Brookmans Park Drive, Front Lane, Cranham
Upminster, Havering, United Kingdom
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Founded in April 1961
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Our mission is to take in and rehome any animal no matter what shape or size. They stay and live in our care until they are rehomed.
Wanderers Haven Animal Sanctuary rescues and rehomes all types of animals. We rely entirely on public donations.
07763646257 this phone operates 9am - 6pm
Company Overview
Wanderers Haven Animal Sanctuary is a non profit registered charity (261874) whom relies only on donations.
General Information
The sanctuary is open on the weekends from 12.30 until 4pm.
We prefer appointments to be made for during the week.
Your donations of money, newspapers, bedding, clothes, broken jewllery and items to sell at boot sales such as bric- a-brac, electrical items, furniture and unwanted gifts are only what keep us going. We are also grateful of donations of bales of hay and straw for our farm animals.

Thank You
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Donations can be made via PayPal to

We would be very grateful if you would sign up to easy fundraising. This is completely free and mea...ns that onced signed up, when you shop online and search for your shopper through easy fundrasing, a donation is made to Wanderers Haven at no cost to you.

Thank You
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Wanderers Haven Animal Sanctuary was founded in 1961 by Mrs Geraldine Wagstaff in her family home in Ramsgate, Kent. The Sanctuary has been at its current location in Cranham, Essex since July 1976. We have rescued all sorts of animals ranging from horses, ponies, goats, sheep, ducks, geese, chickens, cats, dogs, rabbits, guinea pigs, other small animals, birds etc. We have a non destruction o...rder so any animals that come into our care stay with us until they are rehomed. Certain animals which cannot be rehomed due to past problems and issues live at the sanctuary.

All dogs and cats rehomed are neutered before adoption, if animals aren't old enough, a neutering agreement will be signed by new owners.

All our animals are rehomed on a Life Time Adoption. This means that for whatever reason new owners can no longer care for the animal, they must be returned to the sanctuary. No matter how long the animal has been rehomed for.

Animals that are microchipped stay in the Sanctuary's name, with new owners added. If the animal is lost and scanned the Sanctuary and new owner are notified.

We are a non profit organisation and recieve no government funding. Your donations of money, newspapers, bedding and items to sell at boot sales are only what keep us going.

Donations can be made direct to our vets. This money will then be put on our account and help us out a great deal. Hill Park Vets in either Harold Hill 01708 344455 or Elm Park 01708 458424 under the account 'Wanderers Haven Animal Sanctuary'.

we could not keep our gates open if it wasn't for the generous members of the public.
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