Employee spotlight! We’d like you to meet our White Barn mouser, Lunchbox. Lunchbox was born on the Farm to a sweet little cat who got abandoned by somebody at the Farm Shop. Lunchbox is an excellent hunter and helps us keep the barn free of pests. She is also an accomplished shepherd and doula. I watched her sit with this laboring ewe for a long while the other day and keep her company while everybody else was out grazing.

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“I made this! Isn’t it cute?”
One proud Dorper mama in the barn with her new lamb.
When lambs are born, they go to a special small pen called a “jug” with mum to bond for three days. This is to prevent ewes from becoming confused about which lamb belongs to which mum. Sometimes two ewes may compete over one lamb and leave another lamb out in the cold! The jury’s out on the wisdom of sheep...
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Georgia Ackerman
· October 19, 2017
Working on the Warren Wilson College farm was a fantastic experience! It is truly a state of the arts farm where students manage livestock on rotational cropping systems. The skills that one gains fro...m working on the farm enables them to continue with sustainable farm management or veterinarian programs (also all-around great workers for various fields). See More
Holly Stevenson Dickson
· November 4, 2017
Always a great experience picking up our meat. Special thanks to Asher!
While I was walking the herd with Virginia, our student cattle crew boss, we discovered heifer 1114 in labor. Here's a video of the final stage. Virginia and her crew have done a great job calving these heifers.
Spring peepers in the valley, with sows and yearling cattle grazing late winter pasture. The grass is growing underneath their feet.
And here, for those concerned, is the new bull calf a few minutes later, after he has perked up. He's up and nursing by now I bet.

Lambing has begun! Our first sturdy little Dorper lamb was born yesterday afternoon and swiftly followed by 4 more little friends before this morning. Corina the Coopworth added her contribution today with a set of Coopworth x Coopworth/Gotland/Teasewater cross twins.

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...When you’re cute and you know it.
We have 18 calves now and are expecting many more. The sheep should begin to lamb in approximately five days, so stay tuned for sweet lil lambs!
The animals have been enjoying the sun the past few days. This time of year we get lots of calls about cows or calves that look dead, laying fully on their sides. 99% of the time it’s just living it up and soaking in the sun 🌞 (we appreciate your eyes on the farm though, and always feel free to call if something seems amiss!)
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We hope everyone is enjoying this rainy Wednesday. We have begun calving here on the farm and are still grazing our stockpiled fescue. This style of grazing occurs during the winter when our forages are mostly dormant and does not involve putting up a back fence line. Here is a video of our stockpile grazing from last year. Enjoy!

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Warren Wilson College Farm updated their cover photo.
February 7
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Warren Wilson College Farm updated their cover photo.
February 7
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She’s here folks! Around 3:00 PM a Farm Crew alumn was driving by and saw this lil’ lady in the field. She’s happy and healthy, if a bit small. She weighs about 50 pounds, and most of our calves are around 85. She seems spunky though and after a little towel drying to take the chill off she got up and went searching for milk.
Here are all of her aunties checking her out.

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Happy New Year friends!
Asheville is in the grips of a surprise ice storm, so I’ve got plenty of time so sit and reflect. This year felt big and bold for the Farm. Our management team settled into a killer groove, we saw some new and exciting changes to both the College and the Farm program, and we have seen some incredible young folks come and go. We’ve hosted countless tours, given classrooms full of kids a taste of farm life, and pushed our production goals further than
We couldn’t keep doing what we do if it weren’t for you! You feel that an ecological agriculture education is important, maybe today more than ever, and we see you vote for it with your dollar every time you purchase our products. We are so very grateful for you 🌟
I’m looking forward to the rest of winter break, and whatever 2018 brings our way. Enjoy this photo from a few days ago of our very pregnant mama cows enjoying some stockpiled fescue on a beautiful winter day.
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While the cows were tearin’ it up in the snow last week, mama Margaery had our first litter of Tamworth cross pigs in our cozy deep bedded barn! The Tamworth is an old school breed, known for being hardy outdoors and proven to have some of the best meat yields of any of the heritage type breeds. They are also a beautiful red color, as you can see in these piglets. We purchased a Tamworth boar last Spring and these are his first piglets!

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Hey everybody!
In an effort to keep y'all warm and well fed this coming season, the farm is excited to announce that we will be offering a winter meat CSA share, available with preorder this year!

Shares will be ~12 pounds, cost $100, and consist of a mix of:


Breakfast Sausage
Ground Beef
Mixed Link Sausages
Chicken Legs & Thighs
Mixed Steaks

Our shares are designed to last around a month, and are best served for 2-3 people. We recommend families of 4+/people interested in stockpiling meat for the winter to order more than one share!

**Shares will be picked up and paid for on Friday, December 15th, from 2:30-5:30, in our farm shop (not the granary, unlike our meat sale pickups!).**

Additionally, we will be hosting a small holiday sale at this time! We will be selling loose cuts of meat, and will be joined by the College Garden and Herb crews, who will be selling fresh produce & medicinal herbal products.

Please send an email to ASAP if you are interested in pre-ordering a CSA package, or have any questions about the CSA contents or the pickup.

We hope to see you there!

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Fri 2:30 PM ESTWarren Wilson CollegeSwannanoa, NC
21 people interested

In the spirit of Thanksgiving we wanted to share some drone footage from this year’s corn harvest. Thanks @erbpeter for the footage and your time! We are stoked on how this turned out. Happy Thanksgiving y’all!

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Don’t forget! The second pick up of our Fall Sale is today between 9:00 and 12:00 at the Granary! If you ordered a bulk package don’t forget to pick it up, and if you did not, please come buy some retail cuts and garden veggies!

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Just a reminder that the first pick-up for our Fall Meat Sale is TOMORROW, Saturday October 28th between 9:00 am and 12:00 am!
We will have samples, free coffee, live music, individual cuts for sale farmer's market style, Garden Crew goodies, and handmade treasures from our Craft Crews.
If you have not yet placed a bulk sale order, you still have time to get an order in before our November pick-up date. Act quickly as items are selling out!