Hey Psych club! I know it has been a busy quarter for all of us, but we can't wait to see all of you for Spring Quarter! We will make an announcement for what room and when Psych club will be next quarter. We hope you have a great spring break, push through the last week of classes and wishing you luck on your finals!

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Hey Psyc. Club! Looks like tomorrow's topic is going to be on Music Preference. We can't wait to see you all @ 4 in AW 403! 😄

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February 24

Hey Psych. Club! I know it has been SOO long since we have had a meeting, but we are having one this Tuesday to get back into the swing of things. So here are the options of discussion this week. We can't wait!

Hey Psych club! Unfortunately we have to cancel psych. club again today, but we look forward to our discussion next week! See you then and stay warm!

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Good day everyone,

Tomorrow we will not be holding our usual weekly Psych. Club meeting. Please take this as an opportunity to study and prepare for midterms, and to also take care of yourselves (have a nap, watch a show, go outside and enjoy some sun and fresh air)!

We'll miss you all, but look forward to seeing you next week!

Hey Psych. Club! Today we are going to have a discussion based on habits. Like always, we are going to be in room 406 at AW at 4, we hope to see you there!

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February 3

Hey Psych. Club! Next meeting we are going to have our first discussion of the quarter! Please choose between the two options, hope to see you there!

Hey Psych. Club! Just a reminder that we're watching the new spiderman movie in club today and also comming up with topics on what we would like to discuss for the quarter! We'd love to see you there 😄

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Hey Psych. Club! For this next Tuesday, we will be watching Spiderman Homecoming so we can just relax after discussing what topics we should talk about for the quarter! We really hope to see you there and hope you all are having a great quarter! Oh, and of course there will be snacks there too, just a little extra motivation to come watch the movie with us 😏 Just a reminder, Club is at 4:00 at AW in room 406, can't wait to see you!

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Hey Psych. Club! Due to the change of times for our club, we need to check and see whether or not there is a room available on Tuesdays at 4. So for today, it would be great if we can all meet up at the seating area on the top floor of AW and we will try to find a room for today that is not already in use. Thank you for understanding!

Hey Psych Club! Tomorrow we are going to be meeting in room 406 at 4, hope to see you there!

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January 19

Hey Psych Club! We wanted to know what days would work for everyone to come to club. We have a couple of options down below and we will probably have our club at 4 or 4:30 depending on what day is chosen. Hope you had a great first week of quarter

Hey psych. club! We hope you had an awesome break and can't wait to see you at our first club meeting for the year! It is in room 406 at 4pm, we are going to have our meetings on Wednesdays at 4 for the rest of the quarter, we hope to see you there!

Hey psyc club! We just wanted to say how much we really appreciate you guys coming to club and providing really thoughtful discussions this quarter. We'll post when new times will be for club next quarter, but for now good luck with finals and have a good winter break! YOU. GOT. THIS!!!

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Hey psyc club! For today's meeting we are going to be watching Lars and the real girl! This will be our LAST meeting for the quarter before winter break so we hope to see you there!

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Hey Psyc. Club! We are planning on having a movie night for club next week! Here are the movies we have to choose from, there is a third option so if you would like to vote for the third option for this poll, like this post!
-To watch Shutter Island, like the post

Hello everyone! Welcome back from break! Today we are going to be talking about cults, hope to see you there!