

You’ve seen those eye tracking reports before, but have you ever run one? Chances are you haven’t. Although they are costly and time-consuming, you...