The WISSARD Traverse, filmed and edited by Ralph Maestas, Videographer for the Antarctic Support Services (ASC), who filmed some of the WISSARD activities in the field--and consistently went above and beyond helping with WISSARD outreach efforts. He put this together for a film festival at McMurdo, and we thought you would enjoy it--especially the music. Thank you Ralph--we think it’s great! Julie Raine, our ASC WISSARD faciliator, is the star. — at The Ross Ice Shelf.
Adelie Penguins wish the WISSARDS well
To forecast sea level rise, a flotilla of robot subs must map the unseen bottom of a melting ice shelf—if they are not sunk by it

New press release for three WISSARD papers.

Three papers on WISSARD have just been published, one authored by Matt!

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