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Chicago has its new mayor, but we're not all done yet. A naked run-off?! Here's how to vote by mail for the April 5 elections:

What is Absentee Voting? Voters are allowed to cast their ballots prior to Election Day -- either in person at an Early Voting site or by mail through Absentee Voting. Under Illinois law, you no longer need a reason or excuse to vote absentee.

Put on some pants and VOTE today! If you requested an absentee ballot but didn't mail it in, just bring it with to your polling place.


Today is the last day to vote early. Absentee ballots must be postmarked by Saturday!

Did Barry vote naked???

Early voting ends Thursday, absentee ballots must be postmarked by Saturday.

Who's watching the debate this Thursday?

Absentee ballot applications must be received by this Thursday, Feb 17!

By law, the first day that civilian voters in the United States may apply to cast an absentee ballot is Jan. 13, 2011. By law, voters cannot submit applications by fax or email unless the voter is in the military or living overseas.

Rumor has it Rahm Emanuel mentioned Vote Naked at an event last night. True? Anyone have video?? Any other candidates giving us shout-outs on the campaign trail?

Interesting post (below). What would Chico's song be? Del Valle's? Braun's?

So...are we going to have a run-off for Chicago's new mayor? What say you?

Find out your voter status and look up your ward/precinct for the absentee application here. You can also find early voting locales.

Share your naked voter on our wall! And remember to get your ballot applications in ASAP to vote by mail.

Thanks for the shout out, Rock the Vote!

A fun recap of a great Get Out the Vote campaign!

We were on NBC News this morning with our app! Searching for the clip...

Vote Naked Chicago is here! Click the VOTE NAKED tab above to create your own naked voter...then set it as your profile pic to spread the word!!

It's coming....