3-4 feet. Of snow in Warner Valley now.

4 inches in the past three hours. Maybe we will finally get some snow.

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Snowing in Chester finally!!

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Pictures of the snow at sunrise! Cabins are good!

Good morning! Last night Warner Valley received 1 1/2 inches of snow. So beautiful . A lot has been happening in Warner Valley. From the first subdivision to almost the second subdivision , this is going towards Drakesbad. There has been a lot of logging going on. We Everyone returns next springs everything is going to look so different. The main reason also I bring the logging up is for ALL THE PEOPLE THAT SNOWMOBILE!!!!! PLEASE BE VERY, VERY CAREFUL ! The logging has left a lot of the phone lines really low. Pack heavy duty wire cutters with you and be ALERT. At night the are camouflaged ! Merry Christmas everyone! Following is pictures of the logging areas!

15 degrees this morning! BRRR!

Pictures from this morning. Had a dusting last nigh. This is in Chester.

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We did get snow the other night. Wednesday about 6-8 inches. It is so beautiful. County plowed the roads not sure why? Either for logging out Warner Valley Rd or for Christmas tree hunting which they have never done this before. But if you want to get a fresh tree you have to get a $10.00 permit from the Lassen National Park Service. Bring your four wheel drive. Shovels just in case. Have some fun! Warm clothes too!!

Snowing here in Chester

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Little library is still up. Did the people close already ? If so, message me on the side maybe I can help.

What a beautiful fall day! It was 71 degrees here.

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I just wanted to give everyone a heads up. The temperature here last night was at a low of 25 degrees in town. They say it's supposed to get a little bit warmer next week. But don't Forget about those pipes in here cabins. Fall is here.

So this picture was taken today. This is by Farmers driveway. They still haven't finished. I DON'T UNDERSTAND!!!

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How many of you realize that Warner Valley is still not all the way open? I can't get to my cabin along with couple dozen other people. Drakesbad bad can't even start plowing their roar to begin opening up.

This is from yesterday evening. They stopped at Farmers. Have a good weekend.

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